The 5 Best Vertical Loops in California

20150409_193336 (Large)Ever since the first successful loop in the world premiered here in California, the vertical loop’s been among the most common inversions on coasters around the world. And in all honesty, who isn’t a fan of the Vertical Loop? There are all sorts of them out there. From those that rush through them at high speeds to those that leave riders hanging upside down! In the state of California, we’ve got quite a few loops, all are unique in their own way, let’s see what the 5 best are!  Continue reading “The 5 Best Vertical Loops in California”

Twisted Colossus Backstage Tour – April 29th 2015

20150429_122806 (Large)Thank you Six Flags Magic Mountain for inviting me again, to the fourth Twisted Colossus Tour! This Tour gave us a great look at the Screampunk District, the Gearworks theater, The theming in the new area, The Top Gun Stall and Zero-G-Roll on Twisted Colossus! We’ve got trains, station, Scream! news… and more! Additionally we have some amazing news, OPENING DATE!  Continue reading “Twisted Colossus Backstage Tour – April 29th 2015”

Twisted Colossus Update – April 24th 2015

20150424_152443 (Large)The Twisted Colossus track work is completed. But there’s a surprising amount of other work left to do! Such as painting, and the addition of a lot of supporting wood. Since I didn’t collect enough information to create an additional Six Flags Magic Mountain Update, therefore all Screampunk District related things will be in this update, as well as the painting of Tornado at Hurricane Harbor.  Continue reading “Twisted Colossus Update – April 24th 2015”

The 5 Best Drops in California

20141024_171632 (Large)Pretty much every coaster includes drops. Some are hardly considered drops, and some have riders fall out of the sky hundreds of feet. In addition there are quite some types of drops. We’ve decided to bring you the 5 best drops in California, from twisted drops, to those that invert riders, the state of California has a great coaster collection, and thus a great collection of thrilling and unique drops! Continue reading “The 5 Best Drops in California”

Twisted Colossus Update – April 17th 2015

20150417_150147 (Large)The moment’s almost here! Twisted Colossus is literally feet from being completed. The Zero-G-Roll looks amazing, and of course so does the rest of the ride of course! We expect to see testing by the end of the month, and finally Magic seems to be able to pull off a Spring Opening again! Here’s the Twisted Colossus Update you don’t want to miss!  Continue reading “Twisted Colossus Update – April 17th 2015”

The 5 Best Coasters in Northern California

DSC_0044 (Large)Northern California parks are hours away from the Southern California theme parks. Yet, they’re in the shadow of these Southern California parks. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are a few great parks up state, such as Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, California’s Great America, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and Gilroy Gardens. We’ve decided to take a look at the coasters we find in Northern California, many of which are thrilling and world-class attractions. Here’s the list of the 5 best coasters in Northern California.  Continue reading “The 5 Best Coasters in Northern California”

5 Amazing Jurassic Park- The Ride Facts

20150325_095136 (Large)Jurassic Park- The Ride opened on June 21st 1996 as a major attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood. Totally transforming the Lower Lot. All other rides on the Lower Lot have since been replaced. But Jurassic Park- The Ride is going strong. Perhaps because Jurassic Park- The Ride was a massive project… so massive, that the following 5 facts can clarify that for you! Continue reading “5 Amazing Jurassic Park- The Ride Facts”

The 5 Best Inversions in California

20140618_140341 (Large)Let’s take a look at a part of coasters we all seem to love. Inversions. California has a total of 72 inversions. Half of which are all found at Six Flags Magic Mountain, that with the world’s largest collection of coasters, has 18 coasters and 36 inversions. This doesn’t mean the best ones are all at Six Flags Magic Mountain! Take a look at the 5 best inversion in California, and you’ll know which one to ride next!  Continue reading “The 5 Best Inversions in California”

5 Disneyland Facts You May Not Know!

20140603_094720 (Large)Disneyland. Claimed to be the ‘Happiest Place On Earth’. Every child wants to go there, and pretty much any adult in the state of California has been there. Many even grew up with it. Disneyland. The theme-park that set the standards for modern-day amusement parks, and is arguably the world’s most famous theme-park. Now what do people not know about Disneyland … Here are 5 Disneyland facts you may not know! Continue reading “5 Disneyland Facts You May Not Know!”

