Twisted Colossus – RIDE REVIEW

IMG_20150520_104549 (Large)Twisted Colossus: perhaps it’s the eight wonder of the world. Perhaps it’s the craziest air-machine in California (who am I kidding… IT IS the craziest air-machine in the state)… This ride has set Six Flags Magic Mountain apart. The ride is crazy, amazing, filled with air-time, but most importantly… FUN. It’s incredibly FUN, besides the thrilling aspects, the ride is just filled with spectacular entertainment when the trains race. Here’s our full Twisted Colossus Ride Review! 

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Now… I’m not even sure where to start. In all honesty, my excitement of this ride makes me want to spit it all out at once, but for the sake of structure, and to stay clear for readers I’m going to write about Twisted Colossus by looking at different aspects! Let’s start with the line. The line, just as the rest of the Screampunk District, is very well themed. There are many steam-punk themed elements in the line. The stand-by line enters on the left of the entrance and the handicap access line, the FlashPass line, and single rider line guests enter on the right. IMG_20150520_104549 (Large)The TC Logo I hoped to see on the side of the ride’s massive structure is in the fence work at the entrance. 20150520_131309 (Large) Everything got repainted from the old Colossus station, I really like the blue and brown colors they went with! 20150520_131315 (Large)  Inside the line, guests will pass by several of the following themed signs related to Twisted Colossus and its transformation from the original Colossus. 20150520_131330 (Large)20150520_131321 (Large) 20150520_131346 (Large) In the middle of the two lines, there’s a very cool balloon-like steam-punk themed element. 20150520_131335 (Large) In the bushes next to the line, there’s some more theming, like this mechanical hat. (Look! It’s good looking Scream! in the back!)20150520_131351 (Large) Where the two lines start to run parallel, the stand-by side will enter the huge switchbacks, as the other line will divide in three (single rider, Flashpass, Handicap), there’s another cool bit of scenery. 20150520_131400 (Large) The old left side of the station has been blocked off with a wall. The wall is slightly themed with some steampunk decorations. 20150520_131405 (Large) The wall includes three large signs that relate to the original and new Colossus! 20150520_131413 (Large) 20150520_131431 (Large) 20150520_131436 (Large) I personally love the line, it has some things to look at, it’s steampunky (even the air-gates have steampunk theming!). If they run three trains, like they’re supposed to, the inside line should move at a decent speed, and thus all the scenery should be enough entertainment. In addition, the station as well as the rest of the area, has a special soundtrack. It’s very steampunky, and not everyone I asked seem to like it, I on the other hand think it’s great!

Now, let’s get to the ride experience itself. I’m going to run through the ride from beginning through end, and tell you all about it! Once riders leave the station, they’ll be turning under the exit-bridge and will pass a set of drive-wheels, these will accelerate the train to get it through the pre-lift. It actually reaches a nice speed, the pre-lift hops and twists are smooth and the train sort of just flows through it. There aren’t any real ejector moments in the pre-lift. Of course the train will then head up the first lift-hill, for those not familiar with the ride, it’s on the blue track when it enters the first lift-hill. Depending on whether another train is on the green lift-hill, the lift-speeds will be altered to line the trains up to race. 20150520_162854 (Large) When reaching the top, the real excitement begins. That crazy first drop. The drop is about 80′ degrees steep and literally throws you out of your seat as you descent, the drop is not even a few seconds long you’re swung out of your seat ’til the car reaches the ground. Then an amazing pop of airtime will follow, when the train rushes through a quick air-time hill that’s very low. It’s not much, but it’s a good pop of air. Then a very unexpected amount of crazy airtime occurs, as the train flies up the next big hill, it delivers some intense ejector air-time. Since there’s a small drop before the High Five element, riders will be ejected the entirety of the hill, which is a serious couple of seconds. For most Californians it’s something entirely unique, it may even scare some of you. Then the blue side of the High Five element is alright, nothing very forceful or unique feeling. When the trains race though, the High Five element is just very fun on the blue side as you of course  interact with the other train on the green side. After the blue side of the High Five, the train will travel up a small hill to then dive under the green track, and as I predicted this is one of the most unexpected moments of air on the ride. Depending on where in the train you’re seated you can get some good air during the drop, or some intense ejector on top of the hill. What makes this so great? The drop’s inside the wooden structure, the head-chopper effect is intense, after all those rides I have yet to fully stretch out my arms on that drop… (Maybe I never will, being 6’5, it’s quite possible I extend out of the clearance envelope…). 20150520_112531 (Large) Then we get to the Top Gun Stall, on the blue side you get some more great air! When the trains race, you get so insanely close (at least so it seems)! Then you enter the Zero-G-Roll, which I personally really like. It’s very smooth, flows through it, and unlike some other ‘Zero-G-Rolls’ out there, this one actual gives you a good feeling of weightlessness. Then the train will enter the Double Up, which is filled with… you guessed it, some great moments of airtime. The train will then perform the highly anticipated Outward Bank before diving into the structure towards the break-run. In all honesty, for me personally, the Outward Bank didn’t live up to the expectation. I was expecting the craziest ejector, being swung outward, but it felt kind of bland to me. It still provides more air than most other rides in California! 😛

