Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update – Early April 2017

Jeremy: This week we ventured out to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom to see what has been going on at the park lately, as well as to see if there is a glimpse of Wonder Woman in the making. We went to the park this last Friday, and there was quite a downpour of rain in the beginning of the day. To our surprise though, most everything was running! Let’s take a look in our new Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update.

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So first things first… Wonder Woman!

It looks like the first footer for Wonder Woman has been placed. The ride is literally squeezed in between Joker and Superman. It also will be backing up to Medusa.

It will be a tight squeeze, but as soon as the ride will be constructed we’ll have a better idea of how close things actually are. Here are a few more pictures that we got from the construction site. Looks like things will be taking shape in no time. It is a flat ride after all. 🙂

Did I mention that it had been raining?

Speaking of rain, I do have to brag just a bit. Have you ever been on a coaster by yourself with absolutely no one on it? Unless you are a ride op, the answer is probably no, but I got the chance to do that twice this visit. With the rain, the park was virtually empty. I was able to get a ride on Joker by myself, in the front, in the rain. The same was the case for me on Superman. It was one of the most therapeutic feelings I have ever experienced in my life. Just the wheels running along the track was the only thing I could hear. The experience was incredible.

Happy to see that Joker was open, even though it was about to swim!

About to get on Joker! Where is everyone?

What? Superman too?

Seems to me that more employees may have been there than guests! Even Medusa was a ghost town. This is spring break right? Have to love slow rainy days at the park!

There also seems to be some changes in the Looney Tunes area of the park.

Taz Typhoon is either about to get a refurbishment, or they are about to let it go. We would expect it to be a refurbishment. 

Speaking of letting things go, we are wondering what will happen to VooDoo! Is has not run for at least a season. We know FireFall at California’s Great America and Riptide at Knott’s Berry Farm have both been taken out. Makes me wonder if this Top Spin will follow in the footsteps of the others.

Another thing that we noticed walking around the park was that the M&M steps are no longer there! Seems like the paintings/stickers have been washed off. Less adds is a plus in our book!

Finally the sun started to appear, so we made our way over to see if Galactic Attack on Kong was up and running! Hey look another “No Line!”

VR sets literally just sitting out waiting to be used. Now that is the way to do VR!

Unfortunately the one coaster that was not running was V2. Of course it was this time last year that it was in rehab. While going up the Joker lift, I was able to see the seats disconnected from the train. It is evident that V2 is just going through its yearly tune up.

Overall we had a great day at the park. It was a great time being able to ride everything back to back as much as we wanted. Here are a few more shots of the park on a rainy day. 

Thanks to Jeremy for this quick update!

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  1. Rip V2 again. If only the early linear Induction motors were more reliable. I really hope they keep the ride cause there’s no way they could fit anything else’s except a small flat ride, a disko or another shuttle coaster.

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