Disneyland Resort Update – April 8th 2015

IMG_2777 (Large)We’re still expanding our Disneyland Resort coverage, and we’re working hard on making it a more frequent thing. We’ve got to start somewhere! Here’s our new update! We actually have another one coming soon, so you ought to stay tuned. Here’s this update, with lots of Diamond Celebration, refurbishments, ex-Condor Flats, some Matterhorn, and much more!

Most of Southern California was on Spring Break and the park was very crowded! The park was also busy getting the 60th Anniversary set up. The celebration will start May 22nd! IMG_2768 (Large)

The newly decorated castle looks great! The detail is pretty amazing, really! IMG_2779 (Large)
Some close up details of the castle!IMG_2777 (Large)

 Innovations was closed. Rumor has it that it could be closed forever. It seems to just be a refurbishment, as the website of the park indicates that it’s temporarily closed. Nothing has been confirmed about a removal or permanent closure.IMG_2780 (Large) IMG_2796 (Large) IMG_2795 (Large)
Matterhorn is still being refurbished and will open May 15th. The ride will open with several new effects!IMG_2803 (Large) IMG_2798 (Large)
Caught the ride testing! With testing happening this early, perhaps the ride will reopen sooner, like Splash Mountain did. IMG_2800 (Large)
Fantasy Land is under some heavy construction at the moment. Peter Pan’s Flight being closed for refurbishments, and some of the Fantasy Land buildings are receiving some refurbishments as well.IMG_2807 (1) (Large)DSC_0679 (Large)

Indiana Jones’ lines were worse than usually… the line began towards Jungle Cruise.IMG_2810 (Large)IMG_2814 (Large) Still an amazing ride, with amazing entrance! IMG_2816 (Large)
Construction is coming along nicely on Grizzly Peak Airfield!IMG_2822 (Large)
Smoke Jumpers Grill recently opened and is looking nice! Serving burgers, chicken nuggets, and salads.IMG_2855 (Large)
Grizzly River Run has reopened! The world’s longest rapids ride! IMG_2831 (Large)
Paradise Pier looking sexy as usual!IMG_2827 (Large)
Luigi Flying Tires is permanently closed and will be replaced with a new ride that’ll open in 2016.IMG_2850 (Large)

Thanks for checking out this new Disneyland Resort Update! We have more Disneyland Resort updates coming in the very near future! 😀

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