The 5 Best B&M Flying Coasters

Alexander: Greetings! Who’s ready for another Coaster Kings Top 5? This time we’re looking at one of B&M’s most enduring product lines, the Flying Coaster!

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While we haven’t ridden *every* B&M Flyer out there, we feel confident about putting together a list of what we think are B&M’s 5 best installations. Let’s take a look:

5. Acrobat – Nagashima Spa Land (Kuwana, Mie, Japan)

Starting our list out is the Sea World Orlando Manta clone that took Nagoya by storm: Nagashima Spa Land’s Acrobat! While the ride is a carbon copy of the excellent Florida Flyer, this Japanese clone lacks a lot of the thematic touches that make Manta a much stronger overall ride. Still, it’s a great layout, and perfect fit for Spa Land.

4. Starry Sky Ripper – Joyland (Wujin, Changzhou, Jiangsu, People’s Republic of China)

One of the wildest-looking Flyers around makes up the Chinese representation of this list: our #4 pick, Joyland’s Starry Sky Ripper. While the ride’s presentation is pretty rough around the edges, Ripper’s eyebrow-raising layout provides a satisfying, forceful ride despite some sluggish pacing. A vertical loop, aerial lie-to-fly, and double barrel rolls reminded us of the Vekoma Flying Dutchman layouts – high praise as far as we’re concerned.

3. Manta – Sea World Orlando (Orlando, Florida, United States)

Orlando’s resident Flyer is a perfect example of design and aesthetic synergy – while the ride on its own is great in its own right, Sea World elevates Manta to impressive, immersive heights. Waterfalls, lush foliage, and vibrant aquatic habitats are yours to navigate as riders “soar” over central Florida like a school of rays.

2. Tatsu – Six Flags Magic Mountain (Valencia, California, United States)

The undisputed king of flying coasters in the Western Hemisphere sits atop Six Flags Magic Mountain like a crown – the terrifically terrifying Tatsu. Relatively gentle swoops and dives entrances riders before Tatsu pummels them with a staggering 124ft pretzel dive – a killer move that, while polarizing, is nothing if not spectacular.

1. Flying Dinosaur – Universal Studios Japan (Konohana, Osaka, Japan)

An uncharacteristically-steep first drop, rapid-fire 720° roll, and a ferocious pretzel dive with an underground tunnel are just some of the tricks up Flying Dinorsaur’s sleeve – our #1 B&M Flyer worldwide. Lightning-fast pacing on this Jurassic Park-themed coaster exchanges commonly graceful (and sometimes sluggish) swoops for powerful, negative-G laden acrobatics that seemingly tear up the sky. Not a bad signature ride for the highest-attended Universal Park in the World.

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