Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update – April 9th 2015

20150409_154920 (Large)Where to begin.. Two new shows, repaints, construction, and lots more. We’ll be taking a look at the construction of the new Dare Devil Chaos Coaster, as well as the construction elsewhere around the park. The new shows, that are being prepped for the summer. The operations around the park. There’s a whole lot more going on at the park! I met with Captain Lee, and I’ve got some cool info!

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It was Spring Break, and unlike Six Flags Magic Mountain, Discovery Kingdom really advertised their Spring Break hours, and created a special event almost. They had Spring Break activities at the main plaza, which were quite popular with guests. The park can have a rough time getting crowds to visit in the off-season, but thanks to the advertising of their Spring Break hours/event, it was packed, and Captain Lee was able to tell me the park has had great amounts of visitors this Spring Break! 20150409_115809 (Large)

I was really hoping not to see these ‘promotion’ booths at Discovery Kingdom, sadly I did. Never wanted to really pay them any attention, but decided to watch it for a little bit. They were trying to get pass-holders to the booth. I’ll see if Magic Mountain’s ‘promotional’ booths try do the same thing. 20150409_115902 (Large)

In case you didn’t know, the green souvenir bottle is a chain-wide thing. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has several of these Refill Stations, which are great! Magic Mountain can use these, especially considering the fact that unlike Discovery Kingdom, Magic’s food service lines are horribly long and slow. 20150409_180746 (Large) They also have a Season Dining Pass booth at the park’s food court, where guests can get information about their pass, and of course purchase a pass! 20150409_130600 (Large) 20150409_130607 (Large)

Since the Oasis Plaza lacks a souvenir shop, or anything alike, the park has set up a pretty good looking portable store next to the Sky Screamer entrance. 20150409_181433 (Large)

These new billboard frames are popping up, they’re stylish and fresh looking. Hope to see these replace rusty older ones here at the SoCal Six Flags too!20150409_184408 (Large)

Discovery Kingdom has yet to change entirely to the new blue uniforms. 20150409_130627 (Large)

Got to love these little show-time signs for Drench! at the Toyota Stadium! 20150409_170157 (Large) Look at this awesome shot of Ricky (trainer) mid-air! Let’s talk Drench! for a little, it’s Spring, and the dolphins act as most animals do around this time a year. Due to the excitement of the dolphins, the first Drench! show of the day had to be paused for a bout 10 minutes in the middle of the show. At one point, the dolphins were interested in playing with each other rather than performing. Kudos to Discovery Kingdom for letting the dolphins do their thing, they opened the gates to all the pools and let them play their game while a full stadium was waiting, meanwhile Ricky came out to talk about the dolphins, and filled the 10 minutes with a very educational presentation on the spot. Very professionally done, I wanted to just give the park a quick recognition for that. Due to the drought, Drench! will be cutting out parts of the ‘splash’ section of the show to reduce water waste. 20150409_174825 (Large)

The Temple of the Tiger show was significantly shorter this time. Captain Lee told me that a few of the tigers that usually come out for the show were not very interested in participating, and to give them a little rest they didn’t perform for a couple of days. The park did though bring out the ‘cubs’ (9 months old at this point), for guests to see, allowing guests to stay in the stadium for about 10 more minutes to see them play with each other. 20150409_151703 (Large)

Let’s get to the new shows! Wacky Waterworks has opened! It’s still undergoing many changes, the otters and seals are yet to be worked in, which the park will start doing once the it’s closed on week-days. They opened it for the Spring Break crowds. In addition, the show’s supposed to have a lot more soaking of the guests, but due to the drought, Discovery Kingdom is not yet incorporating that into the show. Notice that all props are reused, the pipes were laying around the park from water-rides and have been reused, and the boxes on the stage that have jets in them are relocated from the Dolphin Harbor, they were used for Cirque Dreams the last two years. 20150409_143836 (Large) Also new, in fact premiered only a couple of days ago, is the new Dolphin Harbor show; Discover Our Ocean Friends. Discovery Kingdom has created a new show that will answer everyone’s questions about their dolphins, the show is in fact an educational presentation. Absolutely great use of the stadium, and the park now offers different dolphin shows again, like it has ever since Shouka left. The show is still being changed, in fact the script has changed almost every day so far, now the park has a couple of weeks ’til the summer season starts they’ll be working on perfecting the show. It’s great so far, we’re excited to see the future version! 20150409_112709 (Large) 20150409_114900 (Large)

