From Southwest to Southeast: Six Flags Over Georgia

Sean: After visiting two of the country’s best parks, that have been in the spotlight a lot recently, it was time to check out another new park in the South. The most Southern of them all… Six Flags Over Georgia! One thing I may have learned on this trip is: if it’s another Six Flags park, expect another Six Flags experience. Let’s find out what this park in the chain has to offer with its near-perfect lineup of attractions.

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Let’s start our day with a classic wooden coaster with a cyclone layout: Georgia Cyclone! This 1990 coaster from Dinn Corporation has received a topper track for the first drop, the turnaround, and the second drop following that. The ride is wonderfully smooth in those elements, after which the serious vibrating kicks in. Alex loves this ride, I didn’t like it as much but still enjoyed my ride. The ride has some great airtime! But it really is a tad rough and it wasn’t my favorite wooden coaster in the park. Nonetheless, this park does not have a bad wooden coaster, both are classic and good in their own way. 

I was raised riding Bandit at Movie Park Germany, a coaster with the same layout that was a lot rougher (and I mean A LOT). Georgia Cyclone gave me the awesome opportunity to reride the same layout, but with a bit more comfort. Right next to Bandit one of the few Tilting Gyro Drops by Intamin stands, The High Fall. Guess what, Six Flags Over Georgia has one of these located right next to Georgia Cyclone!

Acrophobia is a 200 feet tall Tilting Gyro Drop, meaning the seats tilt when the drop vehicle reaches the top of the tower. While facing down the ride’s vehicle rotates 360′ degrees, offering great views from the park and surrounding nature. The ride then plummets back to earth and utilizes rare-earth magnets, which require no electricity, to comfortably slow the car down on the bottom of the drop. These magnetics provided the ride with a fail-safe braking system.

Six Flags Over Georgia added VR to the drop ride this year, and we were incredibly impressed. Drop rides have a quicker cycle and lend themselves to VR very well in my opinion! The staff was efficient and got headsets onto guests in no time. The theme is a spider invasion in a metropolitan city as you fly in a helicopter to the top of sky scrapers. When the seats tilt you get to look down at the city below before spiders attack and you drop into his web down in the streets of the city. It was well executed, and I am a big fan. Though Six Flags calls the experience “Drop of Doom VR”, it should’ve been called “Arachnophobia”. 

These type of drop rides are phenomenal, and the color scheme of Acrophobia is wonderful! Definitely a ride you can’t miss on your visit to the park! 

On our way over to Goliath and Batman we passed by the park’s two refurbished kiddie areas. Including Bugs Bunny Boomtown!

Which looks very similar to Six Flags Over Texas’ refurbished Bugs Bunny Boomtown. Good balance of colors and fresh looking rides. In the background, notice Dahlonega Mine Train, which is the park’s modified classic 1967 mine train. And though most of the ride is tame and pretty fun, the high speed finale is incredibly painful and rough. I was going in expecting Six Flags Over Texas Runaway Mine Train, and even though Alex gave me a fair warning that this ride was not going to be nearly as good, and I was very disappointed. The ride is rather uneventful and just terribly rough, In addition the ride is surrounded by plenty of new chain-link fences, in a way destroying the ride’s aesthetic. Let’s quickly move on to better attractions.

The area next door is the new DC Super Friends area, which opened in 2016 and received 12 new or refurbished rides. 

Little Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth! 😀 The area was playing a batman soundtrack, which sounded seriously intense ad upbeat. Not quite what I would play in a kiddie area, even I got nervous thinking of this being the music playing while I walk through a family area of the park as a kid. 

TIME FOR A TINY COASTER CREDIT! Okay this ride is crazy popular, thanks to the Flash Pass we did not have to wait, but the line was long and the line has the tendency to be way longer than it was during our visit. 

The Joker’s Funhouse Coaster is something else. This Chance coaster is all over the place and has a large but very funky layout. 

It’s the perfect family coaster, it features some pretty good elements, tunnels, a pre lift, and the ride looks well manicured. 

Here’s the view of the ride as you approach the ride from the back side of the park where Superman: Ultimate Flight is located. 

Yay for the little coaster that I hardly fit in (seriously had to stuff myself in here, but it was worth it!). 

Let’s move to the USA section of the park where Goliath and Dare Devil Dive are located! 

