Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – March 21st 2015

20150321_141852 (Large)Six Flags Magic Mountain is opened daily from today on, so it was their last shot to make some big changes last week. Let’s take a look at what they’ve done so far. This update includes Screampunk District coverage, 2015 park maps, and much more!

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Let’s start off on the parking lot… I’m still astonished to see this security post empty very often, and that’s when the entire third lot is filled. I mean, guests pay the ridiculous amount of $20 to park their car on the Six Flags Magic Mountain Parking Lot, and security doesn’t even place a person in this post… Something the park can definitely improve upon. 20150321_145205 (Large)Speaking of improvements, the park added wheelchair ramps to the bus-stop next to Handicap Parking, and at the front of the park. 20150321_140018 (Large) 20150321_140030 (Large) 20150321_144256 (Large)

Getting inside the park, new poles are located right inside the gates. They look as if they could be for speakers, or for sun screens. 20150321_141800 (Large) Valencia Falls (main-gate waterfalls) is still not turned on. The fountain is working though. 20150321_143020 (Large)

Speaking of waterfalls, Roaring Rapids was meant to open last weekend, but still remains closed. 20150321_142543 (Large) Whistlestop Train on the other hand has reopened. 20150321_143335 (Large) Here’s a quick shot of the Temple Rapids refurbishment at Hurricane Harbor. The entire pool on top of the tower, the station, has been taken out. 20150321_144316 (Large)

I noticed how faded the Full Throttle building has become. 20150321_143057 (Large) But… I also noticed how amazingly fresh the Full Throttle Plaza looks after another repaint! 20150321_143101 (Large)

The 2015 Season has officially begun, as the park’s now open every day! And that meant… that the 2015 park maps were available in the park! 20150321_141814 (Large) Tried getting a cool artsy shot with six flags, Tatsu and Revolution in the background. I must say, I’m not disappointed! 20150321_141852 (Large)For more info on the 2015 map, with the downloadable version, and an in-depth analysis, click here!

Let me hear you Scream! 20150321_141752 (Large) Speaking of Scream! and the Screampunk District. All of Scream! has been repainted! Now the station is being painted! (Such as the railings, stairs, etc)20150321_135322 (Large) I can’t but admire the new fresh look. It was such a necessity, and the ride looks a hundred times better. 20150321_145019 (Large) Ahh! They were constructing the Top Gun Stall on Twisted Colossus! More on that later!20150321_144851 (Large) (My picture came out very bad, so I used a picture from Thrill Capital Insider’s FB page, credit goes to them). Here’s the new Gearworks Theater and its fresh looking repaint!IMG_2944

Though I don’t really play any games, and I usually detest ads on rides… Goliath in this case has a very cool promotional advertising thing going on!20150321_143533 (Large) The entrance has a huge black dragon (I assume it’s a dragon). 20150321_143438 (Large) With some added rocks, and in the vegetation, it looks like it’s really part of it! And it looks fantastic! (PLEASE KEEP THE DRAGON). 20150321_143428 (Large) Upon return to the station, there’s a message related to the game they’re advertising. 20150321_143551 (Large) There are some banners and ads throughout the line. Though I’m not a fan of it, guests seemed to be entertained by them. 20150321_143639 (Large) One train that operates remains to be the original yellow. 20150321_143546 (Large) Though the other train is plastered in black dragon like stickers, making the train look quite awesome. I don’t have very good shots, so bare with me. 20150321_135935 (Large) 20150321_135946 (Large) 20150321_143625 (Large)

That was it for this Six Flags Magic Mountain Update! Make sure to check today’s Twisted Colossus Update, that’s a must-read, by clicking here! For more on the new 2015 Park Map, click here!

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