The Joker Update #7

Joker 21316 017We continue our frequent Joker coverage with yet another update! It’s only been a week since our last update, but an entire element has been finished, and half a new element has already been placed. As well as some other noteworthy changes to the ride’s construction. It sure was a wonderful day for Joker pics, here’s our wonderful Joker update!

Recently our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that no one mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to Thank you!

The park’s about to open, and there we spot some breaking-wave turn track placement! Oh and that good looking V2, of course.Joker 21316 002But before we get there, let’s take another look at the Step-Up Under Flip, which was completed last week. It sure looks intense. Joker 21316 004 But! The original structure has received an additional wooden structure, to support the element that will likely put a lot more stress on the supports than it used to.Joker 21316 001 copy-xx Here’s a look at it from the side. Note that the original structure peaked at the top, the new one, which was added to it this week, is completely vertical. Joker 21316 003 Let’s move to the other side of the ride’s footprint. The station’s side, where we have another look at the turn that returns to the station. Joker 21316 007 That turn should give a good view of the Zero-G-Stall and Breaking Wave turn, the two elements we’ll be focussing on next. (Or unfocus, since my camera focused on the tree branches instead in the next pic…). Here’s the completed Zero-G-Stall from the side at which the ride enters the element.Joker 21316 005  Here’s a better look at the completed element! It’s tall, though significantly less tall than the Step-Up Under Flip, making me believe this version of the Zero-G-Stall will be filled with floater and a nice amount of speed. Joker 21316 012 After the Zero-G-Stall, riders will venture into the Breaking Wave Turn, which they were constructing today!Joker 21316 015 If you look closely, this image should give you a good idea of how far outward the first hop in the element is actually banked.Joker 21316 009 After the banked hop, the train will roll through the rest of the element, which will be heavily inward banked. The beginning of which was being constructed here. Joker 21316 008 You can nicely see the banking going from outward to inward to then approach the highest point of the element. Joker 21316 010 Joker 21316 011 Here’s the first hop of the Breaking Wave! I feel this element will feel like the green side of the Twisted Colossus High-5 element. Lots of quick twisting. Joker 21316 013 Some more track-pacing action! Joker 21316 006 But back to the hop! Here’s a look at it from the other side, from V2!Joker 21316 019 And it provides a great angle to see the quick transition of banking in the element! 😀Joker 21316 020 The element preceding the Breaking Wave is the Zero-G-Stall, as we mentioned before. The element, though completed is not entirely connected to the Breaking Wave yet. Joker 21316 022 There’s only a tiny bit of track that still needs to be placed to connect the two elements.Joker 21316 018 For a good overall shot of the element, here it is:Joker 21316 017 At first the entire green-purple-gray-brown combination sounded off to me. But looking at the main elements here, that are inversions, in one shot… it becomes clear that it actually looks very nice. Note the Step-Up Under Flip in the back!Joker 21316 016 And here the Step-Up Under Flip is again… in the back. In front of which, the brake-run still seems to remain unchanged since they added the beams a long time ago.Joker 21316 014We have to admit that the crazy element RMC prefers to just call Upward Roll looks absolutely stunning. Just like pretty much the entirety of the rest of the ride!Joker 21316 024 Bolts and screws, and all other sorts of materials used to create this masterpiece are located and organized right besides the construction zone!Joker 21316 023 That was about it for this week’s Joker Update! A lot has happened, and the ride looks fantastic already. Don’t forget we’re your number 1 site for the Joker updates! Here’s the Joker in a truly Californian fashion… with palm trees and Superman: Ultimate Flight. Speaking of which our regular Six Flags Discovery Kingdom update will also be posted soon, lots of coaster news in there too! Stay tuned!Joker 21316 025

Thank you very much for checking out this Joker Update! Please make sure to come back soon for way more Joker, and check out our brand new Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update from the same day!

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