The 5 Best Inversions in California

20140618_140341 (Large)Let’s take a look at a part of coasters we all seem to love. Inversions. California has a total of 72 inversions. Half of which are all found at Six Flags Magic Mountain, that with the world’s largest collection of coasters, has 18 coasters and 36 inversions. This doesn’t mean the best ones are all at Six Flags Magic Mountain! Take a look at the 5 best inversion in California, and you’ll know which one to ride next! 


California has always been the leader in looping entertainment one may say. From the first modern looping on Revolution, that still is one of the best loops in the world, to Tidal Wave and Montezooma’s Revenge, the Schwartzkopf shuttle loopers. From Viper, the highest elevated loop in the world at a 144ft up in the sky, to the two loops that were added to Demon at California’s Great America. From the single inversion at the Disneyland Resort, the looping on California Screamin’, to the world’s tallest looping on Full Throttle. California has some great loops. Loops revolutionized and all sorts of crazy inversions were born. We present the 5 best inversions in California!

5. Medusa – Sea Serpent Roll

Medusa’s signature move, the Sea Serpent Roll is the only of its kind on the entire planet. As a variation of the common Cobra Roll, the second inversion in the sequence continues in the opposite direction rather than inverting back from its point of origin. Though the element is very similar to a Roll-Over, the long transition between the two inversions creates a unique stretched out element that is unique to this B&M coaster. Some strong positives can be found throughout the entire length of the maneuver, not to mention how incredibly disorienting it is. These sensations paired with the uniqueness of this element make it a must have on this list.20130705_134604 (Large)

4. X2 – Drop-flip

X2 is widely regarded as one of the most intense coasters out there, it even placed first in last year’s CCK California TOP 50. It’s capability to move within ‘four dimensions’ is a ludicrous concept, that makes for one of the most unique inversions imaginable. On X2’s first drop, riders are rotated to face straight down while plummeting 215 feet at an 89′ degree angle. However, when the train gets close to the bottom, the seats rotate even further completely inverting riders. For riders in the front few cars the flip is smooth and scenic, those in the back of the train will be flipped upside down forcefully, very quickly. It is very disorienting and intense, perfectly foreshadowing the rest of the ride on X2. Not to mention, this is done at the ride’s top speed 76 miles per hour, making it one of the most intense experiences in the world!X2 DropInv

3. Tatsu – Pretzel Loop

The Pretzel Loop is famous for being one of the most forceful elements on any coaster, as they often pull ridiculous positive G’s. However, no Pretzel Loop is even remotely as great as Tatsu’s. At 124 ft tall, it is the largest Pretzel Loop in the World, and it certainly lives up to its size.The feeling of your body falling into to your harness at such a height, and then suddenly being throw into the back of your seat for a sustained period of time with black-out worthy positive G’s is not found anywhere else. And thanks to the mountain Tatsu is located on, it’s also the only Flying Coaster to have this element towards the end of the ride, riders plunge off the mountain side on their backs, and shoot back up to finish the amazing Flying Coaster experience. 20131208_115633 (Large)

2. Superman Ultimate Flight – In-Line Twist

At 150 feet in the air, this insane In-Line Twist is one of the tallest inversions in the world. After reaching a straight section of track at the 150 feet height, riders slowly creep down the track and approach the inversion. As they slowly tilt to the right, they start to feel themselves falling into their lap-bars, that’s right just lap-bars, as well as feeling the blood pool in their heads. You are suspended slowly at 150 feet in the air with no over the shoulder restraint. Creating an amazing amount of hang-time that’s unique in the state of California. Especially when it opened in 2012. This inversion sets the park apart with the strongest coaster collection in the Bay Area. 20140620_122139 (Large)

1. Full Throttle – Loop

Taking the number one spot is another Premier Rides coaster, and of course it”s Full Throttle’s record breaking 160 ft tall vertical loop. – Full Throttle opened a year after Superman Ultimate Flight that took the second place. – After being launched at 70 miles per hour, riders rise up into the loop and as they start to reach the top the train slows down… a lot. Riders are suspended upside down with only a lap-bar for – what feels like – forever, and one can’t help but wonder if they will ever come down. This is the utter definition of hang-time, not to mention the fact that you’re 160 ft in the air while upside down! Even if the experience alone wasn’t enough, this loop is also the only one to have riders travel on top, over it, on their way back to the station. Sometimes, record breakers are the best, and this loop is no exception, making it the number one inversion in California.20140524_195424 (Large)

What’s your favorite inversion, anywhere? Comment below!

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2 Replies to “The 5 Best Inversions in California”

  1. Really enjoy and agree with this list, however I do believe that the bat wing on viper is a close 6th. Would you agree, or are you not a fan?

    1. I am a fan personally, the element is becoming a quite unique thing in the world now, as most have closed by now. And I would agree it’s one of the better elements. Nonetheless, due to its lack of force, and occasional rough transition, it doesn’t live up to the smoother/ more intense inversions on the list. Without a doubt it wouldn’t be far behind though!

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