Sol Spin Construction at Knott’s Berry Farm – Late March

Sean: Sol Spin, Knott’s Berry Farm’s newest thrill ride, has arrived at the park and has been assembled in Fiesta Village. It looks like the details and patterns have yet to be placed on the ride mechanism, as only the basic colors are exposed. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Right next to Montezooma’s Revenge’s freshly repainted orange loop we find Fiesta Village’s newest addition, the World’s largest Top Scan: Sol Spin!

As you may notice, the current color scheme of the ride does not yet feature any of the details, which will likely be in the form of stickers. 

Let’s take a look at the ride vehicle from up-close! The seats are a different color from the concepts. They are purple rather than yellow. In addition to which the seats have lights all over them, so we can expect a flashy light package at night!

We’re excited for a thrilling flat ride in Southern California, we can all name several other parks that can benefit from rides like Sol Spin. For those of you that have not read our previous Sol Spin coverage, the footer for Sol Spin is custom designed to fit on the WindSeeker footer. Both rides are manufactured by Mondial. 

Let’s take a quick look at the Sol Spin concept, you’ll be able to tell what has yet to be added for the ride’s final look. 

That wraps up a very quick Sol Spin Update, please check out our recent Knott’s Berry Farm Update with plenty of other changes around the park and some awesome shots of Montezooma’s Revenge and Silver Bullet.


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