Six Flags Magic Mountain Gets Approval to Lay Foundations of New RMC Coaster

Earlier this year documents were uncovered on the LA County permitting website that show plans for a new roller coaster for Six Flags Magic Mountain! The proposed ride, an RMC Raptor/single rail coaster would re-use the former Green Lantern station and use some of the area currently occupied by Tidal Wave. New permits show that Six Flags Magic Mountain has been granted approval for $1.3M of foundations for the coaster’s supports.

SFMM 2021 Coaster Overlay

The original document we found in April includes this nifty overlay, showing the new coaster’s layout. As you can see, it would re-use Green Lantern’s station and cross over Tidal Wave’s splashdown area. The coaster features double out and back layout, and would make two turn-arounds in the center of the Metropolis plaza, which would be quite an iconic sight!

This new permit shows wording that confirms the project to be a Rocky Mountain Construction coaster, with the current timeline in the permit being for 2021 or 2022. You can find the public record of the permit here.

If you’d like more details on the project, make sure to check out our article from earlier this year that highlights all permits and the layout.

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