Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – April 8th 2017

Sean: Another week has passed by and with a bit of spare time this evening I decided to ride some coasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain! And whenever I’m at The Mountain I will try get a quick update going. In this update we’ll take a look around the park and at some Metropolis construction, of course! 

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Like many other types of Six Flags’ add-on passes, the Picture Pass is also being promoted in the park now. It works at all properties and is only $29.99 for the season, not a bad deal at all! 

The ground paintings and emblems in the Screampunk District and the Full Throttle Plaza have recently been repainted, I noticed that the Superman shield on Samurai Summit could use some fresh paint as well! 

OH HEY FULL THROTTLE! I just remember that I never published about this, but I actually got hit by a bird on Full Throttle about a year or two back and it hurt quite a bit. #themoreyouknow

The park is open daily ’til August 27th and is opened ’til 9pm daily for the next two weeks. The park is expecting large annual Spring Break crowds. 

The work on Apocalypse continues, and it seems like this turnaround is close to having finished its refurbishment/retracking process. Interestingly not all parts of the ride have been retracked, the hills and turns that wrap around the switchbacks look untouched. A reopening date is currently unknown. 

NINJA! How awesome would it be for it to receive floorless trains some time? I sure love the current trains, but with the mountainous setting and dips near the water, a floorless train would probably offer a unique experience! 

Speaking of Floorless, Scream! is running great lately! It was also spotting a healthy 45-60 minute line today! Not bad! 

The park directories have been updated with new Golden Bear Theatre logos.

I have the feeling that the park will be using the stadium a lot more in years to come! 

At DC Universe the Batmobile has returned now all the remains of the Six Flags corporate Fright Fest/ Holiday in the Park event have been cleared.

On the way over to Metropolis, one may notice the fact that the entire Tidal Wave line is getting a makeover, the shade structures are being taken down it seems. You may have seen our update last week that showed off where the new entrance to the ride will be. 

The real mascot of Six Flags Magic Mountain: Mr. Goose. He’s sitting on top of the repainted Studio 6F that got repainted a few months back! 

Speaking of repaints, you may have read in our last update that the Gold Rusher station received a repaint. They were repainting the station while I was creating the last update, but the repaint seems to have been completed now. The inside of the station remains white while the wooden supports on the Metropolis side are the new yellow. 

The station looks very fresh. I’m a huge fan. 

It will look great once the new Metropolis restaurants have opened. 

Speaking of which, the restaurants have been repainted and a lot of tables have been placed already.

The park placed a large amount of new tables (I’m glad they chose to replace the old ones), these are the same as the ones found below the X2 bridge. 😀 Also colors are on point for the restaurants. 

Let’s finish this part of the update with a shot of our beloved Tatsu! After having ridden several new Flying Coasters a few weeks back, Tatsu is still the best! <3


The new park map for the park just came out! Here’s the 2017 park map front cover, on which the park states that Justice League: Battle for Metropolis is the “World’s Best New Ride” according to IAAPA.

On the new park map we find Riddler’s Revenge with the yellow supports. The supports and track have yet to be repainted. I find it a little late, personally. Scream!’s repainted started Early February of 2015, and the ride reopened on May 23rd of that year with Twisted Colossus. Riddler’s Revenge is much larger and harder to repaint and they have yet to start?

The new park map also lists the new restaurants for 2017: METRO PARK Pub, MUNCHOPOLIS Snacks, BIG BELLY BURGER and Carlini’s Pizza, and ACE ‘O CLUBS. Of course Justice League: Battle for Metropolis and the new Hall of Justice Gifts are to be found on the new map as well. The park is also introducing a new show at the Carrot Club Theater this year: “Daffy Duck – Dance Off”. 😀

Click the following link to view the full PDF version of the map and to download it:

Six Flags Magic Mountain 2017

That was it for this very quick Six Flags Magic Mountain Update, for a longer recent update that you won’t want to miss, click here.

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  1. It looks like they might be making room for 1 or 2 new flats for 2018. With the gas station removed and Tidal Wave’s entrance moved, I could see either a Zamperla Giant Discovery or a Skyscreamer & Zamperla Endeavour in that area.

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