Goliath would likely be anyone’s favorite coaster at the park, and it sure is a fantastic coaster, for me it came in as a second. None of our avid readers will be surprised once they find out what my absolute favorite coaster at the park is. 

Goliath is a 200 ft tall Hyper Coaster by B&M that offers different ride experiences in the front and back. The front offers some amazing ejector on the way into the hills, the back has a nice drag to it. There’s a total of seven significant airtime hills, with a surprisingly forceful ending. 

The ride’s track is mostly located outside of the park, as the station is inside the park. The hyper coaster drops over the road that leads to the park and then features several large hills surrounding the water in front of the park’s gates, before heading back over the road and over Georgia Scorcher, into the park. 

The ride’s infamous turnaround element is a giant downward 540′ degree helix that is actually very intense. We rode the ride a bunch of time during our visit and that element remains to be a blur! Unfortunately the ride is trimmed, after the helix a set of trim brakes slow down the train. Not terribly much, but it sure is noticeable.

Next up! Dare Devil Dive! My second Eurofighter on the trip, which is totally different from Mystery Mine. The capacity may be a struggle, in fact it really is a struggle, but the ride is butter smooth and has a great layout! Dare Devil Dive features previous generation lap bars from Gerstlauer and features a beyond vertical 95 ft drop. The drop is like any beyond vertical drop and throws you out of your seat, the rest of the layout feels very unconventional, spaced out, and offered an experience totally different from what I anticipated. In a good way. Sadly the line for this ride can get insanely long, luckily we had a Flash Pass to get on quickly.

Next up is one of the World’s most proclaimed Stand-Up Coasters: Georgia Scorcher! This ride is unique in many ways and yet touches close to home resembling Vortex/Patriot at California’s Great America in several ways. The ride is 107 ft tall and features a straight drop rather than the usual curved drop.

The ride’s first element is a vertical loop, which feels pretty forgiving compared to other Stand-Ups I’ve been on. It then quickly transitions into an ampersand element, which on an older B&M would’ve been rough, but was a lovely element on Georgia Scorcher.

After this the ride starts resembling Vortex/Patriot a lot, with a helix through the vertical loop, with a drop into a perfect side-banked turn into the corkscrew. It’s uncanny really. 

The coaster than features several sharp turns and transitions that are all very smooth, and eventually hits the brake run. The ride is only 3,000 feet long, which is still a LOT to pack into the small strip of land that the park placed this ride in. It’s as smooth as, if not smoother that, The Riddler’s Revenge at Six Flags Magic Mountain, but due to the small layout and lack of strong forces, it comes in a second for me. I do like Riddler’s Revenge better.

Let us venture to Gotham City next! One of the most popular areas in the park, with the guests’ favorite ride: Batman: The Ride. “Batman being the park’s most popular ride?” you think… Well, yes. Batman: The Ride is the only coaster in the park that needs to be a Platinum Flash Pass-only, and the sheer amount of switchbacks for this ride is simply insane. The ride is as good as almost any Batman clone, which is amazing, but the audience REALLY loves their Batman here.

Also in Gotham city is the park’s classic Schwarzkopf coaster: MIND BENDER! Being a huge fan of Schwarzkopfs and being incredibly pleasantly surprised with Shockwave at Six Flags Over Texas last year, I was certainly looking forward to riding the larger terrain brother at Six Flags Over Georgia.

Sadly this coaster has been struggling with terrible maintenance issues in the past few years and the 1978 looper, just two years younger than The New Revolution at Six Flags Magic Mountain, has been running one train for the past 2 or 3 seasons. The ride is phenomenal with some of the best loopings in the world, in addition to which it is beautifully located over a waterfall, but it could benefit from new trains. The New Mind Bender anyone? 

Make sure to hit up Mind Bender when at the park, it will likely have a slow moving line, but it truly is a classic that you can not miss! 

Let’s head to the last unexplored area of the park, the loop located behind the park’s hilly terrain surrounding a lake. Here, on the far end of the park, the entrance to Hurricane Harbor is located, as well as three of the park’s greatest coasters. 

Let’s start with the park’s oldest wooden coaster, the 1973 addition: Great American Scream Machine. Are you thinking of that long-gone Arrow Looper at Six Flags Great Adventure? Fair enough, this though is a large spread out wooden coaster with 6-seater cars and a crap ton of airtime!  

