Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update – February 13th 2016

Kong002There isn’t such thing as loving Six Flags Discovery Kingdom too much, so of course we were back this weekend. Not just for the Joker, but for some all around fun around the park as well! We published our Joker Update a few days back, here’s our regular park update, taking a look around the park seeing the changes from last week, and of course including some coaster-shots. 

Recently our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that no one mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to Thank you!

Let’s start with some dolphin show news! Well, more dolphin trainer news.. the trainers now all wear different wetsuits, with colorful designs (compared to the old all-black ones), it’s a tiny detail, but I did enjoy seeing every trainer wear a different color out fit during the shows; Drench! and Discover Our Ocean Friends.Drench001 Right behind the Toyota Stadium, where Drench! is on display, we find JB’s Sports bar and Grill. Not much has changed since last week, in fact hardly anything at all. The building remains empty, hopefully we’ll see some work in here soon!JBs001 JBs002 Another show you can’t miss is Odin’s Temple of the Tiger. With it being one of the most educational shows found anywhere on the planet, it’s also very enjoyable seeing the tigers, especially the young twins. Tiger001 More animal-attraction news, it’s come to my attention that the Shark exhibit has received a few upgrades. Including a little show, with seating and quite some information. They also added a new screen to the exit, making it darker inside. Overall I always truly enjoy this exhibit. Sharks001 More oceanic news, the Stingray Bay remains closed. I’m curious when and if it’ll reopen. Stingrays001 Oh little make-you-crave-funnel-cake-picture. Yeah, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has these as a snack on the Dining Pass. Pretty fantastic!Funnelcake001 Look it’s V2, JOKER, Superman Ultimate Flight and Monsoon Falls! Monsoon falls remains closed, but luckily there’s still another water ride for guests to enjoy!Monsoon Falls001 Which is.. Tsunami Soaker! Which reopened this weekend. It was actually quite warm out, though nowhere near as hot as down south at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Tsunami Soaker001 Kong is operating two trains again, not many would agree, but I made sure to get some Kong rides in. Our team overall doesn’t really mind Kong, in fact we’ve even had some enjoyable rides! Kong002 Superman Ultimate Flight also reopened during our visit, with row 3 unavailable. Had some lovely and smooth rides on it as usual!Superman 001 Oh here’s another shot of Kong, the coaster we all so dearly love. Nonetheless, it is very visually pleasing if you ask me. Joker 21316 021 Dare Devil Chaos Coaster also reopened that day, which meant it was my first tim hearing custom announcements throughout the park stating that Superman and Dare Devil Chaos Coaster had reopened. DDCC001-xx Medusa was running great, both the entirely refurbished train (seriously glass-smooth) and the second train were running very well. Truly enjoyed my many rides on it. Medusa 21316 001 Let’s finish this quick look around the park with one of my favorite shots of the day. With the two super hero coasters of the park, Superman Ultimate Flight and the Joker. Speaking of which make sure to check out our new JOKER UPDATE!Joker 21316 025

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