Our Favourite European Theme Park Food – Part Two

Welcome back to part two of our culinary journey across Europe. We really hoped you enjoyed part one and are ready to find our some more of our favourite places! Myself (Emma) and James have been busy writing this article over the last month as there really is so much to chose from. Having to whittle places down means we could not mention them all, but if we’ve missed your favourite place or you want to let us know about a highlight, please leave a comment or find us on social media!

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Our Favourite European Theme Park Food – Part One

Hello and welcome to part one of our 2 part article on our favourite European theme park foods. Today myself (Emma) and James will be talking all about our favourite foods, snacks and restaurants. We want to dive into the best food in Europe and share with you, and find some more theme park gems along the way. We sadly haven’t visited all the theme parks in Europe (wouldn’t that be a dream) so these are our favorites that we have personally experienced.

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Spanish Theme Park History – Part 2: Tibidabo

Today we’ll continue our series about the Spanish Theme Park History with the second article. Every two weeks we’re publishing one of eight articles about the history of thirteen Spanish amusement and theme parks. Some of them no longer exist, but some others are still operating and receiving guests nowadays. In this series, we’ll travel in time through 168 years in theme park history, starting in 1853, to our days in 2021. Today we’ll focus on Tibidabo amusement park, one of the oldest European amusement parks that are still operating, it’s an icon of the city of Barcelona and probably the only Spanish park that Walt Disney visited.

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Major Brands and Franchises Not Yet In Theme Parks

Like many, we got quite surprised after hearing the name of Plopsa’s coaster for 2021: The Ride To Happiness by Tomorrowland. Although a music festival might seem weird to theme a ride and area, the aesthetic of the Tomorrowland brand does actually fit. It did get us thinking, what other brands or franchises haven’t we seen in theme parks yet and could be interesting to see? Let’s talk about 10 themes not yet seen!

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