5 Amazing Jurassic Park- The Ride Facts

20150325_095136 (Large)Jurassic Park- The Ride opened on June 21st 1996 as a major attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood. Totally transforming the Lower Lot. All other rides on the Lower Lot have since been replaced. But Jurassic Park- The Ride is going strong. Perhaps because Jurassic Park- The Ride was a massive project… so massive, that the following 5 facts can clarify that for you!

5. Designing of Jurassic Park- The Ride started years before the first movie went into production.

When the book Jurassic Park (written by Michael Crichton) was published in 1990, Steven Spielberg came to Universal Studios Hollywood suggesting to create a ride and movie based off of it. To surprise of many, the ride’s designing started long before the movie came out in theaters. In fact the ride’s design work started a couple of years before the movie went into production. 20150325_100026 (Large)

4. Steven Spielberg helped design the ride.

Steven Spielberg came with the idea of the ride. As the director of the box-office hit Jurassic Park, he also designed the ride. He started designing the ride long before he started directing the movie, and used his ideas from the ride and from the movie and combined the two, to create Jurassic Park- The Ride. 20150325_100111 (Large)

3. Jurassic Park- The Ride opened with the largest drop in the world.

When it opened on June 21, 1996, the 84 ft drop was something never seen before on a ride of its kind. It was the tallest drop on a water-ride up to that point in time, but height isn’t all it delivers. This drop occurs at an angle of 51 degrees and reaches speeds of almost 50 miles per hour. The ride may no longer hold this record, but if these stats prove anything, it is still a fierce experience.20150325_161844 (Large)

2. An exact replica of the drop was built outside the Vekoma factory in the Netherlands.

Before the drop was actually manufactured or installed on the ride, an exact replica of the drop was created at the factory of Vekoma in The Netherlands. Vekoma manufactured Jurassic Park- The Ride. The drop was replicated to make sure the ride could safely and efficiently operate, before the construction of the new, actual, drop began at Universal Studios Hollywood. This though, wasn’t the only reason, since a drop of that size was never created before, the ride’s designers wanted to know what a drop of that size would feel like, and decided to have Vekoma build a replica. JPTR1 JPTR2

1. Jurassic Park- The Ride is one of the most expensive theme-park attraction ever built.

At an approximate cost of 110 million dollars, Jurassic Park- The Ride is one of the most expensive theme-park attractions ever built. That’s right, it is even greater than the cost of Expedition Everest which holds the record for most expensive roller coaster at a 100 million dollars. One of the few rides that cost more was the 2012 DCA addition, Radiator Springs Racers. With the previous facts mentioned, you can really see where the money all went, into one of the most expensive rides in the world. 

20150325_095136 (Large)

The Jurassic Park- The Ride splash used to be significantly bigger, due to the short track in the splash-down lagoon, Universal Studios Hollywood was eventually forced to install magnetic breaks to slow down the boats significantly. This is the splash as of today;

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