After the train reaches the mid-course break-run, the track color will change to green, and the train will roll onto the second lift-hill, the green one. Personally, I believe that this is when the best half of the ride starts. The green side is like the intensified version of the blue side, as if the blue side just warmed you up for the green side. The lift on this side is slower and will adjust speed to line-up with the incoming train on the blue lift to race. (This isn’t always the case). On top of the green lift, riders get to experience the first drop all over again, crazy ejector in a matter of a second or two! The little airtime hill on the green side feels the exact same as on the blue side, so personally it didn’t really stand out to me much. Then the following hill leading into the High Five was incredible again, with major ejector the entire way through. Then when the train runs through the green side of the High Five, it’s like all your wildest dreams come true. You’ll be reminded exactly why the ride’s called TWISTED Colossus.Within seconds, you will be twisted the opposite way that you approached, be twisted 95′ degrees sideways, and then twisted back in the opposite direction. You can hardly keep your hands up, they’ll be swinging all over the place! – Even the train makes a bunch of noises as the transition of the quick twist is that tight-. Then riders will heading down the Double Down, which is banked a little weirdly. I liked the Double Down, I may have been a bit bothersome for the back few rows in the second half of the element, as it can throw you around. Either way, no reason to be bothered, because a second later, riders enter the world’s most amazing element. Tears of joy, cries of happiness, world peace, and perfect combination of air-time and hang-time come together… The Top Gun Stall. The green side of the Top Gun Stall is just simply amazing, whether you’re racing or not. The cool thing, you roll out of the inversion on the same side as you rolled into it, so you’ll have a continuous roll right into the small hop below the Zero-G-Roll. Which makes for a really smooth, yet incredibly twisted, transition! The ride will then enter the green Double Up, which feels just like the blue one, after which it has two more ‘hops’ with minimal air before it hits the final brake run. 20150520_111807 (Large)

The sheer amount of ejector air-time on this ride is incredible. Besides the lift hills, you’re pretty much lifted, or EJECTED, out of your seats the entire time. It’s crazy. My favorite parts of the ride would be the blue Drop under the Double-Down, the green side of the High Five, and the green side of the Top Gun Stall. It’s incredible how smooth it feels, while you’re floating upside down, being ejected out of your seats, or are twisting in all directions within seconds. It’s just simply incredible.

When the trains race, you’ve arrived in heaven. Coaster heaven. It’s the most fun you’ll ever have on any ride. It’s not explainable, almost. The moment the trains line up, riders will wave at each other, point at each other, etc. Then, the moment the trains both go down the drops at the same time… that’s just incredible. You may try look at the other train, and see them next to you as both trains fall out of the sky, and then when you approach the High Five, you lose each other for a few seconds before both cars turn 95′ degrees sideways for that incredible few seconds of connecting with the other train. Then a few moments later the, arguably, best element is also the best part of the racing effect. The train on the green side will quickly invert and hang upside down as the train on the blue side quickly races by. This is what we enthusiasts live for. This is what you’ll live for soon. That moment is so beautiful, exciting, and spectacular, that no matter how long the line was, Twisted Colossus was well worth the wait. In all honesty, I never expected the racing to impact the ride experience this much. Don’t get me wrong, the ride’s amazing without racing as well, but racing makes the experience twice as great. 20150520_112549 (Large)Six Flags Magic Mountain has an incredible new ride in their line-up. The ride’s definitely one of the best rides in all of California, if not the best. I must almost sound like a Six Flags Magic Mountain marketing person, but really, go ride it. You will NOT be disappointed. The ride’s just simply amazing. Amazing I’m telling you. Experience the spectacular new Hybrid Coaster, and Let’s Get TWISTED!

I don’t really post selfies on any of our media. But, because Twisted Colossus is this insanely awesome, it deserved a selfie. So here we go guys. A Twisted Colossus selfie. 20150520_112257 (Large)And here’s me enjoying Twisted Colossus thoroughly!

Thanks for checking out this Ride Review of the world’s longest Hybrid Coaster, TWISTED COLOSSUS! We’re having full reviews of the area following in the next few day! Click here for the Twisted Colossus and Screampunk District Media Day Report!  Click here for all Twisted Colossus related videos! (Like POV’s, B-Roll, etc!)

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What did you think of Twisted Colossus? Or what makes you excited to ride? Comment any thoughts you have below!

13 Replies to “Twisted Colossus – RIDE REVIEW”

  1. Just one tiny element I (personally) felt mentioning beyond your wonderful review… that airtime hill on the blue side after the drop out of the high-five but before the hill under the top gun stall… I was not expecting that to have that much airtime! So in total, you get 3 very great airtime moments in a row!!! (Down from the high-five, that hill, and the big hill under the stall). That hill can’t be downplayed, I love that combination 😉

    1. i love this super fun hybrid roller coasters. i have been on many different roller coasters, hyper coasters, giga coasters and thrilling flat rides but this hybrid is the most fun. very smooth and exilliarating. i like the front roll during the day and back roll at night. i love twisted collussus. rode it numerous times at magic mountain.

  2. Thank you for such a wonderful, detailed review. You made me feel like I was there with you. I cannot wait to ride this amazing coaster!

  3. I just rode this bad boy today for the gold member exclusive… I had REALLY high expectations on what this ride would be like and those expectations were SHATTERED to trillions of pieces from this ride… And I agree with you, definitely one of the BEST coasters in California, and for the airtime too…

  4. Thank you for the review. It was a fun project to work on and create steampunk items for. Jerry really wanted to do something special with the queue. The laser in the queue was kept a secret until opening.

  5. I wish I read this and saw video before riding it. It was WAY too crazy for me. I love roller coasters but this is an unexplainable type of coaster with all its airtime. I truly was in fear thinking I’d fall out of my seat, I’m really not that much of a thrill seeker, but for those brave enough , they should experience it.

  6. Thanks for the great overview! Im going to Six Flags MM in a little under a month and I’m wondering if you have any tips for going there. Im staying for two days, which should hopefully be enough time to do the entire park. Thanks!

  7. just wondering, what is airtime? haha! also, i haven’t been on many roller coasters because i’m scared of well…losing my lunch! is this too intense for that fear?

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