The Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland – Plopsaland De Panne

Plopsaland revealed more details about their brand new Mack Xtreme Spinning coaster opening this summer. A surprising partnership with one of the world’s best known music festivals. That’s right, you’ll be able to experience some Tomorrowland in the heart of the theme park as theme for their brand new coaster.

This project is one that we’ve been following for a while now as for me personally, it’s one of my home parks. So far we had heard of the project name “Time Traveler” as that is the only other Xtreme Spinning Coaster in the world that can be found at Silver Dollar City. Today, we finally got more news about the selected theme for the park and the name: The Ride To Happiness By Tomorrowland. And boy what a surprise it is. Plopsaland decided to work together with another Belgian partnerbrand which is pretty well-known around the world: Tomorrowland.

What started out as a dance festival in Boom now gets thousands of visitors every year. 17 years later, we know that it expanded with some international versions, other music events and more. The festival differentiates itself by having a special and unique themed style. Many almost call it a theme park because of the stage designs and the experience as a whole.

Source: Tomorrowland

Now, it actually becomes part of a theme park! CEO of the Plopsa Group Steve Van den Kerkhof explains:

“The coaster can already be seen from far on the highway en it completely changed the skyline of the park which adds a new dimension. To be able to work together with Tomorrowland on top of that is a dream come true. Thanks to this collaboration, we will both be able to entertain larger crowds to make each other stronger.”

They also mention that this will be the start of a long term ambition to invest in future theme park projects as well.

Of course with a music festival themed coaster, there has to be music! Besides a reflection of the typical Tomorrowland style in the theming, they will also provide the ride with exclusive onride soundtrack inspired by the original Tomorrowland Hymne by Hans Zimmer.

The ride will have its own themed area at the heart of the park and we’ll be able to ride starting this summer, a total investment of 17,5 million euro (21,2 million dollar / 15,6 million pound). One thing’s for sure, the competition is on!

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