Ice Breaker Photo Update – Mid-January – SeaWorld Orlando

While Ice Breaker has yet to start testing, the infrastructure around the ride is coming together nicely. In today’s update we’ve got a couple of different shots of the infrastructure surrounding the ride, some track shots, and we happened to catch a pretty spectacular sunset as we left the park and thus we have a nice array of sunset pictures as well.

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I am going to start with a quick throwback to the concept arts. The special event walkways under the ride are now closed and thus not the whole layout is as easy to photograph. They made a big point of the theme tying in with Wild Arctic next door, but I continue to get pretty tropical vibes so far.

It wasn’t until today that I really started to appreciate how nicely everything on this side of the park is coming together. It may be SeaWorld Orlando’s most aesthetically cohesive corner yet. All the buildings have similar shapes and same shades of orange and teal. Take a look at some of the construction surrounding the new Premier Rides coaster:

I am excited that these colors pop and really bring some life to this corner of the park. One day I hope the full special events circle will be reopened as part of daily operations. Below we’ve got a new selection of track shots. There are a few moments that the track switches between old and new-style Premier Rides track, can you spot where? You can click on each image and swipe to take a closer look!

Unplanned, but we left Orca Encounter and on the way out of the park the sunset was unreal! I quickly snapped some shots and touched them up a bit. No real information to add here, but thought I may as well share these shots. For daily awesome coaster pictures from around the state, make sure to be following our Florida Coaster Kings accounts on Facebook and Instagram! Enjoy these shots! You can click on each image and swipe to take a closer look!

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