Six Flags Magic Mountain 2015 Park Map

The Six Flags Magic Mountain 2015 Map has arrived!  Take a look! SFMM2015p1 SFMM2015p2

Twisted Colossus is surprisingly listed as a ‘Moderate Thrill’. I definitely believe that it will be a bit more intense than that, but perhaps this is to attract a larger audience. Scream will not change its name, and will be opening again as Scream, it seems. Which would make sense for a themed area that’s called ‘Screampunk District’. The park-map also isn’t updated to Scream’s new color scheme. The new restaurant, Twisted ‘Wiches Street Deli is on the map, and will not have Dining Pass options for the 2015 Season. The Magic Moments Theater is renamed the ‘Gearwork Theater’. (Which sounds way better than ‘The Looking-glass Theater’). Also, the new ‘Walk-Around Characters can be found in the new Screampunk District! As far as Flashpass goes, you may notice that there isn’t a Flashpass logo next to Twisted Colossus. Which indicates that it’ll likely have an up-charged Flashpass, like X2, Full Throttle, and apparently Superman: Escape From Krypton.

Click to download the 2015 Map; Six Flags Magic Mountain 2015

For our most recent Twisted Colossus and Scream Update, click here! And make sure to leave a comment on here as to what you think of the 2015 Map!


Giant San Diego Wheel or Observation Tower.

skyspire-top_t540Exiting new proposals are coming in to the city of San Diego regarding new tourist experiences. Private investors around the county have been trying to add new attractions for decades, but with very little success. With the political gridlock now lifting from the county, these investors may have a chance at getting their projects approved.


Continue reading “Giant San Diego Wheel or Observation Tower.”

Twisted Colossus and Scream! Backstage Tour – February 16th 2015

I was honored to be invited to my second backstage Twisted Colossus Tour! The tour included the Scream! repaint this time, so I’ll be writing about that too in this update!

– Recently our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that no one mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to Thank you! –

Let’s start off with the Screampunk District in general!

In about two weeks the construction crews will start the complete demolition of this plaza, to place the new entrance plaza of the Screampunk District!20150216_125209 (Large) Magic Moments theater hasn’t been touched yet, but soon will also undergo its refurbishment. 20150216_125213 (Large)20150216_141416 (Large) Twisted Wiches, the Gourmet Sandwich shop, is slowly starting to be refurbished. Notice the style they’re going with at the entrance of the building. 20150216_130928 (Large) They will replace all pavement in the area, they are not exactly sure what the new layout or colors will be. 20150216_130951 (Large) Finally, the awful looking Coca Cola vending machine collection has been removed!20150216_131029 (Large) This is right next to the entrance of Twisted Colossus, and near the new Twisted Whiches. The park is placing sets of small stairs in the hill-side. 20150216_131054 (Large) 20150216_131056 (Large)

Let’s move to the Twisted Colossus station!

The bridge that will be Twisted Colossus’ exit is being refurbished with new fencing and flooring. Beneath, the actual track, has received the beams that will house the drive wheels. These wheels will accelerate the train to a speed needed to get through the TWISTED Pre-lift. 20150216_131217 (Large) The station track is connected on both sides. They yet have to modify the station platforms. The new trains and track are wider than the old. 20150216_131201 (Large) The control-panel booth has been taken out and the gap in the station is filled. The new panel will be on station level, located on this metal platform below. 20150216_131426 (Large) WHAT? That’s shiny Scream! We’ll get back to that later in this update. 20150216_131243 (Large) 20150216_131627 (Large) The unused side of the station is now covered up! 20150216_131250 (Large) Here’s the actual TC station where guests will board one of the 4 trains. They repainted the walls below the track white. 20150216_131544 (Large) Here’s the view of the brake-runs from the station. The transfer track has been placed as well. They’ve been working on that for months due to the fact that the new track is a lot larger and thus the transfer track couldn’t just be added to the old structure but had to be altered, which turned out to be very time consuming!20150216_131602 (Large)

There’s lots of room next to the station, this wall is bordering Scream! Plaza, so hopefully one day the fence disappears, and we’ll find ourselves a flat ride. 😀20150216_131652 (Large) Looks a little messy, but there sure are lots of tiny details going into a monster hybrid coaster like this.20150216_131703 (Large) One of the many container-work-shops. 20150216_131730 (Large)

Let’s throw in some exciting Twisted Colossus trains!

