Knott’s Berry Farm – Boysenberry Festival 2017!

Sean: One of the best events in the state is back! The Boysenberry Festival at Knott’s Berry Farm! Since we were unable to attend on the opening day for the park’s media event, we visited a few days later! The sun was out and crowds were nowhere to be found! Plenty of great food and awesome rides with minimal lines! 

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We’re here! Welcomed by Silver Bullet and a freshly repainted Montezooma’s Revenge! 

Boysenberry Festival time is the best time! 

The park has extended the event to run three whole weeks this year, ending on April 23rd. Most of the Boysenberry Festival foods can be found in Ghost Town! 

The park’s Boysenberry theming is amazing! The park has placed new flowers everywhere you look for the event, and it just looks wonderful. 

Just like Knott’s Merry Farm, the streets of Ghost Town have lots of vendors selling their crafts, mostly Boysenberry related crafts. 

In addition of course there’s A TON of food options! Over 70 to be exact! From alligator bites with boysenberry aioli, boysenberry meatballs, the famous fun bun and fun stick to new items such as boysenberry pizza and boysenberry ravioli! 

The rest of the park looked absolutely beautiful too during our visit! 

BUT BACK TO MORE BOYSENBERRY! At a recreation of the original farm stand that I’m sure you’ve seen in a black-and-white picture somewhere, they sell actual boysenberry plants! 

Besides the many boysenberry inspired dishes at the event, there’s also a ton of other boysenberry inspired items for sale, including candles that look like boysenberry tarts! As well as the famous Knott’s Berry Farm boysenberry jams and preserves, of course. 

More awesome Boysenberry Festival decorations! 

Time to head into the park and get on some rides! Including one of our favorite woodies around, GhostRider! 

A bit of sad news… If you’re planning on enjoying Coast Rider and you’re remotely large or over 6 feet tall, don’t. The restraints have received shin guards and it’s the worst of its kind we’ve ever experienced.

I’m 6’5″ and have been able to somewhat-comfortably ride a lot of coasters with shin guards. The ones on Coast Rider are not forgiving at all and make the ride absolutely unbearable for anyone that’s even remotely tall or large. We have seen many guests get denied to ride as the restraints would no longer close correctly, and when we posted about the new shin guards on Facebook, an array of followers shared the same experience. #Unfortunate. 

The Wave Swinger has received a repaint, like many rides in Fiesta Village have recently. The dark green looks particularly good on the ride! 

SOL SPIN! The programming of this new ride has already started and the ride is slayed to open in a few weeks! 

It sure has a nice location in the park. For a recent construction update taking a much closer look at the ride, click here

MONTEZOOMA’S REVENGE! We love Shuttle Loops here at California Coaster Kings, and thus we had to catch some rides on the freshly repainted Monty. Many people thought this coaster was the next one to leave Knott’s and as they’ve all learned now… the newer shuttle coaster Boomerang is leaving real soon! 

<3 <3 <3 <3 All this orange and red and brown in one area looks much better than the combination of colors that used to represent Knott’s. They sure know how to work with colors! 

One of our favorite elements on Silver Bullet is, and always will be, the overbanked turn!

Silver Bullet ran amazingly smooth and quiet during our Boysenberry Festival trip! There’s been times where it would start to rattle a bit and shake along the ride, but it felt as if it was brand new. Kudos to Knott’s Berry Farm’s maintenance team! 😀 

With the Sky Cabin remaining closed without any indication of a possible reopening, we wouldn’t be surprised if the park ended up removing the ride. With the space of Riptide, Boomerang, and the Sky Cabin, a lot can be done! And Knott’s is expected to finally open a large scale thrill ride again!

Xcelerator is pretty consistently running two trains, not that it helps capacity all that much. It’s much appreciated nonetheless! 

The American flag Chevy train <3

And the amazing purple Chevy! Also, Xcelerator still has one of the best launches ever created and amazing looking under-supported top hat. Can’t go wrong with that ride! 

One of the best looking Boomerangs around, surrounded by palm trees in the Californian sun… BUT NOT FOR LONG! Boomerang’s last rides are on April 23rd, after which the coaster will be removed from the park. Cedar Fair purchased a single Vekoma MK1212 train, so I would not be surprised to see this ride reborn at another Cedar Fair park in 2018! 

Of course we had to get some rides in on the brightly colored coaster. 😀

Though many were not a fan of the ride, or of Vekoma Boomerangs in general, I was actually quite fond of Boomerang at Knott’s Berry Farm and the model in general. Quick 6 inversion coaster with a solid forwards and backwards drop, forceful transitions, and an overall perfect thrill ride for a park with little space.

To make myself feel better I decided to munch on a bunch of Boysenberry Popcorn. Which is absolutely fantastic and should be tried by all of you! 

Come check out Knott’s Berry Farm’s Boysenberry Festival! We’ll be back, soon! 

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  1. Two Questions:

    1. Why didn’t they paint the rails on Montezooma’s Revenge?

    2. Why were the shin guards added to Coast Rider? Doesn’t it make the ride more dangerous now? The ride was perfectly fine before it received them.

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