Darien Lake & Fantasy Island – CCK & CCCK Take the Northeast – Pt. 7 & Pt. 8

Alright, switching gears. I don’t have as much to say about this park, but it’s pretty much a Darien Lake double-down. A nice-enough first impression…

…looks to hold promise…

…there’s a lake (pond)….

…and suddenly it’s a concrete expo.

The far end of the park faces the interstate; a strategically-placed spinning mouse is keen on luring in unsuspecting tourists. Between the mouse and the Star Flyer is the gaping maw left by the recently chopped log flume.

Here’s your one Ferris Wheel photo because it literally goes around a grand total of 3 times.

Here we have Fantasy Island’s poor-man’s Fascination. It’s like Knoebels’s Fascination except it’s homemade (probably cost $200 and a trip Home Depot) and in every game everyone loses because they’re at Fantasy Island.

Not to be outdone by Darien Lake’s gay rainbow slide, Fantasy Island is home to literally the gayest thing I have ever seen with my own two eyes. Please stop and marvel at Satan’s glutes.

Oh yeah, there’s a CCI wooden coaster here.

It’s a portrait of CCI weirdness: Wavy turnarounds, a small drop into the station, unhappy PTC trains, etc. I’d love to meet the person who convinced Fantasy Island that a wood coaster made up almost entirely of raised turnarounds was a good idea and SHAKE THEIR HAND. I hope you’re somewhere working miracles in the real estate or insurance markets.

Here’s an amazing flat ride running a dismal ride cycle. This sort of thing is why I don’t get excited about stuff anymore. Moving on.

After about 45 minutes it was time to snag the Wacky Worm (SBF Visa Dog Coaster, rather) and leave.

Ok, ending with something nice: Here is this cute Mother Goose-themed carousel. Let’s leave.

Despite the Buffalo parks’ valiant efforts, Sean and I still managed to enjoy ourselves on this tirefire of a day. The stage is set for a great day at Canada’s Wonderland; things can only improve from here.

Here’s the parks we’ve visited and will launch reports for! The names will become links as soon as they are live!

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