Knott’s Berry Farm – Boysenberry Festival 2015

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It’s bigger, and definitely better, than ever. Knott’s Berry Farm created an amazing event this year. Boysenberry Festival is filled with great scenery, activities, shows, and most importantly food. Check out what there’s to the event. 

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A replica of the stand that started it all, the first thing you see when entering Ghost Town.20150404_093440 (Large)

There’s a photo-op with Easter Snoopy for Boysenberry Festival!20150404_093349 (Large)

There are quite a large amount of huge boysenberries spread throughout Ghost Town. Here are just a few;20150404_110911 (Large) 20150404_143623 (Large) 20150404_143549 (Large) 20150404_143732 (Large)

The Wilderness Dance Hall turned into a wine tasting extravaganza. With very nice seating outside. 20150404_122703 (Large) Inside there are plenty of wines and beverages for those who are wine-tasting.  20150404_122514 (Large) The decor inside is pretty neat looking. Overall, as always in this hall, it has a very warm-welcome feel to it.  20150404_122457 (Large) 20150404_122449 (Large) On the side of the Wilderness Dance Hall, where the park created a unique patio, there are a couple of wonderful looking pieces of scenery. And also… they’re quite big. 20150404_122641 (Large) 20150404_122623 (Large) BOYSENBERRY!20150404_122559 (Large)

The Charleston Circle stage looked phenomenal! More on that later!20150404_121547 (Large)

Make sure to step by Miss Doolittle’s and get some Boysenberry Festival souvenirs, hand-made! Also, if you see a Boysenberry Pie Hat, buy it. They’re so popular that they are made constantly throughout the day, and are sold almost instantly! 20150404_131052 (Large)

A little further into Ghost Town, there’s the Berry-Tales Pie Kitchen.20150404_131249 (Large) 20150404_131245 (Large) 20150404_131238 (Large) A lot of great activities for the younger guests at the Boysenberry Festival.20150404_131255 (Large)

Let’s look at some more amazing scenery!20150404_131140 (Large) Flowers… and, of course, Boysenberries. 20150404_131138 (Large) There were a lot of these posts with facts about Boysenberries and their history. 20150404_130924 (Large) Oh. I spot more huge Boysenberries. 20150404_130851 (Large) Though I found the Boardwalk to be a bit less decorated than I hoped for. The Boysenberry Festival is best experienced in Ghost Town anyways. 20150404_121352 (Large)

I didn’t have a chance to check it out, but Lucy’s Really Big Spring Show is playing in the Camp Snoopy Theater. 20150404_141811 (Large)

Among many crafting stands in Ghost Town, one of the impressive ones that seemed to draw a lot of attention, was the chainsaw sculpture workshop. 20150404_143540 (Large)

Back to the Charleston Circle, in the afternoon guests can enjoy Peanuts Party in the Park. A high-energy family-oriented music show. 20150404_160141 (Large) In the very beginning I was a bit skeptical, but as it progressed it got a lot better. At several points the audience was very involved, that being the children really. But it worked out great. It totally changed my original opinion. Kids seemed to have the time of their lives as they were really part of the show. Which was good to see. 20150404_161051 (Large) On the same stage, at night, guests can enjoy Jammin’ in the Dark, a high-energy club like show that features dancers, a DJ, and great music. Combined with pretty spectacular lighting of course. My batteries died before it got dark, so sadly I didn’t capture any pictures of it. If you have some, send them in, I’ll share them! 20150404_160548 (Large)

The Boysenberry Festival has hundreds of different types of Boysenberry related foods. I tried six items. Because the wonderful Tasting Card that the park offers, includes six different tastings. It costs $25 a card, can be purchased at the Calico Saloon, and includes a fried alligator bites with Boysenberry aioli and fries, an ear of corn with Boysenberry butter, Boysenberry BBQ Wings, Boysenberry Dessert Flautas, a hot dog with Boysenberry relish and Boysenberry ketchup (as seen below), and my personal favorite; Boysenberry Trifle with Ice Cream. 20150404_105830 (Large) 20150404_105837 (Large) Artsy Boysenberry Trifle shot… it was so delicious, if you’re not getting a tasting card, and are still looking for an amazing, cool, treat. Visit the window in between the Sutter’s Funnel Cakes and the Sutter’s Grill. Get the trifle. 20150404_144612 (Large)

The Boysenberry Festival is amazing, the atmosphere is very enjoyable. It’s something no other park offers, the food is outstanding, and so is the entertainment. We highly recommend you check it out. But hurry, it ends April 12th! 20150404_143702 (Large)

I also have a pretty long Knott’s Berry Farm Update from the same day, regarding everything that’s going on at the park, and is not Boysenberry Festival related. It’s now available here! Check it out!

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