Twisted Colossus Backstage Tour – April 29th 2015

20150429_122806 (Large)Thank you Six Flags Magic Mountain for inviting me again, to the fourth Twisted Colossus Tour! This Tour gave us a great look at the Screampunk District, the Gearworks theater, The theming in the new area, The Top Gun Stall and Zero-G-Roll on Twisted Colossus! We’ve got trains, station, Scream! news… and more! Additionally we have some amazing news, OPENING DATE! 

– Recently our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that no one mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to Thank you! –

First things first, Twisted Colossus is opening on Saturday, May 23rd! We’ll keep you posted about any Season Pass Holder ERT sessions! TC Opening001 (Large)

Before actually getting to Twisted Colossus, let’s look at the new themed area which it resides in! The Screampunk District! Below you’ll see the work done on the new GearWorks Theater, where a new Cirque-Esque show called ‘Kwirk’ will premier Opening Day! 😀 20150429_115944 (Large) 20150429_120006 (Large) Across from the theater is where the entrance plaza to the new area is located, where they’re currently working on the patterns on the floor. 20150429_115959 (Large) To the side of the GearWorks Theater, the building has received a neat repaint as well. 20150429_124848 (Large) 20150429_120118 (Large) On to the next, really cool, thing! The landscaping and theming in the Screampunk District is amazing. The theming is of course Steampunk, and there are a whole bunch of these funky theming elements throughout the area. 20150429_124842 (Large) 20150429_124937 (Large) 20150429_120135 (Large) 20150429_120107 (Large) 20150429_120414 (Large) Here’s more laying around, ready to be placed!20150429_120128 (Large) The Twisted Wiches, Gourmet Sandwich Shop, is being prepared for the grand opening in a couple of weeks. 20150429_124825 (Large) Next to the new restaurant, there’s the stairs to the entry plaza of Twisted Colossus! 😀 20150429_120444 (Large) (Those flowers will be planted around the stairs).20150429_120523 (Large)There used to be a walkway here, which the park took out! 20150429_124647 (Large)And here’s the glorious, awesome colored, Twisted Colossus entrance. More on that later! 20150429_120515 (Large) Let’s move to Scream!, where the old faded wooden walls have received a new color! 20150429_120619 (Large) The faded fences around the pathways (and Scream!’s line) are being painted the same blue that Scream!’s track is. 20150429_124453 (Large) Speaking of Scream!, the train currently in rehab is being repainted to match the new color scheme, the other two trains will remain purple and yellow, ’til they receive an overhaul. Once the other two trains are being refurbished, they’ll get repainted to match the current scheme as well. 20150429_124501 (Large)

Let’s move to Twisted Colossus, shall we? Appropriately, let’s start with the entrance and station. Here it is! 20150429_124610 (Large) There’s still some work to be done, but I personally really like the new colors they chose to go with! 20150429_124628 (Large) The fences around the station, and the rails in the station are painted black. 20150429_124634 (Large) 20150429_124605 (Large) 20150429_120541 (Large) Here’s a better overall look. Note the ground, it has entirely been repaved, with concrete. The pathway on the right, that’s the station’s exit! 20150429_120515 (Large)  Let’s move on inside the station. Where the exit of the ride is a pretty fancy gate. No way you’ll be able to run onto the platform from the exit!

20150429_124012 (Large) Here are some of the railings you found/will find in the station. Notice the repainted black fences. 20150429_123729 (Large) Here’s the panel, that’s working! Since the orange train right next to it has been around the track twice yesterday! Testing continues tonight, I’m hoping to make it out there soon for testing, to bring you some videos! 20150429_123742 (Large) A better look at the orange train! 20150429_123722 (Large) And here are the blue and purple trains stored. The park is still waiting for the fourth train to arrive. 20150429_123718 (Large)

Let’s take a good look at the ride’s amazing twisty-ness! Seriously, up close, it’s like a wonderland. Twisted Colossus is one of the pretties rides you’ll ever see!  20150429_121420 (Large) That double Double-Up looks amazing. That’s like four crazy ejector-time points in one little pic! 20150429_121825 (Large) This ride looks WAY better than the renderings! For example the brand new Zero-G-Roll, look how pretty it is! 20150429_121631 (Large) 20150429_121600 (Large) From the other side it looks like it will really swing riders out of their seats! 20150429_122040 (Large) 20150429_122232 (Large) Right next to the Zero-G-Roll is the BIG, BAD, TOP GUN STALL! Here’s a shot from the Zero-G-Roll side of the element! 20150429_122157 (Large) 20150429_122237 (Large) It was great to have the chance to walk below it. When I looked up, two tracks towering over each other, towering over me. Yup, I hear you thinking; ‘That’s pretty cool’. And yes it was indeed pretty cool! 😛20150429_122515 (Large) 20150429_122522 (Large) Twisted! Twisted! Twisted! This ride has a bunch of head-choppers by the way. Look at the green track rolling into the element! 20150429_122806 (Large) 20150429_122812 (Large) 20150429_122729 (Large) Oh, and now I’m below the drops! 20150429_122604 (Large)Here are the two drops and the crazy Top Gun Stall. This ride is quite photogenic! 20150429_122954 (Large) 20150429_122905 (Large) Look closely, and you’ll see that these crazy drops needed steal supports to make sure the supporting structure could actually support it! And below the steel supports, notice that the repaint that the ride’s receiving meant that the old remaining track of the original Colossus looks nice, brightly, white! 20150429_122951 (Large)Here’s a quick look at the air-time hills on the bottom of the drops, the High-Five in the distance (the tracks are bent inwards 95′ degrees on the High Five, creating extra ejector-time!). And of course there’s the Double Down! 20150429_123010 (Large)Here’s a shot of the almighty, (again crazy twisted) Double Down, and the Blue Dive below it! 20150429_122839 (Large)Let’s finish with a shot of the remains of the original Colossus signage! 😛 20150429_120600 (Large)


Thanks for checking out this Twisted Colossus Backstage Tour! For the previous tour, last month, click here. For the second tour, click here. For the very first tour, with lots of pre-lift-ness, click here. 

I collected some 300 pictures, many of which will be posted on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram soon, so make sure to follow us everywhere! Comment your thoughts, and let’s get TWISTED!

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    1. Nothing now! Everything has been built and now all they have to do is test. On six flags magic mountain’s twitter account, you can see a video of the train coming down the first drop.

  1. Great update and awesome photos! Looking forward to a testing video!

    Question: Does anyone know why Robb Alvey is such a gigantic douchebag?

    1. Hahahahahaha…that Alvey dude is on like every video and he sucks soooooo bad. Great update, wish I lived on that side of the country to enjoy it, honestly looks like one of the best coasters EVER made…real jealous

  2. do u believe they will open it about a week or so early for season pass holders, I’m going the sunday before memorial day and i really wanted go on it

  3. Hey. Nice post. How did you get invited to the tour? Care to share any details as who to contact. Do you have to apply for tickets or something? Could you hook/help a subscriber out? Thanks!

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