Knott’s Berry Farm Update – March 17th 2017

Sean: Time for a quick Knott’s Berry Farm Update! We launched a quick article regarding the departure of Boomerang earlier, now we’ve got an actual park update for you! Enjoy some awesome shots from our friend Alex McLaren, we’ll be launching some special articles with him soon, for now enjoy this new update from the Farm! 

Let’s start this update with the first of many new attractions coming to Knott’s Berry Farm this year, Sol Spin! Here’s a quick aerial shot of the construction. Though we do not condone using cameras on rides, this was a great shot showing the ride’s construction area.

Here’s what it looks like from the ground. The park’s Mondial Top Scan will be located in the center where you can currently see the footer of the ride. Notice the sheer amount of orange now present in the background! 

Here’s the concept of what the ride will look like, which you’ll have likely seen in our other updates and articles! 

Sol Spin will have similar colors to La Revoluccion, as well as other rides in the area. Knott’s does a good job with keeping colors in areas consistent. There’s definitely plenty of yellow, red and orange all over the place 🙂

Speaking of orange, our last few updates showed the repaint process of Montezooma’s Revenge. It has now reopened from its refurbishment and the ride is now completely repainted. Let’s have a look at the orange/brown and green color scheme:

The colors work great with the surrounding rides. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like so many similar shades in one area, but it cleaned up the park’s look quite well. It no longer looks like a colorful mess of coasters. I am actually in love with how everything turned out! 

The spike on the Ghost Town side gives us a nice look at the ride’s supports. Which are a cool shade of green.

Let’s finish with a shot of the Fiesta Village spike! <3

Time to move on to Ghost Town! THE BOYSENBERRY FESTIVAL IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN AGAIN OMG! This year the event is three weeks long, starting on April 1st! 

It is one of our favorite events out there. Combining food (lots of food) with unique theming, entertainment, and an absolutely amazing atmosphere! 

New this year is the fact that Boomerang is a star-attraction during the Boysenberry Festival. Boomerang is closing for good at the end of the Boysenberry Festival, on April 23rd. 

Though the ride may be considered a bit of a headbanger to some, I personally love Boomerangs. I’ll be sort of sad to see it go, but with the removal of Riptide earlier last year, it does open up quite a bit of land for a larger new ride for the Boardwalk! 

The color scheme will be missed, but I’m ready for a new ride in the spot. A Vekoma Bermuda Blitz or Mack Pulsar would be wonderful fits in my opinion. Let’s see where, and if, Cedar Fair would move Boomerang. Michigan’s Adventure doesn’t have one yet. 😛

With Boomerang in the back, we look at another other new Boardwalk addition, the new Boardwalk BBQ. Which has a long way to go as construction hasn’t even gone vertical yet. 

And for a change let’s throw in some more ride photography into an update. Here are some shots of our beloved large B&M Invert with the very mediocre first drop, SILVER BULLET! 😀

OMG Overbanked turn! Probably my favorite element on the ride! 

It’s still one of our favorite ride layouts. It combines a lot of solid elements with small little sections that we particularly love, such as the swing between the corkscrews! 

Let’s finish with one quick last shot. 

Thanks for checking out this quick Knott’s Berry Farm Update! Let us know what you’d like to see in Boomerang’s spot!

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  1. To be honest, I’m kinda glad that Boomerang is leaving. If only they weren’t building the BBQ next to it, they would’ve had a lot of space for a pretty large ride. I think an El Loco would be a nice addition to Knott’s.

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