Wrapped…20150216_131949 (Large) UNWRAPPED! 20150216_132002 (Large) What?! It’s the famous lead car! And she’s a real beauty in person. The details on the train are incredible! 20150216_132131 (Large) 20150216_132146 (Large) The trains have seat-belts, and lap-bars with shin-guards. 20150216_132552 (Large) Some second row good-ness. 20150216_132615 (Large) The nerd back-side of the train! 20150216_132642 (Large)This is only the first of 4 trains, the other trains will each have a different color scheme, blue, green, and purple.

Let’s move on to some actual back-stage construction pics of the world’s longest Hybrid Coaster! Completed lift-hills and catwalks!20150216_133433 (Large) Here’s the trim-brake section before riders will enter the second (green) half of the ride. 20150216_133503 (Large) That transition from blue to green! 20150216_133530 (Large) Interesting looking structure in which two break-runs will be located. The green one on top, the blue trim-breaks on the bottom. 20150216_133551 (Large) 20150216_133714 (Large) In case of an evacuation from the blue-brake section or the green lift-hill, behind this panel a staircase will be installed. 20150216_133721 (Large) The empty Colossus Turnaround Colosseum… For those of you who were worried the blue trim-breaks indicated that the out-ward bank on the blue side would not be placed. Worry no longer, no such thing was ever mentioned, the blue outward-banked airtime hill will still be part of Twisted Colossus. 20150216_133748 (Large) I say… FLATRIDE! Really, they could fit some in here, it’d be spectacular with Twisted Colossus flying by. Sadly no such thing was mentioned… 😀20150216_133758 (Large) Rest in pieces block-brake section! Here’s the booth and staircase that were connected to the mid-course break-run on the Ol’ Colossus. 20150216_133859 (Large)The deepest point of the ride is located before the double-up. This dip is coated with asphalt. 20150216_133943 (Large)Rocky Mountain Construction is adding a lot of extra wood to the already existing structure to support the heavy track. The old track crossing through will not be demolished, but has become part of the supporting the structure. Wood is being placed all over it!20150216_134105 (Large) See, this is a sign of the construction moving along at a great pace, track everywhere! 20150216_134359 (Large) 20150216_135124 (Large)And then… like Twisted Colossus wasn’t looking pretty enough yet, here’s two absolutely stunning drops. These will be filled with ejector-time! 20150216_134433 (Large) Look at those little floater hills! 20150216_134429 (Large) 20150216_134549 (Large)  The new, white, structure seen here is the structure for the green double-down, and the blue dive underneath it. 20150216_134447 (Large) What?!? I’m in the middle of the two drops! Notice that the old track on the left will not be demolished. It will be part of the supporting structure. 20150216_134750 (Large) Artsy air-time hill shot! 20150216_134817 (Large) Beyond these hills… lays the magical twisted High Five element!20150216_134944 (Large) Oh, there it is! 20150216_134510 (Large) They were placing the High Five element as we were taking the tour! Very exciting!20150216_134642 (Large) 20150216_135114 (Large) 20150216_135408 (Large)

Let’s move on to Scream!

