Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update – April 25th 2015

DSC_0204 (Large)Having paid another visit to the one and only Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, we naturally have got an update for you right here! Lot’s of things are going on at the park from the completion of Dare Devil Chaos Coaster to the cutest new born seals we’ve ever seen so let’s do it.

Pretty sizable crowds were to be found at the park despite the overcast weather, which is a good wake up call that summer crowds are soon to come.DSC_0204 (Large)

The new born baby seals are in Seal Cove so go check them out! Shout out to Whitney for being a very informative and enthusiastic employee at Seal Cove.DSC_0200 (Large)

The entrance to Shark Experience has finally turned on the UV lights and turned off the regular lights, which looks so much better. Rather than just a bunch of cut outs of sharks, its an ominous glowing 2 (Large)

Roar was running two trains in which a few more of the restraints have been replaced with the new GCI restraints. The pre-lift section has also been re-tracked, and is noticeably smoother.DSC_0206 (Large)

Superman: Ultimate Flight was only running one train. Bloody disappointing if you ask us. 😛 Kidding of course, although it did reach a wait time of around 35 minutes, the longest wait of any coaster at the park.DSC_0192 (Large)

V2 is still down for maintenance with its train chassis in the entrance area of the ride, and the seats scattered about the station.DSC_0188 (Large)

Some major construction is going on by the Wolf Habitat and the Wildlife Theater. In fact a whole new building has been constructed! As of now it is just plywood and the construction tarps make it a bit hard to see, but it’s certainly there.DSC_0179 (Large) DSC_0175 (Large)

Boomerang was a one train wait all day despite significant crowds. (Picture reused from our last update).20150409_193336 (Large)

Ark is down and undergoing some maintenance, and there were actually some workers around the ride throughout the day.DSC_0169 (Large)

Kong had one train running until about 12:00 when it broke down and failed to reopen before we left at around 3:00.DSC_0102-Large (Large)

Medusa had a similar issue at around noon as well, but quickly reopened about half an hour later.DSC_0205 (Large)

Medusa Sky High Fries has also been closed for a refurbishment, presumably re-themed to DDCC!DSC_0152 (Large)

The water was turned off in the entrance plaza fountain, potentially due to the drought, although we hope it’s not permanent.DSC_0203 (Large)

The old Season Pass Processing Center will supposedly become a tech support center. DSC_0144 (Large)

Wait, what’s that in the distance?DSC_0140 (Large)

And finally, what you’ve all been waiting for, Dare Devil Chaos Coaster!DSC_0141 (Large)

The track has been completely finished, but there is still a good bit of work to do. The pathway and station are yet to be completed and there is a bulldozer on site along with a whole lot of 1 (Large)DSC_0155 (Large)

However you feel about the park’s marketing of this attraction, more hang time is never a bad thing.DSC_0161 (Large)

Lastly, the ride has an extensive light package that should look very nice at night!
That’s about all we have for you today, thanks for checking out this update as always, and make sure to leave your thoughts below!DSC_0158 (Large)

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