Universal Studios Hollywood Update – April 6th 2015

20150406_100209 (Large)It sure was an interesting visit to Universal Studios Hollywood! We’ve got a whole lot of Springfield to look at it. It’s ‘open’ to the public, and looks very nice. In addition, we have a bit of Studio Tour news. Wizarding World of Harry Potter is progressing immensely fast as well, we have some pictures of that. Then there’s Shrek 4D changes, and a whole lot more that we’ll be talking about!

Let’s start with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. That amazing, large scale, new part of the theme-park that’s opening next year! The rock creations/structures are being added currently. Notice that a lot more towers and windows are being added the castle as well. 20150406_100049 (Large)20150406_192229 (Large) This arch isn’t news anymore at this point, but from what you can see behind it, WWoHP is really starting to shape. 20150406_133720 (Large) More and more and more WWoHP building start popping up. 20150406_164135 (Large) 20150406_164138 (Large) 20150406_164153 (Large) 20150406_100117 (Large) Look how sick it looks already! There’s still a year or more to go ’til opening. It will be one of the largest additions the park could ever invest in. In fact, it will be about as big as the current Upper Lot already is. That’s HUGE. 20150406_133737 (Large)

That wall in the back, that’s Wizarding World. But in front of that is the new queue line and Shrek 4D section of the Upper Lot. Here’s the food stand.20150406_112009 (Large) The new line looks amazing to be honest. It’s disorienting, as it’s winding around all over the place. But the trees offer shade, and the lanterns are a very nice touch. 20150406_112002 (Large) The ‘Donkey’s Waffles’ meet and greet with Shrek Characters has also been moved back to be on the side of WWoHP, and right next to the ride’s line. 20150406_112021 (Large) And here’s the new logo. Similar to Universal Studios Singapore’s Shrek 4D entrance. 20150406_112037 (Large)

Let’s move to the Studio Tour, which has replaced all of its older signs in the line with new larger single-movie displays. 20150406_135125 (Large) It looks quite nice actually. Each different movie has a significant quote stated on the poster. 20150406_135255 (Large) The exit of the Studio Tour has a line now too… 😛 The park added turnstiles to the exit.  20150406_095828 (Large) And on the Studio Tour, notice the new exterior theming of Fast and Furious: Supercharged! The containers next to the exit, nice touch! 20150406_095554 (Large)

Where to begin talking about Springfield…20150406_100209 (Large) Guess at the Nuclear Power Plant, where guests can press a button on the side of the control room, and the system will go crazy. Pretty cool feature! 20150406_191634 (Large) 20150406_191638 (Large)The buildings and facades look great! 20150406_100137 (Large)20150406_100147 (Large) No more Ben&Jerry’s, there’s one on the Lower Lot though. 20150406_110601 (Large) Some nice touches on the Springfield Skyline. 20150406_110609 (Large) Krusty Burger, the most amazing smelling burger place on the face of the earth. 20150406_110551 (Large) My face when I walked in; 20150406_110644 (Large) There’s a whole lot of upstairs seating! Like a seriously immense amount. 20150406_110754 (Large) Upstairs the theme starts differing a bit in each room. This is still Krusty Burger territory. 20150406_110807 (Large) 20150406_110828 (Large) Free-style machines! 😀 20150406_110909 (Large) Connected to Krusty Burger’s dining area is the Cletus’ Chicken Shack dining area! I LOVE THE DIFFERENT SEATS EVERYWHERE! 20150406_110917 (Large) 20150406_110922 (Large) Downstairs seating at the Cletus’ Chicken Shack. 20150406_111011 (Large) 20150406_111029 (Large) Next door, in between the Cletus’ Chicken Shack and Krusty Burger, there’s Moe’s. Where they sell Duff-esque drinks in a bar setting. 20150406_111132 (Large) Ahh! Bumblebee Man’s Tacos. 20150406_111239 (Large) The Duff Brewery looks really nice actually. 20150406_111406 (Large) Luigi’s Italian Cuisine exits inside the brewery, where guests can find a lot of seating to enjoy their meals. 20150406_111315 (Large) Another bar setting, at the Duff Brewery this time. 20150406_111320 (Large) Great theming. Springfield in general looks fantastic, energetic, and exciting. Lots of bright colors. Universal Studios Hollywood really completed the feel of The Simpson Ride. A good transition from the first part of the Upper Lot to the Star Way and the Studio Tour. 20150406_111409 (Large) Luigi’s! 20150406_111443 (Large) This isn’t actually a shop. It’s a facade with tables behind and around it. 20150406_111610 (Large) We couldn’t skip the popular, and famous, Lard lad Donuts stand. 20150406_110616 (Large) We got the famous pink donut, which was huge. Don’t eat it right after lunch, it tasted great, but was way too filling. I do advise you get one for during a show. Like Water World! They’re $4.99, which really isn’t too bad compared to the other prices around the park. 20150406_141317 (Large)

Leaving the park, to go to CityFOOD at CityWalk, where the Tommy’s left a couple of weeks back, we find a new burger place opening up soon. Smash Burger! 20150406_125802 (Large)

As you might have heard before. The Annual Pass is a thing of the past, and Universal Studios Hollywood has switched to a Season Pass System. The premium pass is also no longer available, meaning there’s not a single USH pass that includes parking. A parking pass isn’t available either. Quite a shame. We’re starting to get rides to and from the park recently, because parking really adds up. $17 a visit… 20150406_132823 (Large)

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