The ride’s first drop is good, not outstanding, but good. For a classic woodie it really is well paced, after the ride’s 180 turnaround away from the park, the ride’s airtime hills are relentless all the way back to the station. It was wonderful! The station and ride are well maintained, unfortunately it’s been dealing with a sensor issue for a while, so the park had to take off a train during our visit. We had Flash Pass and the line was still short. Overall very fun ride with great views.

Okay, sit yourself down. Take a deep breath and relax because Six Flags Over Georgia’s best attraction that was hated by many before its recent makeover… the park’s Vekoma multi-looper Ninja, has reopened as Blue Hawk. The looper that inspired the SLC layout we are all so familiar with today, has stolen our hearts and is my definite favorite attraction at Six Flags Over Georgia. #BLUEHAWK

The Vekoma Looper was relocated from Conko’s Party Pier in 1992 and opened as Ninja. The ride has a phenomenal and compact layout that combines a whole bunch of forces with several awesome elements. The ride reopened in 2016 as Blue Hawk, having received a station makeover, with a fresh blue and dark gray repaint, as well as the wonder trains of the world: Vekoma Mk1212 trains with vest restraints. You think trains don’t make a difference? WRONG. The ride’s transitions are quick and some turns lack necessary banking, but that’s exactly why this ride’s layout is so incredible. Now they have the trains to accompany the layout.

We rode Blue Hawk a great amount of times and finished our visit to the park with it after riding Superman, and it’s (without doubt) my favorite coaster at the park. As you may know, the Vekoma MK1212 trains with vest restraints are also compatible with Arrow loopers, and several in this world already run these incredible trains. I am certain that if Viper at Six Flags Magic Mountain got these trains, accompanied by a repaint, retheme and station upgrade, it would become a popular ride at the park in a heartbeat. 

Appreciate the amazing trains on the amazing coaster. <3 Stay tuned for a whole article regarding our thoughts of this transformation. You. Will. Love. It. 

Also at the park is the new Justice League: Battle for Metropolis, the only one of the three to be on schedule for a Spring opening. It is beautifully integrated to the Superman Plaza. We’re huge fans. 

Superman Ultimate Flight was the first Model Flying Coaster by B&M, and is slightly different from the ones that followed at Six Flags Great America and Six Flags Great Adventure for example. The ride features a dual station, one side of which is not really used, and the flying turn after the Pretzel Loop is flat, as where all newer versions of this prototype have an elevated turn.

The ride was repainted for this season with an all red track and blue supports, eliminating the yellow on the ride, and it looks PHENOMENAL! I was excited all day just because of how slick the current color scheme looked. The yellow rails looked okay, but the all red track just looks much better. After riding Tatsu very frequently, I was told to lower my expectations significantly, even though this is widely regarded to be the best version Flying Coaster with this layout. The ride blew me away, it was short, but the Pretzel Loop was intense, due to it’s location on a hill the views were great, and the layout, though short, is accompanied by some fun quick elements close to the ground and through a tunnel. In addition to which the ride operators were amazing and they moved those trains out a lot quicker than they do on Tatsu, where even though the ride is so much longer, the stacking can be terrible with one station. Kudos to Six Flags Over Georgia! 

Six Flags Over Georgia came with a fair share of Six Flagsisms, some of the food service was horrendous and gross beyond words, some of the staff was so clueless and rude that I don’t even know what to say, and how can one tell you to purchase a multi-ride locker, and then make you pay for some locker stations because the rental pods “don’t have internet connection”? This is your problem, not the paying guest’s? – Sadly it seems like you will run into these type of problems at almost any park in the chain you visit. As where they are great with preventing line cutting and security, where Carowinds and some other Cedar Fair parks lack, their operations and food service (like most Six Flags parks) can’t match that of Cedar Fair. One thing is for sure, the region has a great Six Flags and great Cedar Fair park: Six Flags Over Georgia and Carowinds, respectively.

Let’s finish off with one last Goliath shot! Stay tuned for more Blue Hawk/Viper related info soon!

Thank you for checking out this Six Flags Over Georgia Report! Make sure to read all about our Dollywood experience, here! And all about Carowinds and Fury 325 here!!


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