Story Behind Europa-Park’s 2023 Coaster

Europa-Park in Germany will open a MACK Rides Big Dipper-style roller coaster next year, and we now know more about the ride’s story. The new coaster will be located in the park’s brand-new Croatian section, which will open at the same time as the new ride.

The park is dedicated to accurately recreating a Croatian-themed experience while maintaining the same level of imagination and thematic style as the rest of Europa-Park. This mindset is what will make this new themed land and its accompanying roller coaster so distinctive. The park will not attempt to represent an entire country in a single themed area, as that is extremely difficult, but rather the culture of Croatia in a thematically sound themed area.

The theme of the expansion is Nikola Tesla, the renowned Croatian inventor from Smiljan. Guests will find themselves in close proximity to a hydroelectric power plant that the inventor acquired for a series of tests and experiments. This is connected to the Adventure Club of Europe narrative that several Europa-Park attractions also utilize. Guests will observe a replica of the Wardenclyffe Tower (New York), which Tesla designed in the early 20th century, atop the aforementioned hydroelectric power plant.

Two of these towers will be visible throughout the new land, which will be dominated by the new coaster: Voltron Coaster. This MACK Big Dipper roller coaster (similar to Lost Gravity at Walibi Holland and Dynamite at Freizeitpark Plohn) will feature an energy beam theme (think electricity). The two towers will mark the beginning and conclusion of this ride experience.

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