The New Revolution – Tour Report #1

DSCN2554 (Large)Today was a wonderful day out, weather wise and coaster wise. I was very excited to be invited to the first New Revolution tour, where we got a chance to see the progress made so far, including the station and entry plaza. Of course I learned quite a bit, most of which I will provide you with in the tour report. In this report we’ll be looking at The New Revolution as well as all the changes being made to the Six Flags Plaza!

Recently our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that no one mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to Thank you!

Let’s start at the front of the park over at Six Flags Plaza. Suzette’s bakery will be turned into the World Famous Funnel Cake Factory, with a refurbished interior and exterior! DSCN2645 (Large)The largest souvenir store in the Six Flags chain, FLAGS, has received a repaint. In addition, the entire inside is being redesigned and branded with the Six Flags logo as main-focus. The store will reopen as The Six Flags Emporium later this Spring!DSCN2626 (Large) The Cyber Cafe is receiving several upgrades (hopefully better WiFi too 😛 ) and will be renamed to become Plaza Cafe. DSCN2622 (Large) The Orient Express is officially the Helpful Honda Express, though the Orient Express sign has yet to be replaced. The station building though has been partially repainted in the new colors of the New Revolution and the overall American touch the park is going for! DSCN2553 (Large) To my disappointment the viewing platform below the New Revolution’s loop will be taken out. The park couldn’t reopen it due to safety-regulations either way. DSCN2621 (Large) But above that platform stands the iconic loop! That is currently being repainted, with the blue still being primer. The parts of the support you see blue in the loop right now, will be the only blue part of the loop, the rest will remain white. The looping will receive chasing lights. The park is also working on creating an LED light-package that will reflect different colors off of the white structure! DSCN2554 (Large) Where the old fountain and rock work was, no fountain will return because of the drought. The park will landscape accordingly though. DSCN2555 (Large) Here are a bunch of rocks for landscaping. We’ll have to see exactly where we’ll see them back! DSCN2558 (Large) New/refurbished wall-benches in the making in the entry plaza of The New Revolution. DSCN2565 (Large) There’s quite a bit of reconstruction going on in the area, almost everything original is being replaced in some way. The area will have an entire new look with all the new landscaping!DSCN2562 (Large) Here’s a closer look at the new wooden platform that’s been built below the entirety of the final brake run and storage tracks! DSCN2559 (Large) DSCN2566 (Large) Back to the entrance action, where the line will have some sort of wall on the right side as well. One they were constructing as we were on the tour! DSCN2567 (Large) A bit of sad news for those that hoped that the waterfall was going to return, it will not. Due to the drought Six Flags Magic Mountain will now add new landscaping with vegetation here. DSCN2568 (Large) Therefore the ‘creek’ part of the old line has been demolished. New landscaping will fill that gap. DSCN2569 (Large) More wooden platform and the amazing looking new colors on The New Revolution! As you may clearly notice here, it really pops! It looks fantastic. DSCN2570 (Large) Some of the track still has to be finished painting it seems, the second layer that is. The first fresh white paint has already been applied here. The project manager stated they’re about 65% done with the repaint! 😀 DSCN2592 (Large) Let’s take a look inside the station! Where the outstanding darker shade of blue is very prominent. It looks better than I imagined, it looks very fresh, modern, yet pays good tribute to the overall American feel of the ride. The railings on the outside of the station are new, though the handrails and gates in the station remain from the original Revolution. DSCN2579 (Large) The little room on the side of the ride’s station, the one that you can clearly see when approaching the line, is being renovated and will become a ride-operator break room! DSCN2580 (Large) With the view of the ride and the entrance plaza I wouldn’t mind hanging out in there as an employee 😛 DSCN2598 (Large) Here’s the bridge, as seen from the station. From left to right the bridge is divided in 3 sections: Flash Pass, Regular line, ADA Access!  DSCN2596 (Large) Speaking of which, the line I pointed out a few weeks back, is the ADA line that starts at the X2 plaza and will merge into the line at the bridge where security will work with boarding passes to make sure no one’s using the ADA line to cut the regular line. DSCN2573 (Large)Looks like a neat little line! Here it is from the X2 plaza POV. DSCN2637 (Large) Speaking of lines and paths… here’s the exit path which is being reconstructed entirely, even though it’s following the same path as it did before. As I touched upon earlier, everything is being upgraded or refurbished . DSCN2636 (Large) DSCN2595 (Large) Some more quick repaint pictures, not everything has been repainted yet, the supports on the second hill/ second drop are currently in the process of being repainted! DSCN2633 (Large) DSCN2634 (Large) The big round-up section before the slope leading into the loop looks fantastic as you may remember from my earlier updates! DSCN2629 (Large) Back to the station, shall we? Where we can nerd out with nicely repainted ride mechanisms! DSCN2581 (Large) Here’s the station from the opposite side of the station, where the park is adding new boxes for loose articles. DSCN2587 (Large) More repainted station mechanisms, like the loud chain. Still amazed how white repainted white can look. If you haven’t been to the park yet since they started painting, next time you’re at the park you’ll be amazed how refreshing fresh white is! DSCN2590 (Large) Speaking of fresh white… here’s the final brake-run and the storage tracks. All freshly painted as well of course! DSCN2586 (Large) Back to the front side of the ride, the Baja Ridge sign will not return, instead a wonderful new sign for The New Revolution will be placed here! DSCN2616 (Large) Here are some more black railings that will be used for the line.DSCN2605 (Large) And see those three holes? They’ll be placing three new trees, as part of the new landscaping around the line. DSCN2606 (Large) Notice all the lights on the bridge, they’re all new. I am unsure what they’ll do to the Revolution writing on it, but since they’ve yet to complete painting that structure, perhaps we’ll see a cool New Revolution signs/writing on there. DSCN2607 (Large) Here’s another look at the old beginning of the water falls that passed below the bridge and line. Soon this will be some sort of new landscaped hill. We’ll have to see what exactly it’ll look like! DSCN2604 (Large) Other than that, there were crews working on the brakes coming out of the tunnel. More on the brakes topic in the near future 😉 For those seeing the faded Tatsu support, we also received official word that Tatsu will not be repainted this season. It’s too inaccessible, and thus too challenging and expensive to paint. They will eventually, just not this season. DSCN2631 (Large) Let’s finish this tour report with a shot of the partially repainted looping, as well as Tatsu photobombing it! Overall, progress is quickly being made, and both the Six Flags Plaza changes and New Revolution changes are looking wonderful already. This is exactly the kind of overhaul the ride deserved! Thank you Six Flags Magic Mountain for hosting this wonderful little tour! And to our readers, we’ll soon have more tours, reports, and updates coming your way! DSCN2619 (Large)

