Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – April 2nd 2015

20150402_175042 (Large)Now Spring Break crowds were visiting the park, and summer is getting a lot closer, Six Flags Magic Mountain is definitely preparing for the Twisted Colossus crowds! Ride operations are getting better, some repaints, landscaping, new signs, and much more (like a tiny bit of Hurricane Harbor). We have quite a few things to talk about in the update! 

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Let’s start with some quick Hurricane Harbor. Hurricane Harbor isn’t opening for a while yet, but the wave-pool and the smaller recreational pools re filled with water already. What you see here, in the picture, is the ‘station’, the top of the tower, of Temple Rapids. That was taken out entirely and is being refurbished. 20150402_192747 (Large)

Moving from Hurricane Harbor to Magic Mountain, we notice a bunch of wonderful new flowers! 20150402_192730 (Large)The main gate plaza/ Six Flags Plaza has a lot new flowerbeds too, like the one surrounding the fountain. 20150402_185049 (Large) Over at Riddler’s Revenge, there are suiting purple flowers in the planters. (For those of you that are not familiar with the Riddler character, his original outfit was green and purple).20150402_175455 (Large) The question-mark footer has received new orange/yellow flowers surrounding the question-marks. 20150402_175506 (Large) Right next door, across from the Aftermath Maze, we find more new flowers. 20150402_180724 (Large)

I’ve started referring to the old Action Theater as the Aftermath, as that’s the Fright Fest Maze that is set up inside of the stadium, and in all honesty, the stadium and decor look so faded and half-destroyed that calling it the Aftermath actually makes sense. 20150402_180739 (Large) Next to the Aftermath/ Action Theater, the old Waterfront ‘lake’ is filled with a couple of inches of water. I really hope they’ll fill this up again some time. 20150402_180747 (Large)

Back to Riddler’s Revenge, it’s operating two trains, the one-train operations that the park was planning on, actually never happened. Let’s hope this doesn’t just mean the ride’s refurbishment is delayed, but that in fact the trains are ready to ‘roll’ for the summer! 20150402_180649 (Large)

Next door, Tidal Wave is finally running two boats. This is one of those rides you really can’t run with one boat. I hope they add a third boat. Especially since the park has about 10 boats laying around for it. (Of course some of those aren’t operational).20150402_175815 (Large)

Moving to the next water ride, and Ninja towering over it. Ninja is running two trains still, one of its trains was meant to be sent into refurbishment, perhaps this will be the case after the Spring Break crowds. Talking about Jet Stream below it, the ‘track’ down at the bottom, such as the station, lift hill, splash down, and the ‘track’ approaching the lift have not been repainted…20150402_181016 (Large) But the track crossing the path to Rapids Crossing has been repainted, and it looks absolutely fantastic. 20150402_181331 (Large) 20150402_181427 (Large) 20150402_181420 (Large) Jet Stream really needed it, it’s definitely showing its age. We’re very glad it looks a lot fresher and better maintained now!20150402_181359 (Large)

Roaring Rapids was meant to be reopened a couple of weeks back, but even with the crazy SoCal heat lately, it remains closed. 20150402_181556 (Large)

Apocalypse is still down to one-train operations. 20150402_181234 (Large)

This signs over at Katy’s Kettle has been around for a little while now, but didn’t ever really write about it. I personally like it, shows you some delicious foods they now sell. 20150402_181625 (Large)

Inside the Cyber Cafe, three Nintendo 3DSs are set up for guests to play a promoted game. 20150402_185601 (Large)

Quick Viper note, I had some amazing rides on it ‘today’, it was absolutely great. Yes, of course it’s still a very forceful experience, but it was quite smooth, and overall it ran great. And… there were hardly any lines for it, so I marathon’ed it. 😀20150402_184257 (Large)

Grad Nite is coming up soon too, the stage materials for the DC Universe stage are stored on location, and should go up pretty soon!20150402_174435 (Large)

Here’s a shot of the progress on the new GearWorks Theater that will host the new cirque-esque show; ‘Kwirk’ later this season! (More about the show in the backstage tour report below). 20150402_174401 (Large)

Batman: The Ride is finally back to running it’s own two trains! BOTH ARE RUNNING! 20150402_175032 (Large) It’s incredibly hard to see, as I took this shot literally a fraction of a second too late, but on the train that just recently started running again, all restraints have been replaced, and the new restraints are all black. Bye yellow! 20150402_175042 (Large)

And Full Throttle Zone is preparing for the crazy summer attendance. The unique ground-misters have been turned on for the season. 20150402_190433 (Large) And the ‘New Attraction’ they’re talking about…20150402_171752 (Large) Is the Full Throttle Nights stage, which they’re putting together now. Michael Turco told us that the show has improved immensely again this year. We can’t wait!  20150402_171810 (Large) 20150402_171804 (Large) Let’s finish off this update with a cool Full Throttle shot! (I tried getting Tatsu in there too, but FT got dispatched just a few seconds too late.. You can see the Tatsu train disappearing).20150402_190804 (Large)

20150402_165455 (Large)That was it for today’s update. We have Twisted Colossus Update from the same trip too, which can be found here. For a way cooler, and obviously better, up-close look, here‘s our Twisted Colossus Backstage Tour report from last week! (It also has more details on the new show, ‘Kwirk’, coming to the Screampunk District).


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7 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – April 2nd 2015”

  1. Just a heads up. Those DS’s, sponsoring Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, are also sponsoring Goliath and thought you should’ve included all the new things at Goliath. Including the cool wraps on one of the trains and decorative things along the queue/line.

  2. Nice update. I look forward to summer and Twisted Colossus.

    That theater needs one of two things:

    1. Restoration.

    2. Removal.

    Having it sitting there doing nothing looks awful. While I don’t usually attend shows at parks, Magic Mountain could use a good outdoor venue for something. There is enough room in that spot to put a couple of good flat rides, but we all know that flat rides aren’t exactly Magic Mountain’s specialty.

    I don’t know how far in advance Magic Mountain plans its future attractions. I’d certainly like to see a place where they would take feedback from their guests on where to go next in terms of future attractions.

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