Coaster Kings Discord Server

Coaster Kings is proud to present their very own Discord server! We’re always looking for ways to interact with our readers, create unique content, and have a global presence across various platforms. The Coaster Kings Discord server will be home to a variety of channels, including regional and language specific ones!

When coming into the server, you can give yourself your very own role! Are you a California, Florida or European Coaster King or Queen? Or are you one of our Global Coaster Kings?

First, we have our coaster related text channels. Want to talk about whatever theme-park related? This is the spot! If you’ve got some news that’s hot off the press, let everyone know on our news channel! Want to share the pictures you took on your trip? Share them in photography talk! The coaster games channel is for sharing your latest Planet Coaster parks or No Limits coaster creations!

If you’ve got some non-theme park related hobbies, our other text channels might interest you as well! We’ve got a place to share the music you discovered recently or to share your own music! Theme park soundtracks will always be appreciated as well! Share your best theme park memes in the memes channel! And talk about your latest achievements in whatever game you might play in the video games channel!

We’ve got specific channels for a few of our most spoken languages so people can discuss the latest details at their local parks!

Lastly, we’ve got some voice channels for you to meet and talk to some new people! We’ve got a general voice chat, and a voice chat where you can play games together, where Kahoot quizzes and games about roller coasters can be organized!

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