SeaWorld San Antonio 2020 – A Park Reborn

Sean: SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment is reinvesting in its properties more than ever, and a park where that’s very apparent is the vibrant and exciting SeaWorld San Antonio. Our last visit was a little less than 3 years ago, and the park feels completely different!

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We’re excited to be back! This SeaWorld still has the grandest entrance of them all!

Classic, yet elegant!

Due to the park’s original way-too-large layout, the new version of the park(s) has been chopped up into the three sections. Discovery Point is to the left, straight ahead is Aquatica San Antonio, and to the right is the entrance to SeaWorld San Antonio itself. It combined all 3 park/attraction types that SeaWorld Orlando offers, but put them all in one place. It works very well!

Discovery Point

We’ll start with the park’s Discovery Point set up. This former wing of the park was home to an aquarium, the Anheuser-Busch Hospitality House, and a giant walkable map of the United States. The majority of that left side has since been abandoned. A small part remains, about half of the pink midways, and that makes up Discovery Point. The gardens in the middle of the plot make up Aquatica, and the loop around the lake is what remains to be the actual SeaWorld San Antonio.

Discovery Point is San Antonio’s version of Discovery Cove. It’s smaller, much smaller, but creates a nice exclusive wing for guests to go on their tropical dolphin excursion.

Since this multi-purpose area is the only place to see the bottlenose dolphins, guests can visit Discovery Point without admission. If you’re at SeaWorld San Antonio, ensure to get a handstamp as you must exit the park to get to Discovery Point.

The new-for-2016 facility is gorgeous and features several above and below water viewing areas.

What’s now called the Explorer’s Reef (like SeaWorld San Diego’s entry plaza), is the park’s original aquarium that remains. The aquarium along with the dolphin habitat makes up for Discovery Point and again is located outside of the gates of SeaWorld San Antonio and Aquatica San Antonio. Please note that both these attractions close earlier than extended park hours, so you’ll want to make sure to visit sometime during the day.

The aquarium is a gorgeous old-school SeaWorld aquarium with different sections to wander throughout. 

The park’s largest selection of tropical fish can be found here.

As well as the park’s shark encounter. It seems as if the vast majority of aquariums are all combined in one in this exhibit.

Since SeaWorld San Antonio is not as aquarium heavy as San Diego, or even SeaWorld Orlando, we highly advise making a quick trip over to this side of the complex!


Moving to the middle of the resort is the highly-impressive Aquatica. The park utilizes some of the water slides that were built to compliment SeaWorld San Antonio, and combines them with the new infrastructure, theming and slides installed since the 2014 conversion to the separately ticketed Aqautica. Good thing Aquatica is in such a competitive water park region, because the park has a very competitive lineup of slides!

New for this year is the Tonga Twister, a White Water West set of body slides with different patterns accentuated by the sun. The slides also feature musical scores!

New-for-2019 was the park’s Ihu’s Breakaway Falls, the drop-pod slide tower marking the tallest drop slides in Texas. These two sets of slides alone make for a competitive lineup, but Aquatica has much more to offer.

The park’s signature experience is Stingray Falls. A combination of touch pools, interactive experiences, aquarium AND water slide.

Stingray Falls is one of the longer raft family slides around and its finale dumps you into an underground river.

After the necessary additional waterfalls, you enter an aquarium that is below the ride’s touch pool for the best water slide view imaginable.

Stingray Falls is the centerpiece of Aquatica Orlando and thanks to its many components, a can’t miss attraction.

Our next favorite was Walhalla Wave, a thrilling raft slide with a vertical wall. The ride’s double helix turns into a steep drop directly up the vertical wall. These four amazing attractions we just talked about alone made our visit to Aquatica awesome. And the park also features another dozen+ slides, as well as recreational pools, splashpads and a lazy river!

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