All Day Orca Play at SeaWorld San Diego

Be ready to see killer whales as you’ve never seen them before. Starting March 18, All Day Orca Play will provide SeaWorld guests with unprecedented access to killer whales through a full day of events and activities that deliver exclusive encounters with these majestic animals.

All Day Orca Play will provide a non-stop series of events and programs that will introduce guests to each whale and their unique personalities. Look forward to:

  • Live chats with orca trainers and educators
  • An in-depth look at SeaWorld’s killer whale family and their trainers
  • Comprehensive insider knowledge about the park’s killer whales

If you have ever had questions about killer whales, All Day Orca Play is here to answer them. Come learn about these awe-inspiring mammals with an experience only SeaWorld could provide.

SeaWorld San Diego is launching the new Orca Encounter later this year, along side new rides and Electric Ocean. Find more details on that, here. 

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