Justice League: Battle for Metropolis Construction Tour – March 10th 2017

Sean: Thank you to Six Flags Magic Mountain for hosting another Justice League: Battle for Metropolis construction tour! This new Sally Corp. interactive dark ride will be a special upgraded version from the other versions found in the Six Flags chain. Let’s take a look at the progress made!

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Now the show building has gone up, we get a better idea of what it will look like. Here’s what it currently looks like without facade. 

Here’s what it will look like with the facade. (Yes Riddler’s Revenge will be painted a new shade of green with yellow supports, more on that later). 

The center opening of the building is the entrance. The line will be off to the right side of the building, using existing Riddler’s Revenge queue space, and will lead up to the entrance to the building. 

Here’s a rendering to give you a better idea. 🙂

Below see the exit of the ride, which will be on the left side of the building and will house the Hall of Justice Gifts store. 

Another rendering to help you visualize what it’ll look like. 

Here’s the inside of the Hall of Justice Gifts store, which like most of the building, is still in the early stages of construction. 

The whole show building is still looking a bit bare, but walls are going up as I’m writing this. 

Here’s where the first few pre-shows to the ride will be housed. Note that the Six Flags Magic Mountain version of the ride will feature an additional pre-show and three special scenes on-ride. 

All the of the A/C installation is being added to the building currently. 

So are the walls dividing scenes and holding up screens. The screens will fold over the top of the cars, and are circular, making them 180′ degree screens, fully immersing riders into the scenes.  

This is also the first Justice League: Battle for Metropolis to use a different type of insulation to keep the brutal summer heat outside 🙂

The entire building, which is surprisingly big, is still quite empty. What is currently laying around inside is mostly basic materials that have to do more with the show building than the actual ride that will end up inside. 

There are marks all over the floor where the ride’s track will be placed. There are vague lines all over the concrete indicating the exact ride path. 

Let’s move outside, shall we? Right here the park will add a large wall that will separate the ride from the new restaurants. 

The new restaurants will all be part of Metropolis, new names include the Irish Pub and Big Belly Burger. 

This particular site will be for the beer garden, that everyone is incredibly excited for!

There will not be a way to get to the new ride from the restaurants, all of this area will be surrounded by walls and will have all the seating for the restaurant. 

I think they should add flat rides here 😛

Back over at the Metropolis area, we find many more A/C related materials that are waiting to be installed. 

From the Riddler’s Revenge entrance planters, this is what Battle for Metropolis will look like:

Riddler’s Revenge itself is undergoing some changes as well. The line will be altered to accommodate the new Battle for Metropolis line, which will use part of the existing Riddler line. In addition, Riddler’s Revenge will be repainted a bright green (track) and bright yellow (supports).  

This is where the queue for Battle for Metropolis will be located. 

The rendering will give you a better idea:

The Gas station in front of Riddler’s Revenge, featured in Katy Perry’s video, has been removed. This is where the area will now end. 

It looks a tad bare now. New planters should take its place. 

The Riddler’s Revenge exit is currently a bit of a mess, but after the repaint and line/exit changes it’ll look great! 

JB’s Barbecue is turning into Ace O’ Clubs, a restaurant from the DC Universe, Metropolis to be exact. 😉

Tidal Wave’s plaza will not be part of the new area. The exit and entrance to the ride will both be located in front of the old Metro station at the midway. So no Aquaman for those who were hoping for an Aquaman themed ride. 

The line and exit to Tidal Wave will both be located right about here: 

Last but not least let’s finish with some renderings of the new area! Here’s the overall plaza, with a look at the repainted and redesigned restaurants off to the left and the newly repainted Riddler’s Revenge on the right! 

Justice League: Battle for Metropolis’ opening date has yet to be announced, expect late Spring or early Summer! 

Thanks for checking out this quick construction tour report! Check out our Six Flags Magic Mountain report from this past weekend, here!

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    1. Same here. I think they should be a dark purple or just remain black. The new green is fine, I always thought it was too bland or washed out, but the black makes it intimidating to people, I’m not sure bright comical yellow will do the same…

  1. So does this mean Riddler will remain closed until JL is open? Or when does RR plan to be open? I take it my late April trip will not have Riddler in it…

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