Dutch Wonderland – CCK & CCCK Take the Northeast – Pt. 5

Alexander: Welcome back, peeps!

Everyone knows the East PA Big Three (we sincerely hope you enjoyed Sean’s coverage of these amazing major parks), but there’s more to East PA than KnoeDornShey.

Today we’re taking a look at an often overlooked but totally wonderful little park, Dutch Wonderland!

– Over the years, many of our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that not everyone mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to californiacoasterkings.com. Thank you! –

We’ve arrived at Amish Country’s little kingdom!

Signature-ride-in-progress Merlin’s Mayhem has fallen behind in its gestation, but it looks to be a great ride!

Trackwork is complete and groundwork for structures has be laid, but that’s about it.

For now, Dutch Wonderland’s log flume and jr. wooden coaster, Kingdom Coaster, remain the stars.

The park’s monorail and signature giant pretzel are also brimming with star power.

The remainder of Wonderland’s coaster lineup consists of the tiny Joust.

Speaking of jousting, the park’s unique bumper cars offer means for a rousing battle royale.

Dutch Wonderland has a particularly potent collection of custom tracked rides considering its size.

Exploration Island alone has a car ride and a tugboat ride!

Madly in love with Wonderland’s height level system. Hershey uses candy; Dutch uses gems. It’s so cute I could just about steal the sign and take it home with me…
The monorail gives great views of the entire park. The Craft Mac & Cheese yellow rails of Merlin’s Mayhem is no exception.

There’s also lovely views of the countryside.

And the log flume!

And the parking lot.

At one point the monorail was a functioning transit system with a 2nd station outside the park’s gates, a la Disneyland. These days it’s just a round-trip.

The park feels small but is actually quite sprawling. Charming little attractions are tucked away in every corner.

Sean is ready to ride Merlin’s Mayhem RIGHT NOW but he cant. Womp womp.

Major props for threading the old skyride through this mess of coaster.

Raise your hand if you know what the Dutch Wonder House does?

Yeah, it was hot out, so we didn’t do it. If you know the Wonder House, then that should make sense.

Turtle Whirl: when Tilt-A-Whirls are too main-stream.

(get it? Turtles live in streams. They like water so that’s where they live. And do turtle stuff)

The self-powered kiddie train ride is founded in Amish ideology: Power progress with, not electricity, but good ole fashioned ingenuity! (also: Mom is the foundation of all things and will always support your endeavors)

Beautiful flowers at Wonderland! Always a nice sight.

Dutch Wonderland’s water park, though small, sees a lot of action in the hot summer months. 

They’re also one of a dwindling number of parks to proudly operate one of these charmingly outdated wet/dry twisty slides.

For Amish country, this place has a really far-out space program!

I’ve seen parks go to great lengths to save their skyrides from redevelopment, but I’ve never seen one threaded through a superstructure quite like this!

SURPRISE OF THE DAY: Dutch Wonderland’s merchandise game is STRONG. They have pins for just about everything, INCLUDING THE AMAZING GEM-THEMED HEIGHT REQUIREMENT SIGN! (Yes, of course I bought it)

Before we hit the trail once again, I took a few shots of Kingdom Coaster from the parking lot.

We really loved this peppy blue roller. We much prefer the original moniker, Sky Princess, however. CCI’s first project, Kingdom Coaster certainly laid groundwork for the brand’s signature style.

Thanks for a great morning, Dutch Wonderland! Can’t wait to come back for a ride on Merlin’s Mayhem!

Now begins the 5hr drive to another charming little park that doesn’t get enough recognition: SeaBreeze is Rochester, NY! Sea you there. :}

Thank you for following along with California Coaster Kings & Cabin Crew Coaster Kings‘ latest adventure: An American Northeast trip through Maryland, East Pennsylvania, Up-state New York, and Ontario, Canada!

Here’s the park’s we’ve visited and will launch reports for! The names will become links as soon as they are live!

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