Roller Coaster and Theme Park Tattoos

There are many ways to show your love for roller coasters and theme parks, and for many of our readers these attractions are a way of life. Today we’re taking a look some of our own coaster tattoos, as well as readers’ theme park and roller coaster tattoos!

The first place I lived in the US was Valencia, CA, and thus my first tattoo was a Six Flags Magic Mountain one. Viper was the one coaster I would always make sure to ride as this 1990 Arrow Dynamics ‘mega looper’ is full of character. I love classic loopers and Viper quickly became my favorite coaster at the park. – My second tattoo pays homage to my home country of the Netherlands. Efteling is an incredible theme park with natural beauty and distinct Dutch culture and folklore all throughout. The park’s 1981 looping coaster Python was manufactured by the Dutch manufacturer Vekoma and is a national treasure for the country. Python is a household name for the Dutch and a true icon of the Netherlands’ obsession with theme parks.

Alexander and I got tattoos at the same time, our first set both being Six Flags Magic Mountain favorites!

“Ninja is the first coaster that I can really remember calling my “favorite.” I love it as much now as I did when I first rode it in 1998. Like Sean’s Viper, Ninja also happened to have a great logo that lent itself to tattooing. – Matterhorn Bobsleds I like to call “the family crest,” because it’s a sentimental favorite of my family’s as well as mine. The ensign printed on the nose of each bobsled was the perfect choice for a Matterhorn tattoo, and it echoes the hometown-hero sentiment of Sean’s Efteling Python tattoo.”

Our awesome team member Emma from the UK also has a theme park tattoo!

“After a road trip through Europe in 2019 I decided to get a tattoo to show my love for roller coasters. The trip itself took us through Germany and to visit Europa-Park. I totally fell in love with the park and this tattoo is a little homage to my favourite rides there. Funnily though this tattoo is not based on a real life picture, it is the loading screen for the website! I like to think it is Blue Fire and Silver Star!”

We want to give a big shoutout to all our readers that sent in their roller coaster and theme park tattoos! We absolutely loved seeing everyone’s designs, the meaning behind them, and the appreciation for a large variety of roller coasters, dark rides, themed areas and theme parks out there! Below, join us in taking a look at some of the tattoos that were sent in!

John – Houston, Texas

“My very first roller coaster when I was 8 was Texas Cyclone at my childhood home park Astroworld, and that started my love for roller coasters. When I was 16, they opened Viper at Magic Mountain and we drove overnight to be there opening weekend. I was in awe of it and that is when it changed from loving coasters to being an enthusiast! RMC is another company I have so much respect for because just like Arrow they have made a huge impact to the industry. Iron Rattler was the first RMC I rode and holds a special place in my heart, which is why I got that tattoo. I threw in a couple other loves like Dollywood and Schlitterbahn and then finished with the ACE logo on the inside of my arm because that’s where I found my people.”

Andrew – Orlando, Florida

“I got the GateKeeper griffon when I found out I was going to be working at Cedar Point”.

Sam – Alexandria, Virginia

“I got the millennium Force tattoo almost immediately after the ride was announced and the logo was released. My plans were once the coaster became obsolete I was going to have my first name ‘s a m’ around my leg but I never bothered with that. The armband was just simply a B&M with red and blue in anticipation of some B&M using those colors. Possibly Superman, but I didn’t know at the time no coaster was actually slated to be built when I had this put on. It’s kind of sloppy but I like it.”

Terry – St. Louis, Missouri

“I gave the Tattoo Artist pictures of Scorpion at Busch Gardens Tampa and Mind Bender at Six Flags over Georgia, and asked him to create a tattoo with a Schwarzkopf style track.  I asked him to also incorporate our wedding anniversary and initials into the image.”

Adam – Livonia, Michigan

“This tattoo was the first that I ever got, and it is the retro logo of The Land pavilion at Epcot. I got it because I spent a year while in college working at the Living with the Land boat ride, and over the course of that year grew a huge attachment to the ride and the pavilion itself. I’m also an Epcot nerd so it only seemed fitting to get the logo done as a little souvenir from my time working there.”

Brian – Lafayette, Indiana

“My tattoo represents the blue streak at cedar point which was my very first coaster. My dad took me on it when I was five years old back in 1967, so I’ve been riding it for over 50 years. I got my tattoo in 2009 and it is also in his memory as he also loved coasters. I remember you used to actually enter Cedar point by going under the first bunny hill after the first drop. I also remember when it just had a buzz bar and seatbelts, but you were not required to wear the seatbelts if you did not want to. The blue streak continues to thrill me today like I did that first time back in 1967 and I’m so grateful that I live close enough that I can still visit Cedar point yearly.”

Casie – Lancaster, Pennsylvania

“I got the logo tattooed on me after my 1,000th ride, which was September 19th of 2018, about a year and a half after my first one in 2017.”

Raphael – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“I always thought of how I was going to materialize my love for coasters and theme parks in my body with a tattoo. First I thought of a random drawing of a rollercoaster, searched a lot for it, some friends even helped me but none of the drawings that I saw I liked. One day I was looking to my wallpaper in my PC and I saw the Maverick drop for a thousandth time and I thought: That’s it! My favorite coaster ever! I’m gonna do that drop!
The tattoo artist found it amazing and instantly “bought” the idea. The tattoo took 5 hours to be made. The reason I love Maverick is because it has all the elements that I love in coasters: max forces, speed, inversions, airtime… how could not Maverick be the perfect fit?”

Michael – Germany

“I don’t live too far from Phantasialand and I like to spend my free time in amusement parks and on roller coaster rides around the world, if time allows. The tattoo is unfortunately not finished due to the lookdown, as soon as it is possible again we will continue working on it and also on other coasters.”

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