California Coaster Kings SUMMER Q&A on August 9th

Summer 16 Q&A thumbnail (Medium)Dear readers,

After a successful Q&A earlier this year, we are now back with a new Q&A session on August 9th. It’ll be the start of more-frequent Q&A sessions. Each session will have a particular set of topics to stay current and fully get an opinionated discussion going. (Rather than very general questions). The first one is coming up on Tuesday night, August 9th!

We figured not everyone uses Skype. Most people on the other hand do have a Facebook account, or can very easily make one for the Q&A (if you don’t have a Facebook and are unable to make one, more options are¬†on the bottom of this post). From now on our Q&A will be LIVE on Facebook in a huge comment section. This way the California Coaster Kings Team can answer each question individually instead of having answers float around in space and time confusing everyone. (Let’s be honest, it didn’t go THAT smoothly last time).

Using Facebook allows us to reply to everyone, and keep the conversations going. In addition, other readers can also answer other people’s questions or reply to our opinions, creating exactly what we want: interaction and a great relationship with our readers. For those who are late to the party, there’s no limit to the timing as the Facebook post will still be around. So if you reply or ask a question AFTER we’re LIVE answering, we will still get back to you. ūüėÄSummer16001 PROMO (Medium)

After 24 hrs, California Coaster Kings Team Members will pick the 5 most interesting¬†questions asked, and will feature the question and our reply on the website. In addition to the shout outs we’ll give to the readers asking the questions, we’ll also go in-depth a little more on the questions asked. So let’s see if YOUR question makes it on here for thousands to see!

There are a few simple guidelines for this Q&A, so below we have a quick information section:

WHERE:¬†–¬†link to the exact post¬†

WHEN: Tuesday August 9th at 8:00PM PST.

TOPICS:¬†This August Q&A will have a few topics. By topics we mean anything surrounding the topic, we’re not strict, just don’t want a million topics flying all over the place. The topics for this Q&A are:

  • The CCK Texas Tour: Any questions regarding our experiences, thoughts, opinions, comparisons, etc from our Texas trip. (Six Flags Over Texas, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, SeaWorld San Antonio).
  • NEW 2016 Attractions for California! – Yup we’ve experienced them all! So ask us ANYTHING! (Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Walking Dead Attraction, The New Revolution, The Joker, GhostRider, Mass Effect, etc).
  • Nevada Coasters – We recently rode all coasters in Nevada, so ask away!
  • VR ON KONG – Kong is undergoing an interesting refurbishment and receiving VR for this year’s Fright Fest. More details can be found here.¬†
  • ANYTHING we discussed or posted about on CCK recently! –¬†Which is a lot.

RESTRICTIONS: There are pretty much no restrictions! You may ask as many questions you have, we just hope you separate them so we can answer at a faster, more organized, rate. We do ask to have patience, we may just get a flood of questions at once, we will get back to everyone, and as soon as we can. If you’re a couple of hours late, understand we may not be able to reply for a few hours. If you ask a question¬†more than¬†24 hours after the start of the Q&A your questions are no longer being considered to be featured on the site.

We can’t wait to see all of you and your coaster-loving friends on our Facebook page!¬†If¬†you are¬†unable to use Facebook, we’ll be LIVE tweeting with a slight delay @CACoasterKings, but to keep it organized we try to keep it all on Facebook. We’re excited to share our opinions and experiences and to read (and of course answer) all of your questions!

If you have any questions regarding the Q&A session, comment below, message us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! You may also send us an email at See you soon!Summer 16 Q&A shot001 (Medium)

5 Replies to “California Coaster Kings SUMMER Q&A on August 9th”

    1. Do you have Twitter? If so, you can ask questions there too. If you can make a FB account, then you can comment on our FB post, you can always see the comments and follow along on our FB page, even if you do not have FB.

      1. Sadly I do not have a twitter either. Can I submit questions through Instagram? If I can’t I might just make one solely for this, and then delete it

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