Fantasiana- A World of Magic Awaits

Fantasiana is one of Austria’s leading theme parks including a whole variety of dark rides, a stunningly themed log flume and 2 family rollercoasters. The park is Austria’s second most well known theme park and is located only 30 minutes away from Salzburg- which makes it perfect to combine with a city break in one of Austria’s most famous and historical cities. Thanks very much to Fantasiana for letting us visit and let’s have a virtual explore through this park together!

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Does Fantasiana have the most inclusive coaster in the world?

New for 2021, Fantasiana launched a brand new rollercoaster- ‘Fridolins verrückter Zauberexpress’ or in English- ‘Fridonlin’s crazy magical express’. This was launched as part of a brand new area in the park, known as ‘das magische Dorf’/the magical village. This area contains a brand new play area, a brand new food outlet serving pizza, pasta & drinks and of course the new coaster.

The coaster itself was manufactured by ART engineering GmbH and features a tire propelled launch out of the station and a tire propelled boost halfway round the track. It completes two laps in total and reaches a maximum height of 12m above the ground.

Why are we speculating that this could be the world’s most inclusive coaster, you might be asking? Well, the park advertise this coaster as a world’s first. Furthermore, it is indeed the world’s first launched coaster accessible for anyone over 90cm in height! Additionally, this let’s the park lead with the marketing about it being a first coaster experience for children. However, it’s of course suitable for adults too!


The second coaster in the park is actually the more well-known of the two. It’s been operating since 2005. Furthermore, it’s extremely well known for being a mean airtime mega machine. It’s quite a compact coaster. However, I can certainly say it’s very forceful and will keep you out of your seat in the second half of the layout! Keep an eye out on our European instagram page and our Tiktok for an onride POV of both coasters!

Mami Wata- Hafema Log flume

From the makers of the bonkers River Quest at Phantasialand- Hafema strikes again. Although perhaps not as bonkers as River Quest, Mami Wata will perhaps get you (almost) just as soaked. This log flume makes up part of the Africa Orient area in the park which is, in my opinion, the most beautiful area of the park. This area of the park features many beautiful oriental buildings and animal states. A ride on Mami Wata itself will take you on a journey through Africa and past many wild animals.

Spoiler alert: Mami Wata features a turntable section followed by a backwards drop. It also features a vertical lift hill-just like the one on river quest! These crazy elements as well as the theming make this log flume extra special. Especially for a park of smaller size like Fantasiana!

Other attractions to not miss out on!


The tallest ride in the park can of course not be missed out. The Flyrosaurus is located in the pre-historic area of the park and offers a trip up to 35m above the ground. Beautiful views, not only over the park, but also over the surrounding landscape, await. This attraction is designed to make you feel like you’re flying on the wings of the Pterosaur. Additionally, it even has onride music on-board!

Schloss Dracula

Schloss Dracula is not for the faint hearted. It is without a doubt the most intense experience in the park. A live action horror maze awaits you. The live actors will also split you up on your own during this experience so it is therefore important that you are sum up enough courage before you enter!

Tip: Tours through Dracula’s castle are only available at selected times of day! Make sure to head to the attraction at the beginning of the day to find out the show times for that day!

Sindbad’s Abenteuerreise

Fantasiana is home to a handful of dark rides and Sindbad’s adventure trip is perhaps the oldest of the collection. This attraction is really crazy and features a tracked dark ride with rotating gondolas. What’s more, it takes you through various scenes of different myths- some more gruesome than the other! It’s a really interesting attraction and shows a bit of the park’s history too- being one of the older rides.

Fantasiana adds a new flat ride for 2022…

After the success of the brand new rollercoaster and area in 2021, Fantasiana aren’t stopping there. A brand new flat ride was under construction during my visit. Furthermore, it’s just around the corner from being officially open. Rumour has it it’s even been open a couple of days here and there for soft opening- but the official opening is still to come!

This will be a family flat ride which is a bit like a top-spin style attraction- although none inverting. The queue-line building is detailed really nicely too and will hopefully feature some lovely theming inside! We look forward to seeing it once it is in full swing!

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