5 Reasons to visit Legendia

Europe holds quite a few smaller theme parks that have plenty of reasons to visit. That’s why we love to put those parks in the spotlight as they often have big parks to compete with. Today, we want to talk about a smaller park in Poland and 5 reasons to visit. Let’s go to Legendia!

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Okay, so you might have heard of this Polish park that used to be called Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko. Since a few years, it’s better known as Legendia and man, what a fun park to visit. You can find something for the whole family from kiddie rides to a major coaster. Speaking of coasters, your coaster count will increase with 3 or 4 after visiting this park so not bad at all! But why would you drive all the way there? Here’s 5 reasons to do so!

1. A must-do Coaster for your Count

Honestly, this alone should make you want to go to Legendia. In 2017, the park opened the world’s first Vekoma Bermuda Blitz. After building Formuła, in a well-known nearby Polish park Energylandia, Vekoma improved their new coaster style even more with this beauty. Lech Coaster tells the tale about how Poland came to be. Before you ride, you see the story come to life in the pre-show.

The ride experience stands out due to the compact layout filled with thrilling elements. The first drop will blow your mind and the ride doesn’t stop giving until you hit the final brake run. Inversions, station fly-through, airtime, stunning views above the lake… this coaster has got it all! But beware, this ride is not for the faint-hearted. Black-outs may get you!

I always fear to be too enthusiastic about a coaster and then be disappointed after riding it. Here, go in with good expectations and the coaster should only get better! If you’re too afraid to ride, you’ll enjoy watching it for sure.

Besides Lech Coaster, another inversion coaster can be found at the park: Diabelska Pętla. At the time, it had not gotten its makeover yet but now it looks brand-new. Although it got built by Soquet, this ride sure has Schwarzkopf vibes.

2. Fall in Love with their Dark Ride 

After adding one of Europe’s best coasters, they continued their investments into something every great theme park should have: a dark ride. Here too, they chose for a myth and in this ride, you need the face a monster which haunts the nearby village… You might know the Basilisk creature from the Harry Potter books & movies, but in this ride you’ll see it in its original form.

The challenge was to develop a ride with a low budget but provide an immersive and interactive experience. Alterface, JoraVision and ETF found that mix and delivered a dark ride that will surprise you. Already the ride system shows of the quality with its trackless vehicles, similar to Symbolica at Efteling. After boarding, you go for a ride through the forest where creatures lurk in the shadows… But luckily, you have a weapon at hand to destroy them and score the most points along the way. Targets exist out of three forms: on screen targets, physical targets and also targets via project mapping. Alterface proved here once again that they lead regarding interactive experiences.

3. Go Somewhere over the Rainbow

When I visited the park back in 2018, it had so many thrill rides! Not of all of them can still be found in the park however (one I regret, the others were good to go). Luckily, my favorite remains: Dragon Temple! This Rainbow type thrill ride can rarely be found in a European theme park but Legendia still has one! Even more special is that it was the first one ever built!

Other thrill rides include a Bounty, an Enterprise, an Inverter and a special kind of Mini Frisbee as you can see here.

4. It has Style

JoraVision did more than just create awesome theming for Bazyliszek. They had the opportunity to do the complete makeover of the park. The result shows that even with a limited budget, parks can improve their quality by making some small but decent adjustments. Throughout the whole park, you’ll find a special style that got used for almost all attractions.

Some parks tend to choose too bright colors for their kiddie rides. Here however, that’s not the case even with the main colors of the park being yellow and purple. Because of that, the rides seem less carnival style and blend in better. A simple Merry-Go-Round can all of a sudden feel very appealing. (Still did not ride it though)

5. Venture into the Air

Next to a kick-ass coaster, a dark ride and water rides, there’s another thing I always look for in a great theme park: observation rides! Yep, Legendia has one and although it looks like a normal Ferris Wheel, there’s a twist. You can use it as a spinning ride too. Next to views over the park, you’ll see the city as well.

But there’s more! The oldest ride of the park takes you on a different flight in the air: Dreamflight Airlines. The ride dates back from 1959 but still holds up! Fun fact: there’s a small kitchen in the tower for the operator.

Those are just 5 reasons to visit Legendia but I’m sure once you’ll go, you’ll find even more. I have to admit that this ride has a got a special place among the parks I’ve visited. It fits my personal taste and I love how they keep investing too. Even this year, they opened a Hafema Rapid ride called Dolina Jagi. So when you visit Poland, don’t miss out on this park!

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