Another great thing you must be aware of… You can meet parrots at the entrance plaza in the morning, and at the top of the Bird Theater during the day! 20150409_115750 (Large)

Let’s get to the rides and their operations. Kong’s running two trains and is running smoothly. 20150409_115342 (Large) V2: Vertical Velocity remains closed, a reopening date is unknown at this point. The trains are off the track and undergoing a refurbishment in storage. 20150409_120201 (Large) The jets are yet to turn on for the season over at Voodoo, it might be because of the drought that the park has chosen to wait with turning them on. 20150409_180119 (Large) Boomerang was running good. Though I have to complain about their operations. It just simply is way too slow. Their approach of letting people enter the station, checking the restraints, then dispatching, and then not let guests enter the station ’til after the train has been emptied again… while having two ops… is not good. Capacity’s low enough as is. 20150409_193336 (Large)WOW! Roar, Roar, Roar. Running two trains, and running incredibly smooth. Rode it many times, many places in the train, both trains. And I honestly state that it’s running better than Apocalypse is. They re-tracked it some more, updated the trains with several new restraints and I assume wheels, and it’s running GREAT! 20150409_120302 (Large) Superman is Superman, amazing ride, always. 20150409_120334 (Large) Medusa’s running two trains and very smooth. Gotta love that all trim-brakes have been taken out, and that the MCBR really doesn’t slow it down at all. I’m excited for Scream! to reopen at Magic Mountain, but Medusa will still be better. 20150409_154920 (Large)

The gift shops near the entrance received some repaints! 20150409_162535 (Large)

Remember that Discovery Kingdom retired their own elephants. Yes, there will be no more shows. The Elephant program is ending, the elephants that are still at the park are loaned to the park, as DK’s own elephants have retired. After the 2015 Season there will be no more elephants at DK. That will create  A LOT OF ROOM, so hopefully we will see a large scale ride coming to the park. 20150409_175158 (Large) 20150409_175222 (Large)

Construction time! The wolf exhibit is undergoing some changes! 20150409_175334 (Large) The Wild Life Theater is also under construction, a lot’s changing, we’ll have more updates in the near future. 20150409_175729 (Large) 20150409_175748 (Large)

At the old Camel stalls, that have been empty for a lot of years now, the park’s doing some work. It’s hard to see what’s really going on. It seems like something for children. Which makes sense as Tava’s Jungle Land is attached to it. 20150409_175931 (Large)

And the construction that we’ve all been waiting for… Dare Devil Chaos Coaster! The Old Season Pass processing Center is closed, but not because of Dare Devil…20150409_115228 (Large) Dare Devil will be located in front of Kong, and will look quite awesome in that spot, I think. 20150409_115335 (Large) The footers are being placed, and the ground’s being prepped for the line and boarding platform, etc. 20150409_162300 (Large) 20150409_115312 (Large)

Thanks for checking out this new Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update! We have lots of exciting Discovery Kingdom related things coming in the near future! Stay tuned!

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21 Replies to “Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update – April 9th 2015”

  1. What do you guys think will be coming to the park in the 2016 season? It seems that Six Flags has been penny-pinching a bit this year, but hopefully that’s to save up for some amazing, or maybe even prototypical. What’s your speculation?–Rollercoasterpics004

    1. Well, you must understand that Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is one of the most expensive parks, if not the most expensive park, in the chain to run. They have costs way higher than parks without the animals. Having said that, the park’s attendance isn’t quite the largest either. Keeping both in mind, and looking at the Elephant Program that’s ending, we could perhaps see something larger in 2016-2017. What that could be, I wouldn’t know, especially considering that the ride would be located inside the zoo-section, and thus would very likely not be one that causes a lot of screaming, for the animals’ well-being. Hence that all coasters (except for BCtC) are located near the front of the park. It makes sense for the park to add smaller rides, looking at their budget. They will have a lot of space to work with, but currently it’s entirely unknown what they’ll do with it, or if it turns into a storage area, which the park lacks too. The park will of course, like every SF park, add something new each year. So we’re sure 2016 will bring some sort of exciting new attraction, but it’s too soon to speculate on what it could possibly be.

