Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – March 30th 2017

Sean: I’m back from my Southeast trip and meanwhile Six Flags Magic Mountain has opened for daily operations! I was time to get some Viper rides in and take a look at what the newest changes are around the park. There turned out to be quite a bit to report on, including more Apocalypse construction, repaints, Metropolis, and more!

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Let’s start at the front of the park today, where I was welcomed by the refurbished Valencia Falls and the lovely Schwarzkopf looper: The New Revolution.

Speaking of the refurbished Valencia Falls, the set of fountains have received some sort of modification and shoot water way higher than before. 😀 

Right next to the Valencia Falls is one of the park’s Jumbotron screens, which is either being taken down or also will be refurbished. 

Oh hey Superman! 

It’s officially Spring time and that means that Magic Mountain is getting creative with flower beds again. The red and white flower beds located all around The New Revolution supports look amazing!

On top of the hill at Samurai Summit, one may notice that the construction fences have been taken out as the repairs on Tatsu’s lift-hill have been completed. Unfortunately the Sky Tower (which shouldn’t be a surprise) remains closed. 

It is Spring and the hills are still green! This is my favorite time of year at the park. The crowds are minimal, the weather is not yet terrifyingly hot, the sun shines and the nature in and around the park looks wonderful.

Speaking of things that look wonderful, seeing construction workers still very busy on retracking Apocalypse in the background sure is exciting. More on that later. 

It may not be my favorite launch coaster, but there’s no denying Full Throttle is nicely located in the park. 

Let’s head over to the Metropolis area of the park! Large promotional banners for Justice League: Battle for Metropolis have now been added to the construction fences. 

And the repainting of the new restaurants continues. I like the softer color pallet that the park is going for.  

Most excitingly, Gold Rusher is also receiving some love! In the form of a station repaint! 

The station is now a retro light blue with yellow accents and it looks surprisingly good! 

I am confident they’ll repaint the Gold Rusher sign at the entrance as well, as they are currently still repainting the station. 

I hope this is a good indication that Scrambler and Sandblasters also receive repaints! 

Speaking of repaints, as you may have caught in our recent Justice League: Battle for Metropolis construction tour report, Riddler’s Revenge is getting repainted with a new shade of green for the track and yellow supports. The repaint process has yet to start. 

If you’ve been reading our site for a while you probably are also aware that Tidal Wave will not be part of the new Metropolis area and that the entrance will now be on the midway, the reconstruction of the line and exit is in progress as we speak:

This is where the new exit and entrance will be located! 

It’s weird seeing minimal amounts of midway games open on these early season weekdays. Not that I honestly care for games all that much anyways. 

The park has been sending out game surveys lately and is currently showcasing new concept games, such as “Gravity Ball Game”.

As I was recently at Six Flags Over Georgia, I noticed that Batman: The Ride is their most popular attraction. It’s the only Platinum Flash Pass coaster and the sheer amount of switchbacks all around that ride is just insane. Luckily ours is less of a crowd drawer. But it does need some touch-ups. It’s been 7 years since it last got repainted, and the paint is peeling all over the place. (All the white you see on the track in the picture below is where the blue paint has peeled off). 

Mandatory Batman: The Ride shot because of all Batmans I’ve been on, the current color scheme of the Six Flags Magic Mountain installation’s trains is my favorite! 😀

More repainting and refurbishing is happening at the Screampunk District! Where the time-machine-looking-clock-thing is getting repainted. 🙂

The area’s restaurant: Twisted Wiches has received an array of umbrellas offering plenty of shade for the summer. 

I’m also pleased to announce that the park is keeping up with the theming in the area as the steampunk tractor is still steamin’. 

Something I noticed at Six Flags Over Georgia as well is the new Dining Pass icons on the signs at the restaurant. The “M” indicates the food item is a Meal credit and the “S” indicates it’s a snack. 

Roaring Rapids has reopened for the season, meaning that Jet Stream is now closed for annual refurbishing. Kudos to the park for keeping at least one water ride open at any given time. 

Tatsu has reopened after its recent extensive refurbishment. As we reported earlier, no repaint for Tatsu this year. Maybe next year?

Let’s move on to Apocalypse, which is still undergoing major retracking work by Wood Coaster Development. 

I am incredibly excited to see how Apocalypse rides once it reopens. A reopening time is unknown currently. 

Goliath’s entrance is still amazing, but the park (or California in general) can really use a newer style hyper or giga. 

Before heading out, here’s the stage construction for Full Throttle Nights starting again later this year! 

Let’s finish with another Valencia Falls shot with the reopened Tatsu flying by! 

Thank you for checking out this new Six Flags Magic Mountain Update! Find our recent Justice League: Battle for Metropolis Backstage Tour Report, here! Please check out our new California’s Great America and Patriot Update as well as our new Sol Spin Construction Update!

We just visited Dollywood, Carowinds, and Six Flags Over Georgia, so stay tuned for lots of exclusive coverage!

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  1. Don’t understand why they aren’t renaming Tidal Wave to Aquaman, its perfect and he’s going to be 15x as popular after Justice League and his own movie in 2018.

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