Twisted Colossus Backstage Tour – March 27th 2015

20150327_113422 (Large)Thank you Six Flags Magic Mountain for inviting me again, to the third Twisted Colossus Tour! This Tour gave us a great look at the Screampunk District, the Gearworks theater, The High Five on Twisted Colossus, The Double-Down, and the highly-anticipated Top Gun Stall! Additionally we have some station, lift, Scream!, and more! 

– Recently our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that no one mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to Thank you! –

Let’s start off with some general Screampunk District! Below you’ll see the entrance plaza to the new, heavily-themed area! A large logo will appear in the ground, in the circle. 20150327_105950 (Large)The Magic Moments Theater will become Gearworks Theater, and is currently being repainted. 20150327_105747 (Large)Michael Turco is designing the new show, and we happened to run into him! He gave us some ins-and outs of the new show, which will be named ‘Kwirk’! It will not be a magic show, but rather a fast-paced Cirque-like show. Most performers come from Las Vegas where Turco himself has performed too. There will be a significant amount of acrobatic acts combined with professional dancing. Michael Turco was also able to tell us that inside the Screampunk District there will be acts on the midway outside of the theater. 20150327_105715 (Large)The outside of the theater is looking absolutely fantastic! Soon, the inside will too, as the inside of the theater is to receive a face-lift too! 20150327_115416 (Large)Off to the side, construction on new pavement and scenery continues. 20150327_115429 (Large)Twisted Whiches! The new Gourmet Sandwich place!20150327_115433 (Large)

Interesting new for those of you who could’ve sworn a name change. It has been confirmed by the project leader that Scream! will NOT be changing its name, Scream! remains… SCREAM! 20150327_120136 (Large)Scream’s track and supports have all been repainted! Looking insanely great!20150327_110628 (Large)20150327_111303 (Large)20150327_110948 (Large)Repaint love! 20150327_114415 (Large)

Let’s move to the station of Twisted Colossus! There’s a couple of new handrails stored in the station, ready to be placed on the left side of the station, the side that will be switchbacks. 20150327_115155 (Large) 20150327_115146 (Large) Here that is. In addition, the park will be making a special Colossus time-line sort of thing! 20150327_115112 (Large) The station is receiving technical gear so the brakes and drive-wheels can be installed soon!20150327_114924 (Large) The exit-bridge of Twisted Colossus is receiving a complete overhaul! 20150327_114853 (Large) Below the bridge notice that the track is receiving mechanisms for the drive-wheels that will get the train through the pre-lift!20150327_114827 (Large) Brakes on the brake run have been placed! 20150327_115016 (Large) And… the panel has already arrived! Looking spiffy! 😀20150327_115006 (Large)

The second Twisted Colossus train has arrived! The purple train! (This was the train on display at IAAPA).20150327_110927 (Large) Again, the details on the trains is just outstandingly amazing. 20150327_110826 (Large) Ready for some EJECTOR in these trains!20150327_110750 (Large) TC!20150327_110956 (Large)

Moving inside the structure, the catwalks to all brake-runs have been placed/are being placed. 20150327_111634 (Large) Here’s two 200HP Motors for the Twisted Colossus lift-hills! 20150327_111544 (Large) Here’s the clearance envelope car that will be dragged along the entire track to make sure there are no construction flaws, and that the trains will be able to move through the structure safely. 20150327_111552 (Large)

The approach to the old second turn-around is in full construction too! Most of the steel beams that hold up the track have already been placed!20150327_111444 (Large) 20150327_111449 (Large) Outward-bank anyone? The blue outward-bank will be located here. 20150327_111520 (Large) 20150327_111522 (Large) All that’s left of the stair-case to the old MCBR! 20150327_112017 (Large) The Zero-G-Roll structure! In full construction! 20150327_112004 (Large) This where the green track will dip after the Top Gun Stall, and before it will flow under the blue Zero-G-Roll! 20150327_112050 (Large) Look, it’s old track, permanently trapped inside the new Twisted Colossus structure! 20150327_111940 (Large) They are currently painting the entire structure white, to make it pop again. Since the old wood has started to look very dirty. 20150327_112036 (Large) Zero-G track, blue Double-Up track, and track for the Top Gun. 20150327_111803 (Large)

Let’s take a look at the High Five and Double-Down next! 20150327_113217 (Large) The High Five will be absolutely amazing. Look at it! 20150327_112820 (Large) This side, the green side, will receive more supporting structures later on in the construction process!20150327_113148 (Large) I think I found the ride that I’m gonna get married on. 😛 20150327_113041 (Large) Twisty-RMC-Perfection that is. 20150327_112955 (Large) Look at the TWISTED Double-Down!20150327_113152 (Large) I must -admit, I think that the blue drop underneath it will be equally as awesome, the head-choppers and ejector-time will really catch guests off guard. 20150327_113222 (Large)  The dip after the Double-Down. Notice that here as well, the green track dips deeper than the blue. That is because the Zero-G-Stall requires more height in order for the green side to twist upside down into the stall. 20150327_112340 (Large) TWISTY! 20150327_112314 (Large) I’m predicting this drop will be the hidden gem on the ride. No one will really notice it off the side, or really give it much thought, but look at it! That will be quite an intense drop! 20150327_113444 (Large) In the dip, there will be Kodak on-ride photo-cameras. The park isn’t sure on what side it will be, or if they will do a photo off both sides. 20150327_113610 (Large)

And from the Double-Down and blue drop… let’s stare off into the… TOP GUN STALL! 20150327_113851 (Large)That twist, will be quick and intense! Right into the stall! 20150327_112400 (Large) Riding above the blue side, upside down… you know, just hangin’ with the other train!20150327_112136 (Large) The stall will be very long. And should be completed soon!20150327_112150 (Large) 20150327_112213 (Large) Beautiful lift-hill and drop in the background. I asked the park if there will be a big TC logo on the side of the structure, like Iron Rattler has, and as Wicked Cyclone is getting. They couldn’t exactly confirm what it was, but they said something like it will also come to Twisted Colossus! 20150327_112154 (Large) It’s just beautiful, hardly know what to write about it. Just looking at it makes it my favorite element already. 20150327_113606 (Large) One last shot before your browser crashes of the huge amount of pictures; Twisted Colossus everyone! World’s longest hybrid coaster! 20150327_113544 (Large)

Thanks for checking out this Twisted Colossus Backstage Tour! For the previous tour, last month, click here. For the very first tour, with lots of pre-lift-ness, click here. 

I collected some 300 pictures, many of which will be posted on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram soon, so make sure to follow us everywhere! Comment your thoughts, and let’s get TWISTED!

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    1. Since they incident where the train derailed last summer, Ninja had one of its trains operate non-stop ever since. The park planned on taking that train off for refurbishment now a second train (replacement for crashed train) started running. Even the sign in front of the ride states that it’s running with one train. But in fact, Ninja is still running two.

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