The 5 Best Coaster Finales in California

Sean: Some coasters have a very uneventful ending, some coasters have endings that perfectly compliment the ride experience, and then there are coasters that have an ending that simply stands out and adds a final sweet kiss to your ride experience. These coasters simply wouldn’t be as awesome if they didn’t have an awesome finale. Let’s look at the 5 best coaster finales in California!  Continue reading “The 5 Best Coaster Finales in California”

Darien Lake & Fantasy Island – CCK & CCCK Take the Northeast – Pt. 7 & Pt. 8

Alexander: It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the parks of Buffalo, NY.

(Just kidding. No it doesn’t)

With oddball regional parks, you roll the dice. Sometimes you win (Seabreeze), sometimes you lose (Dorney Park), and sometimes the dice spontaneously catch fire and explode (Buffalo Parks).

Shall we dive right in? Continue reading “Darien Lake & Fantasy Island – CCK & CCCK Take the Northeast – Pt. 7 & Pt. 8”

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom – CCK & CCCK Take NorCal Pt. 2

Sean: In this mix of our Northeast trip reports of some of the continent’s best theme parks and our NorCal trip to hit every coaster in the state of California, we now launch our report of our Six Flags Discovery Kingdom late-summer visit a few days back! The park was a bit of a struggle in the past season or two, but we had a wonderful time!  Continue reading “Six Flags Discovery Kingdom – CCK & CCCK Take NorCal Pt. 2”

Hersheypark – CCK & CCCK Take the Northeast – Pt. 4

Sean: Time for park 4 on our trip around the Northeast! Perhaps my favorite regional park I’ve ever visited, though it may very well be considered a destination park… HERSHEYPARK! I had expectations, quite a few of them, and they were all exceeded. What a fun park with an abnormally solid lineup of coasters that are all unique in their own way! Let’s venture to the ‘sweetest place on earth’!  Continue reading “Hersheypark – CCK & CCCK Take the Northeast – Pt. 4”

Dorney Park – CCK & CCCK Take the Northeast – Pt. 3

Sean: The third park on our 10-park tour was the Cedar Fair property with three inverted coasters! (Sadly Possessed was closed all day). This regional amusement park was nothing to write home about… but it DOES have a very fun collection of rides we hold very dear, including Stinger and Demon Drop! Let’s find out what else makes this park so unique! Continue reading “Dorney Park – CCK & CCCK Take the Northeast – Pt. 3”

Viper and Vekoma MK1212 Trains

Sean: As you may have read in our brand new Six Flags Over Georgia report, we were huge fans of Blue Hawk at the Southeast Six Flags park. Blue Hawk went through life as Kamikaze for two years before opening as Ninja at Six Flags Over Georgia in 1991. For the 2016 season the ride has received a makeover with brand new MK1212 trains from Vekoma. The ride is now one of the best loopers we’ve ridden. We believe that Viper at Six Flags Magic Mountain can benefit from these trains, to assure amazing ride experiences for years to come! Continue reading “Viper and Vekoma MK1212 Trains”

From Southwest to Southeast: Six Flags Over Georgia

Sean: After visiting two of the country’s best parks, that have been in the spotlight a lot recently, it was time to check out another new park in the South. The most Southern of them all… Six Flags Over Georgia! One thing I may have learned on this trip is: if it’s another Six Flags park, expect another Six Flags experience. Let’s find out what this park in the chain has to offer with its near-perfect lineup of attractions. Continue reading “From Southwest to Southeast: Six Flags Over Georgia”

From Southwest to Southeast: Dollywood <3

Sean: We all know Dollywood, the Dolly Parton theme park. Known for good food, better shows, and some highlight roller coasters that make the park a heaven for pretty much any theme park enthusiast. It was finally time to leave some of the usual California attractions behind and visit the, arguably, best wooden coaster on the planet! Let’s take a look at all that Dollywood has to offer and some highlights during our trip to the Tennessee park. Most importantly, how does it compare to some of our beloved California attractions? Continue reading “From Southwest to Southeast: Dollywood <3”

Raphael’s Banshee-filled Kings Island Adventure!

Our Brazilian friend Raphael’s back with the fourth report of his 2016 travels to the US! Let’s hit up… KINGS ISLAND!

You know that your day is going to be special when you arrive at one of the best-known theme parks ever and the music that is playing is “Don’t Stop Believing” by the Glee Cast (which happens to be my favorite TV series of all time). That is how Kings Island welcomed me. I felt a lot more excited than I thought I would be, and Invertigo doing its thing next to me gave me the energy to run through the gates, grab my FastLane Plus and go to Banshee, my first coaster of the day. Continue reading “Raphael’s Banshee-filled Kings Island Adventure!”

The History of the Santa Monica Pier

dea8e19f993d8eeee9779e16d51019eeHere at California Coaster Kings, we tend to lean more towards the coverage of the larger amusement and theme parks in our home state, focusing on the here and now of the major players in the amusement industry. For this article however, we’re going to narrow our focus and turn back the clocks as we take a look at the fascinating history of the famous Los Angeles landmark, yet often forgotten destination among enthusiasts, the Santa Monica Pier. Continue reading “The History of the Santa Monica Pier”