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12 Replies to “The New Revolution – Tour Report #1”

  1. I’m glad that they’re not painting the entire support structure of the loop in the blue color. A little blue is OK.

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could see the progress of the reconstruction of the trains?

    I really can’t wait to get back on this ride again. It’ll be like 1976 all over again.

  2. Whats your opinion on the fountain removal, I mean it was part of the landscape for decades. I think six flags will have to bring something big to make a change like that.

    I was very excited with a waterfall renewal but after all, the changes are looking extremely well

    1. I am, not going to lie, a little bumped that they’re not bringing it back. But we have to keep in mind that the fountain (if brought back) wasn’t going to last incredibly long to begin with. Stuff like that just eventually stops working and doesn’t get repaired or replaced. With any other kind of landscaping you can make something look impressive, not touch it for years, and have nature still take care of it in some way. Vegetation is vegetation. It would’ve been cool to see the water features come back, but without doubt I’d say they’ll sure make it look appealing still, especially considering how the line is on a hill side and they have plenty of options for very nice looking landscaping. 🙂

  3. Nice to see six flags restore the older rides & their areas back to their glories 🙂
    Now all they need is a pack of family flat rides #NextYear ?


    1. The tunnel will remain, it was released (not during the tour, but earlier on) that the strobe lights the tunnel once had years ago would not return. Not much other news regarding the tunnel has been released. I will be on the outlook 🙂

  4. I love this coaster since i’ve watched Rollercoaster back in the 90’s. Last year i had the chance to ride it and i really thought that the restauration was necessary. The ride would be much better if it was smoother.

  5. Is any of the track being painted red or is it just part of the trains? Also I hope that The Joker gets some cool lights to project on the ride at night… It would look beautiful!

  6. I don’t suppose this will be open by the 19th/20th March, I’m coming over from the UK would be a bit gutted if I didn’t get a chance to ride it.

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