Who You’ll Find on Yoshi’s Adventure at Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World is opening at Universal Studios Japan on February 4th! Several special guests have been allowed to enter into the new world this month for a spectacular preview of the Nintendo offerings. One of the two rides opening with the land is Yoshi’s Adventure, a gentle omnimover dark ride taking you through the Mushroom Kingdom. Let’s find out who we’ll meet on this adventure! Spoilers ahead!

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The new immersive Super Nintendo World will be a multi-level themed land. Guests will enter Yoshi’s Adventure on the ground floor of the area. The ride’s queue will bring them to the 2nd floor where they’ll board a variety of colorful Yoshi vehicles for their adventure. Who will they find along the way?

The Adventure Begins!

Yoshi’s Adventure starts in the beautifully animated station situated below the highest point of Super Nintendo World: the Goal Pole!

Piranha Plant

While the picture shows Yoshis making their way back to the station, it also introduces us to the ride’s first of many Mushroom Kingdom residents, the infamous Piranha Plant!


This relatively new character was introduced in 2013’s Super Mario 3D World and is an interactive audio animatronic that guests can trigger using buttons found in their ride vehicles.

Eggs for Enemies

Using three Yoshi eggs found in the ride vehicles, guests may trigger animatronic effects.

Into the Warp Pipe!

Yoshi’s Adventure has a small indoor section representing a nighttime scene. Fans of the franchise will appreciate the throwback to Yoshi’s Island.

Wow, it’s Yoshi!

The indoor scene for Yoshi’s Adventure shows us the original Yoshi with Baby Mario on his back! Magikoopa is in pursuit with Pink Yoshi and Baby Peach following behind!


We encounter multiple Pokeys on our adventure. While awfully cute, don’t touch them!

Palm Trees?

Palm trees are the threshold to even more adventure in the Mario Universe, as a major Donkey Kong roller coaster is expected for the land’s phase two expansion in the near future.

Donkey Kong Country

Guests will take the warp pipe from Mushroom Kingdom to Donkey Kong Country for a thrilling mine cart coaster through the jungle. For now, it will serve as social distancing overflow queue.

Balloon Baby Yoshi

First appearing in New Super Mario Bros. U, Balloon Baby Yoshi can be found floating around the Yoshi nursery!


Baby Yoshis are everywhere!

Egg Vehicle!

Look closely at the right side of the picture for the super cute accessibility vehicle!

Captain Toad!

Captain Toad is reporting for duty! Riders will get a glimpse of the character found in 2014’s Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker.

Look Up!

Super Nintendo World wouldn’t be complete without coins for the taking (not really, they’re mounted).

Princess Peach’s Castle!

In the background you’ll find Princess Peach’s Castle, the gateway to Super Nintendo World!

Berry Tree

Yoshi first appeared in 1990’s Super Mario World, where we also found out berries from this tree are his favorite food.

Watch out!

A thwomp is blocking your exit! Proceed with caution!

All the Yoshis!

All the Yoshis on parade through the Mushroom Kingdom!

We can’t wait!

We can’t wait to travel to Universal Studios Japan to get this point of view for ourselves! Those able to go soon, the land opens February 4th!

Super Nintendo World looks amazing so far! We’re excited to see this new source material for more Universal projects and can’t wait to see what else is in store in the future. For those looking to visit closer to home (USA), Universal Studios Hollywood is actively building their Super Nintendo World now.

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