  2. I’m going to the park tomorrow. Just gonna pop in after fishing for trout in the lake next to the park. I’m wondering about lines, should tomorrow be less crowded than yesterday? It’s the last day of the spring break event, just wondering if you guys could give me a detailed explanation of how long you waited for each ride. (roar, superman, medusa, kong, boomerang, and any other thrill ride).

    1. Hey Nik! It’s a Sunday, so it should be significantly less busy than a Saturday. The lines for Superman’s line may very well be as long as 45 minutes tomorrow, but there’s ways to hardly wait in lines. Roar, Kong, and Medusa are running two trains and will hardly be more than 20 minute lines. Boomerang might have quite a line. Flat-rides don’t really have lines, perhaps about 10-15 minutes for Sky Screamer. White Water Safari’s line can become quite long as well. For a complete list of helpful tips for your visit, I advise you check out the Tips and Guidance page we have! It’s very helpful, and perhaps you’ll hardly wait in lines at all! (

  3. whats gonna be put in the old season pass booth since its gonna be demolished, I was told the new RIDE not coaster was gonna be put there?

      1. i talked to an employee at the new season pass processing center, she said some sort of Tech support/IT building is going to be at the old SPPC.

  4. I have been hearing rumors all over the web that discovery kingdom might get a RMC in 2016 maybe launch wooden coaster who knows but I think that roar is going to shut down pretty soon late June or July.

      1. I’m just wondering what kind of wooden coaster they might put in because there has Been rumors of a 2 sided track like twisted colossus and have two launches on the coaster.

  5. There is something that discovery kingdom hiding because there is a huge crane behind Vertical velocity.

  6. I have come to my conclusion I believe that discovery kingdom going to get a rocky mountain construction or a 4D fly coaster to replace the go carts those are the most thing that would likely come true for sure.

  7. Dolly wood new coaster is shot road and it is not a launch wooden coaster so ho might get the launch wooden coaster.

  8. six flags discovery kingdom have shut one of the trains on roar today. I also saw that there are people looking around roar today it doesn’t look like people that inspect the ride every day???

  9. I’m hearing that six flags discovery kingdom is going to go big for 2016 about a launch coaster this month and there trying to what till the announcement because if they do anything to there make it the best where wood meets steel and also might go to new heights.

  10. I loved the roar it’s not coming back I was a kid front row was my favorite I have a some new ride ideas for six flags discovery kingdom here is the names of the rides roar 2 a wooden roller coaster that goes faster and a lot smoother 77 miles per hour the highest drop 28 story’s with large loops corkscrews and huge drops tunnels here is a scary ride called wild tiger it will turn you upside down and spins way high in the air 329 feet here is my favorite ride called trabant from the movie the sandlot here is a new thrill ride called fire bee it will spin and flip on a platform just like crazy dance but much faster than that here is a fun ride called tiger racer its going to be faster than a car it’s a coaster for family’s and adults it’s going to be like hurricane with the same sequence I want it to be special with larger drops turns dives and loops boomerangs corkscrews. 98 miles per hour here is new one called ultimate quake a simulator ride about end of California as we know it 12.9 on the richter scale I have a game idea called monkey water balloon race game for all fans of discovery kingdom I have a hair school idea called discovery hair kingdom also comes with a barbershop and dentistry and larger hair floor with 79 stations 59 barber chairs largest shampoo bar and hair bath bar bald shaving bar color shampoo spa bar and 66 dental chairs and 39 surgery chairs for oral surgery drink area and cafe with pasta salads sandwiches deli and ice cream bar and coffe candy for kids and family’s I want all lady’s to work there professional company’s aveda redken leonor greyl kerastase dessange redken Paul Mitchell garnier loreal and much more for men barber company’s art of shaving trumpers Colgate gillette and much more razors shaving brushes shaving creams shaving gel shaving mugs shaving bowls shaving soaps shampoos tonic after shave hot towels headshaves yes and face hair color price list of all of services and dentist professional company’s Colgate and much more oral surgery area for wisdom teeth root canal implants bone grafts anesthesia and befor and after instructions no hard food or crunchy food just liquids soups jello gingeral other dental services cleaning crowns bridges fillings x rays check ups consultation room makeup areas for girls and women and facials manicure and pedicures eyelashes lipgloss sincerely Chris Novak your buddy see you there for the new stuff for next year

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