A Look at the Oldest Rollercoasters in Europe

We’re all so used to exploring different theme parks around the world and riding loads of different rollercoasters and rides beyond our imagination. We often forget to appreciate how advanced and state-of-the-art a lot of the modern technology which allows rollercoasters to be manufactured, built and operated really is. So I thought to myself, let’s go back to the roots of the amusement park industry. What was the inspiration for theme parks in general and what were the first designs for rollercoasters, the materials used and the elements and experiences created by these historic and revolutionary ideas. We’re taking you over 100 years back and some of the oldest rollercoasters in Europe are still operating today. So join us as we take an exciting and historical adventure across Europe!

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Major Brands and Franchises Not Yet In Theme Parks

Like many, we got quite surprised after hearing the name of Plopsa’s coaster for 2021: The Ride To Happiness by Tomorrowland. Although a music festival might seem weird to theme a ride and area, the aesthetic of the Tomorrowland brand does actually fit. It did get us thinking, what other brands or franchises haven’t we seen in theme parks yet and could be interesting to see? Let’s talk about 10 themes not yet seen!

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The Park at OWA

We happened to be in the Florida panhandle this week and were only a few hours removed from OWA in Foley, Alabama. So we notified some nearby family and hit up this Zamperla prototype park on the Alabama Gulf Coast. This park is home to a few coaster credits and an excellent selection of flat rides. Let’s take a look at this 100%-Zamperla park!

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Crystal Crown Awards – 2020

Coaster Kings is proud to introduce a new annual special event: The Crystal Crown Awards. – Within the coaster and theme park enthusiasts communities there are many different annual awards, polls, etc. We wanted to take a different approach and present a unique lineup of categories that highlight specific characteristics of theme parks, rides, rollercoasters, and the industry as a whole. To listen to the awards in detail, check out our Coaster Kings Radio episode, you’ll also find the 16 carefully chosen categories and their winners here:

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A Guide to Visiting Rulantica, Europa-Park’s Water Park

You might have heard of this park called Europa-Park. We already wrote several times about this incredible park, which also blooms as a resort more and more. Last year, they proved that even more with the addition of Rulantica, a heavily-themed indoor waterpark and basically their second gate. We’ll guide you through, discovering this special place and how you need to prepare yourself for a visit! Continue reading “A Guide to Visiting Rulantica, Europa-Park’s Water Park”

All Traditional Giga Coasters in the World – RANKED

We’re fortunate enough to have ridden all traditional Giga coasters in the world (that means lift-hill followed by several additional elements). We figured we may as well create a ranking of them all! We know our opinion can be a bit shocking at times, thus we asked Instagram followers on @thecoasterkings to guide is in creating this list. Some of the poll responses we just couldn’t agree with, but thank you readers for making the ranking process fun. Continue reading “All Traditional Giga Coasters in the World – RANKED”

Knott’s Taste of Calico

While Knott’s Berry Farm theme park remains closed, Knott’s Ghost Town is the setting for the all-new, limited time outdoor food and retail experience, Knott’s Taste of Calico.  During this specially ticketed outdoor event, guests will be able to take a nostalgic stroll through the streets of Calico, sample unique Knott’s culinary creations including boysenberry specialties, visit local crafters and shop at our unique stores. Continue reading “Knott’s Taste of Calico”

Our 5 Favorite Disney Mine Train Roller Coasters

Sean: Disney loves their (mine) train themed coasters and every Disney Resort is home to at least one signature version! Today we take a look at five of the eight spread around the world to make our ranking. The selection ranges from classic Big Thunder Mountain Railroad installations to new-age versions such as Expedition Everest and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Continue reading “Our 5 Favorite Disney Mine Train Roller Coasters”

The 10s of Europe – A Decade in Review

Sven: It’s over! Goodbye 2010, goodbye 2011 and so on. In the past 10 years we had some great coaster additions all over Europe. Some pretty unexpected while others seemed only normal that they would eventually be built. I’m sure you’re already thinking of quite some coasters and so did we. Read along about a whole decade of new major coasters in Europe! Continue reading “The 10s of Europe – A Decade in Review”

Our Top 10 Biggest Surprise Coasters of 2019

Alexander: We’re very fortunate to have ridden as many coasters as we did this calendar year – from America to the Netherlands to China, we covered a lot of ground for some highly sought-after credits.

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