Dare Devil Chaos Coaster Media Day

DSC_0548 (Large)We would like to start out by thanking Six Flags Discovery Kingdom very much for inviting us to such a well put together event. We had a fantastic time and got to experience Dare Devil Chaos Coaster for the first time. Just as a prelude to our thoughts on the ride, no matter how you feel about the marketing for it, it is a very fun and thrilling ride that we loved, and I’m sure the general public will as well when it officially opens today.

DSC_0550 (Large)Remember as our buddy Chip says “CHAOS HAS ITS PLACE.” The park has also partnered with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to launch the ride. St Baldrick’s is a leading funder of children’s cancer research grants, known for their head shaving events. The first riders were young cancer patients and their families, the real Daredevils. We absolutely love that the park is working hard to fight for yet another good cause as we saw earlier this year during Pink: For the Cure.image3 (Large)

It was a bit cloudy when we showed up, which lasted throughout the day, although it did make for some cool shots of the ride.image25 (Large) image18 (Large)

We all received a DDCC beanie, shirt, and small comic, the last being free with the price of admission to all guests entering the park.DSC_0509 (Large)

The contents of the comic help to add context to the theme of the ride, and really hammers home the Daredevil theme. starring in it, our new new buddy Chip, which stands for Chaos has its place.image21 (Large)

The park was nice enough to offer us a continental breakfast, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks DK!IMG_1288 (Large)

We must admit, we woke up a bit early to get here, so we may have drained the coffee table a bit.IMG_1286 (Large)

The opening Ceremony was held, and the first train was loaded wit the well deserving youth Cancer patients. We were then invited to ride this 7 story beast! We love the logo! DSC_0548 (Large)

The ride itself it very fun and we quite enjoyed it. The hang time, especially entering the first backwards and forwards inversions is incredible, the train slows to almost a stop. the face to face seating is also quite fun and adds another unique aspect to the ride. The forces otherwise can be found of the positive variety traversing the inversions at full speed. The ride will put you through at least six full revolutions of the loop! Overall, it is every bit as intense as you would hope, but still not the least bit nauseating.image19 (Large)

Hey look it’s Chip! The theming on this ride for what some would consider a hasty addition is good enough. Chip was walking around and greeting guests, and given the context of the comic, it sure does feel ‘Daredevilly’.image20 (Large)

The ‘fire’ surrounding the apex of the loop look very cool, and once again, helps add to the theme.image25 (Large)

The LED package is also great. This ride will look awesome at night. (pic: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom). faac934531da77116fa399745c6a4416

Medusa Sky High Fries is almost done with its transformation into Dare Devil Grill, which will be opening soon.IMG_1205 (Large)

The whole building has been refurbished, repainted, received a new menu, and also received new signs.

We would once again like to say thank you to the park for the invitation, and we encourage you to get out there and ride this thing. Forget what it’s called, enjoy yourself on a fun ride, that’s what we did! Also be sure to check out the tons of other Nor Cal coverage we have coming up this long weekend, as well as the B-roll video below.

Thanks for checking out this Media Day Report of the NorCal’s newest thrill ride, Dare Devil Chaos Coaster! We’ve got a lot more Dare Devil Chaos Coaster related coverage coming your way soon! — Twisted Colossus is also opening today! CLICK HERE for the FULL Ride Review! Click here for the Twisted Colossus and Screampunk District Media Day Report!  Click here for all Twisted Colossus related videos! (Like POV’s, B-Roll, etc!)

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What did you think of Dare Devil Chaos Coaster? Or what makes you excited to ride? Comment any thoughts you have below!

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