The park is taking the trains off the track to start the overhaul of the trains. Oh, and see the parking lot underneath… Yes, we learned that sadly that will stay the way it is. Scream! will remain to be the parking lot coaster it has always been. 20150216_140440 (Large)Wood of Twisted Colossus meets paint of Scream!… 20150216_140017 (Large) All of Scream! is being painted by hand! The primer for the supports is peach, and the actual coat of paint is bright orange, as Sue from Six Flags Magic Mountain said, it really pops. It does, I was a bit conflicted with the colors at first, but now I got to walk around the ride, it really does pop. It looks great! 20150216_135959 (Large) 20150216_135930 (Large) Busy painting! 20150216_140608 (Large) 20150216_140651 (Large) After the primer, the bright orange is added, and then it looks like this, amazing!20150216_140104 (Large) The helix on Scream! has completely been painted. 20150216_140510 (Large)20150216_140234 (Large)There are two trains still on the storage tracks. The track on top of the Zero-G-Roll behind it has been painted as well!20150216_140146 (Large) The painted track on the loop!20150216_131734 (Large) Let’send with this shot of Scream!’s interlocking Corkscrews! Looking awesome with the new paint!20150216_140458 (Large)

Thank you so much for checking out this rather long report of our second backstage tour of Twisted Colossus! For more details on the new Screampunk District, and to see the amazing progress made, check out our first backstage tour report here!

I collected some 300 pictures, many of which will be posted on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram soon, so make sure to follow us everywhere! Comment your thoughts, and let’s get TWISTED!

Twisted Colossus and Scream! Update February 14th 2015

Today’s Valentine’s Day, and a gift from California Coaster Kings to you… A Twisted Colossus and Scream! Update! Construction and make-overs continuing rapidly!

– Recently our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that no one mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to Thank you! –

I’m going to start off with Twisted Colossus. Regarding the brake-runs, nothing has really been changed since last week. 20150214_124523 (Large) 20150214_124429 (Large) Mostly the entire old block-brake structure has been removed. 20150214_124442 (Large) The structure for the double down is being placed. In the background you can see the approach to the high-five element being completed on both sides. (The green track in the below the structure will be going up the High Five next). 20150214_124704 (Large) There’s a lot of track and wood ready to be placed. 20150214_124555 (Large) And then here’s the beautiful moment at which they’re placing the actual High Five. All track preceding the High Five has been placed. And as I was taking pictures, the metal beams, for the 90′ degree banks in the middle of the element, were being placed. 20150214_124614 (Large) 20150214_124617 (Large) 20150214_124631 (Large) 20150214_124543 (Large) Notice the amounts of blue and green track! Ready to go up very soon! 20150214_124648 (Large) 20150214_124707 (Large) Here’s the crane that’s placing the High Five beams and track onto the structure. 20150214_124804 (Large)

As a transition from Twisted Colossus to Scream!, here’s the new advertisement for the Screampunk District and Twisted Colossus, it’s on the construction walls over at the entrance to the area! 20150214_130638 (Large) 20150214_130654 (Large) Definitely seems as if Magic Mountain is really aiming for that Spring opening!20150214_130635 (Large) 20150214_130625 (Large) Oh look! That’s Scream! over there! Let’s move on to the Scream! repaint.20150214_130645 (Large)

The painting crews were busy painting Scream again. 20150214_133912 (Large) A lot of track has been repainted already. I would say about 80%. Including the interlocking corkscrews of course!20150214_124133 (Large) Most of the lift’s track, the drop’s track and the loop’s track have been repainted already.20150214_133905 (Large) Wow… What’s that? That’s orange supports! 20150214_124248 (Large) 20150214_124139 (Large) The orange is way lighter than I initially thought I saw for the helix. Maybe they’re going over it again? Maybe it’s more Steam-punk-esque this way…20150214_123932 (Large) 20150214_124049 (Large) 20150214_124108 (Large) Now I think about it, I kind of like both colors of the supports. But I guess I’m going with the new fresh, bright, orange! 😀20150214_133902 (Large) The drop, as I mentioned before has been repainted as well. The track that is.20150214_124228 (Large) Look at that loop, all shiny repainted in blue!20150214_124155 (Large) An overall shot of the Scream! repaint on the side where no orange is to be seen. The brake run, parts of the Zero-G-Roll, the valley between the drop and the Reversed Immelman/Dive, and the entire Cobra Roll are left to be repainted. Track wise. 20150214_124329 (Large)

That was it for today! We’ll be back VERY SOON, for more progress, from some awesome new angles. Thanks for checking out this update! Please click here to read our wonderful Six Flags Magic Mountain Update from today to see what else is going on at the park.