Let’s Take A Look At Sol Spin – REVIEW

Sean/McLaren: Knott’s Berry Farm officially opened Sol Spin on April 21st after several weeks of construction and testing, and of course we were there to check it out! The park’s newest ride is located on the lot where WindSeeker used to reside and offers guests a totally unique experience in the Californian theme park world. Let’s take a look at Sol Spin and what our experience of the new thrill ride was like! Continue reading “Let’s Take A Look At Sol Spin – REVIEW”

Knott’s Berry Farm To Add New Top Scan Attraction In 2017

sol-spin_logo_4c-largeKnott’s Berry Farm just released more information regarding their 2017 season, which doesn’t only include the huge Knott’s Soak City expansion, but also the extension of the Boysenberry Festival, the return of Ghost Town Alive!, a new restaurant, and a brand new one-of-a-kind (in California) Top Scan attraction named “Sol Spin”.  Continue reading “Knott’s Berry Farm To Add New Top Scan Attraction In 2017”

California Coaster Kings SUMMER Q&A on August 9th

Summer 16 Q&A thumbnail (Medium)Dear readers,

After a successful Q&A earlier this year, we are now back with a new Q&A session on August 9th. It’ll be the start of more-frequent Q&A sessions. Each session will have a particular set of topics to stay current and fully get an opinionated discussion going. (Rather than very general questions). The first one is coming up on Tuesday night, August 9th! Continue reading “California Coaster Kings SUMMER Q&A on August 9th”

Six Flags Fiesta Texas – Trip Report

DSC_0158 (Medium)The second park on our California Coaster Kings Texas trip was Six Flags Fiesta Texas. A wonderfully located Six Flags property in San Antonio that features an outstandingly awesome lineup of rides and shows. We had just one day to visit the park, but that full day was plenty of time to ride all the attractions and see some shows. The park features world renowned coasters like Iron Rattler, Superman Krypton Coaster and Batman: The Ride, as well as other awesome coasters like Road Runner Express and Poltergeist! Join us as we take a look around the park in this trip report!

Continue reading “Six Flags Fiesta Texas – Trip Report”

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update – February 13th 2016

Kong002There isn’t such thing as loving Six Flags Discovery Kingdom too much, so of course we were back this weekend. Not just for the Joker, but for some all around fun around the park as well! We published our Joker Update a few days back, here’s our regular park update, taking a look around the park seeing the changes from last week, and of course including some coaster-shots.  Continue reading “Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update – February 13th 2016”

Legacy of Arrow Documentary – Review

day-six-of-arrow (1)On Saturday January 23rd, several ACE Members/ Film makers premiered their newest work, a wonderful documentary telling the story of one of the most influential theme-park ride and rollercoaster manufacturers the world has ever seen, Arrow. On January 30th, a week later, the crew came down south to Six Flags Magic Mountain to show coaster-fans their work. I was there and must say it was wonderful! Continue reading “Legacy of Arrow Documentary – Review”

A Day Turns Into A Year – 2015 Turns Into 2016

CCK new logo 001It’s December 31st 2015. It’s hard to believe that another year has passed. 2015 was one heck of a wild ride, what a year it was for us here at California Coaster Kings, and the amusement industry as a whole. Let’s celebrate the great memories of the year past, while also looking for even better things to come. Please join us as we look back at 2015 and all the amazingness it brought and as we look into the magical future of 2016, which seems to be another amazing year for parks and park-goers in California! Continue reading “A Day Turns Into A Year – 2015 Turns Into 2016”

California’s Great America to Open MASS EFFECT 4D Experience in 2016!

image002California’s Great America officially announced their 2016 addition in which they will be partnering with with Electronic Arts (EA) and BioWare to completely renovate the Action Theater into a brand new 4D experience in the Mass Effect canon. Guests will strap in and battle breath taking intergalactic enemies on their immersive 4D journey through the expansive Mass Effect universe. Continue reading “California’s Great America to Open MASS EFFECT 4D Experience in 2016!”

California TOP 50 – 2015 – Part THREE (30-21)

TOP 50 TNail001 YESCalifornia Coaster Kings rated many coasters, and although we’re usually not fans of listing/ranking rides or parks, we do create an annual California TOP 50! You might, and likely will, disagree, that’s totally fine! That’s what this TOP 50 is all about! Of the many rides in the state, we selected the 50 we think are best! Here are places 30-21 in the 2015 California TOP 50!  Continue reading “California TOP 50 – 2015 – Part THREE (30-21)”

Dare Devil Chaos Coaster Media Day

DSC_0548 (Large)We would like to start out by thanking Six Flags Discovery Kingdom very much for inviting us to such a well put together event. We had a fantastic time and got to experience Dare Devil Chaos Coaster for the first time. Just as a prelude to our thoughts on the ride, no matter how you feel about the marketing for it, it is a very fun and thrilling ride that we loved, and I’m sure the general public will as well when it officially opens today. Continue reading “Dare Devil Chaos Coaster Media Day”