Twisted Colossus and Hurricane Harbor Opening Day

20150523_111703 (Large)Today, May 23rd 2015, Twisted Colossus officially opened, and Hurricane Harbor opened for the 2015 season. I wanted to experience the crazy opening day of Twisted Colossus, and went to Hurricane Harbor to report on their 2015 Opening Day as well. It was crazy crowded at Twisted Colossus, but rather empty at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. UPDATE: This post has been updated after I returned later in the day, there’s several new topics discussed.

I arrived at 9’15 with my Gold Pass, hoping to get in first. I did manage to get in as one of the first, and the line for me was only 45 minutes or so. The park had three trains running on Twisted Colossus (I really hope this is a habit…). So my train got to race both sides of the ride! The first couple of hours of riders received ‘I rode first’ button-pins! 😀20150523_100010 (Large) The moment I got in line, a huge crowd was following, see the GearWorks Theatre in the distance, yes, that’s a bunch of people in front of it. 20150523_100424 (Large) When I got off the ride, the line and crowds were absolutely crazy! 20150523_105345 (Large) The park has chain switchedbacks going up and down the Scream Plaza. 20150523_103906 (Large) Walking back to go to Hurricane Harbor… The line for TC was way longer than I expected it to be. 20150523_105430 (Large) 20150523_105450 (Large) It extended out of the Screampunk District… 20150523_105551 (Large) Passed Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom… 20150523_105549 (Large) 20150523_105649 (Large) And extended to the Food Etc. The line was supposedly 3 hours long, this of course, was an estimate. 20150523_105710 (Large) In the Screampunk District there were several Steampunk Characters, pretty cool! 20150523_103858 (Large)I really love the street entertainment, like this funky stilts dude on his magical bike. 20150523_175639 (Large)20150523_182709 (Large) 20150523_184143 (Large) I’m obsessed with this steamy Screampunk Tractor thing! 20150523_105423 (Large)Twisted Wiches didn’t manage to open in time… 😛 Though they were training staff, and management of the park got to try the Twisted Wiches! (For those unfamiliar with this new restaurant, it sells gourmet sandwiches). 20150523_131558 (Large)UPDATE: Twisted Whiches Opened later in the day for guests to purchase food at!20150523_175652 (Large) Then I went to see the first ever full performance of Kwerk… and I WAS BLOWN AWAY! What an amazing show, entertaining all the way through. I’ll be watching this show many times again. And so should you. Definitely a great new show to compliment a great new ride! 20150523_134703 (Large)UPDATE: Today was the first night of Full Throttle Nights 2015! And in all honesty, it got even better than the last two years! Velocity is made up of all new members, and they’re a lot more exciting, interactive, and fun overall. Great new band! 20150523_193406 (Large)The new games that were designed for the show are actually really fun! The entire audience was loving them! 20150523_194256 (Large) Of course DJ NEL and Ricky Rocks were throwing a party!20150523_194750 (Large) 20150523_195005 (Large)

To transition to Hurricane Harbor… this picture was taken from Hurricane Harbor, of Twisted Colossus racing! 😀20150523_111703 (Large)

So here we are, in dead empty Hurricane Harbor. There must have been a bunch of slide structures with no sliders, if I had the time I would’ve gone to Hurricane Harbor for the day! 20150523_110640 (Large) Lost Temple Rapids tower has been refurbished, the actual flume is leaking all over the place though. 20150523_110654 (Large) Wow, the Forgotten Sea Wave Pool has really been ‘forgotten’! 😀 20150523_111018 (Large) They’ve got new rental tubes!20150523_111602 (Large) And like the complaints and suffering has made a difference… THE LINES HAVE SHADE! Here’s the Black Snake Summit Tube Slides line… 20150523_111300 (Large) Lightning Falls…20150523_110821 (Large) And Tiki Falls! 20150523_111107 (Large) The inside of Tornado has not been painted, as many of you already knew. 20150523_111424 (Large) Though the fresh paint on the outside of the slide is very nice! 20150523_111428 (Large) All trashcans have been repainted Gold! 😀 20150523_111941 (Large) That’s really it for Hurricane Harbor. Not slightly as exciting as Twisted Colossus right next door. So to end it, here’s a cool shot of the Black Snake Summit Boa Constrictor and Sidewinder tube slides! 20150523_111521 (Large)

Thanks for checking out this report, more will be added after the first Full Throttle Nights performance tonight! We’ve got a lot of updates, reviews, and reports coming in the near future, so keep coming back! For now these are some VERY recent posts related to the new rides in California, you may want to check out:

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