Knott’s Soak City is Opening 7 New Slides on 2 New Slide Towers in 2017

Knotts-Soak-City-2015-LogoKnott’s Soak City has been subject to small changes over the past few years. These small changes were nothing compared to the park’s huge new 2017 additions. The park will be adding a total of seven new slides to their park’s line up including raft slides and ultra-thrilling drop slides. These slides will be found on two new towers the park will be adding. The Shore Break slide tower and The Wedge slide tower. Let’s take a look!

Shore Break will tower over seven stories and offer six different thrilling water slide experiences. Four of the slides on the 60-foot tall tower will start with guests climbing inside an Aqua-Launch chamber where they will wait anxiously for the floor to drop out from underneath their feet, sending them into a high-speed, almost vertical free fall through a series of flat loops and S-curves in a translucent flume. Shore Break will also feature dueling tube slides that will zip riders through an enchanting series of drops and turns. The height requirements for Shore Break slides are 48 inches. – We’re incredibly excited for this slide tower. Drop-slides with launch pods offer very thrilling heart-pounding experiences, and having four different ones to choose from won’t only offer a great variety of thrilling experiences, it also helps with capacity. We all dislike standing on hot concrete in lines or on concrete stairs to go down slides. In addition, raft rides are always a fun time and allow any age group to experience this new slide tower. Shore Break Edit001 (Large)

The Wedge slide tower will take the location of the current Pacific Spin and will be an open air family raft ride. Up to six guests at a time will descend down navigating twists and turns and surprise drops. Height requirement for The Wedge is 48 inches or 40 inches when accompanied by a supervising companion. – Though Pacific Spin will be missed, we already have so many of those type of raft slides nowadays. The Wedge won’t only be something new for the park, it’ll also be a lot longer and offers new experiences for local frequent-visitors. The Wedge Edit001 (Large)

Guests will be able to experience both water slide towers when Knott’s Soak City Water Park opens for the summer season in May 2017. But that’s not all… The expansion project will also include updated shaded seating areas, cabanas and a remodeled Longboard’s Grill to the water park. Construction is set to begin on September 12 and a grand-reopening is scheduled for summer 2017.Knott's Soak City 2017 Expansion Concept Art (Large)

Overall, great stuff! The park really flew under the radar with much better water parks in the state, this massive water slide fest will definitely up the ante of the park, put it on the map, and add some much needed color. We’re excited to visit Knott’s Soak City in 2017!

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