Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – April 15th 2017

Sean: Another week, another Six Flags Magic Mountain update! We’re in the midst of Spring Break crowds and the park was filling up quickly today. The weather was awesome and like every Spring, there are more changes around the park that we will address in this week’s update. Including new restaurants at Metropolis that have opened, repaints of water slides, and more!

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Let’s start at the neighboring water park, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, where I spot fresh new blue paint.

The park’s Lost Temple Rapids has received new awnings on top of the slide’s tower, and the exterior of the slide has been repainted blue. The inside of the slide is still white. I am not sure if I’m a fan of the blue, I liked the slide’s white color scheme. Blue fades very quickly, fortunately this is mostly below the the slide. I’m looking forward to seeing the entirety of the slide up close once the water park reopens in May.  

Speaking of white and blue, the New Revolution’s current Galactic Attack VR layover seems incredibly popular, most of the feedback we get is very positive. Sadly the lines and dispatches are just miserable, so I will likely not ride it again ’til either there’s a break between VR, or the park is dead empty. 

OH LOOK, TATSU! In the past few updates I have teased about riding the first Six Flags Flying Coaster by B&M, my review thereof is now live, here. 

Tatsu’s operations have been lovely today due to the use of both stations. All trains underwent refurbishments lately, and the third trains is sitting on the storage track receiving some final adjustments. Would summer 2017 finally be the time we see the ride operating three trains again?!

Also on Samurai Summit is the superhero store in front of Superman that’s opened periodically. Spring Break has brought enough crowds to open the store again. Expect it to be open on weekends only ’til the summer crowds hit. 

The wonderfully green winter hills surrounding the park are quickly turning brown again now the weather is once again dry and hot in the area. 

Luckily the park has reopened Jet Stream for the warm weather. 

The ride’s flume is still leaking here and there, but it’s a lot less than it has been. 

Jet Stream has reopened without on-ride pictures. The Kodak partnership ended for the park, but by taking out all equipment and screens I have a feeling the pictures may not return any time soon. 

Apocalypse remains closed for an unknown time for its retracking refurbishment. The line looks like a mess and does not indicate a reopening anytime soon.

On a bright note, in the last update I mentioned that I did not see any work done on the final half of the ride yet. I am excited to announce that the track wrapping the ride’s queue is now in the process of being retracked as well! 

Our team members and I have been to plenty of Six Flags parks around the country to accurately confirm the INSANE need for Six Flags Magic Mountain to get refill stations that only refill souvenir bottles or sell drinks. It keeps the lines down at restaurants or small vending spots around the park. 

Full Throttle Nights is coming back Memorial Day weekend, and this year the stage is receiving a blue and red theme/scheme. 

I like the look of it and I’m excited to see what the park’s hit nighttime show will bring guests this season.  

Moving on to some flat ride news, Swashbuckler is currently undergoing a refurbishment. All seats, arms, and ride mechanisms have been taken off the center pole to be refurbished. I am curious to see when the park will have this ride operating again. 

YAY for the park running both sides on Superman shortly after park opening! 😀 

The park has also gone back to using an actual line for Johnny Rockets, which is much appreciated as it worked amazingly well when they first introduced it about a year ago. 

I don’t like Green Lantern: First Flight, and any avid reader of the side is well aware of this. I do have to give my kudos to the park for maintaining the ride’s line so well. It always looks clean and well manicured. 

Also there’s a great view of Batman: The Ride’s first loop from the line. 

Here’s Batman’s second loop. Wonder why we put in this update? That’s because the ride’s running two trains again, after being down to one train operations for quite some time. 

Batman may not be the most popular ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain, but its counterpart at Six Flags Over Georgia is by far the most popular ride at the park. People there LOVE their Batman… more on this in our new Six Flags Over Georgia report!

Before hitting up Metropolis, let’s see how the reconfiguration of the Tidal Wave line and entrance is coming along! The shade structure above the line was stripped about a week ago, and no new awnings have been placed yet. 

The new entrance is forming, slowly. This is where guests will enter the ride’s line in the near future. 

Let’s move on to Metropolis! Where two of the four new restaurants have already opened! 

The METROPARK Pub has yet to open, as the beer garden is still under construction. 

But the Big Belly Burger and Carlini’s Pizza have already opened!

The new area looks fresh and the repaint and new tables were much appreciated. 

Last but not least, The Riddler’s Revenge, which is supposed to open alongside Justice League: Battle for Metropolis in (what I expect to be) June, is also to be repainted yellow and green. Which you are probably aware of already at this point. There’s still no sign of the repaint having started though at this point, a tad odd as even the park maps have the repainted version of the ride on them!

That was it for today’s quick Six Flags Magic Mountain Update, for last week’s update with the new park map, click here.

Wonder what’s up with Deja Vu now? Team member Alexander flew out to ride it at Six Flags New England. Read his awesome trip report with a grand California Coaster Kings announcement, here! 

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5 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – April 15th 2017”

  1. I’m really crossing my fingers that darn repaint got cancelled. I think they finally realized it would have faded within a year. Let’s hope theyve hit undo on that decision amidst all the backlash.

  2. Those light fixtures in the seating area of the new eating area look terrible. Those type of fixtures belong in a parking lot, not a theme park. Pretty sad they couldn’t try to use some themed/classy lighting.

    1. Didn’t notice that until you pointed it out and I could not agree with you more. Why spend all this money refurbishing or face-lifting areas of the park if you’re just going to be cheapos about it when it comes to the small details?

      I’m always a bit worried when this park closes down entire areas of the park for something “new” because usually what they end up updating looks sterile and worse than what was there originally AKA concrete and no shade as far as the eyes can see. I hope that is not the case with the Justice League area as a couple permanent planters with trees and flowers couldn’t hurt.

  3. Hmmm.. the store on top of Samurai Summit has been open for as long as I can remember. I visit at least once a week and it’s always been open.

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