Ferrari Land – Construction Update – February 14th 2016

Last week we brought you our very first Ferrari Land update, and it spread around the internet very quickly! A week later, and we’re back for more! A lot of progress has been made, and the all-new coaster ‘Formula’ is shaping up quite nicely. Join us as we take a look at PortAventura’s gigantic new 2017 addition!

Formula is such a large structure that every part of it needs to be thoroughly inspected to guarantee that the ride is safe, and that construction is going as planned. Therefore we’ve seen a lot of inspecting going on – particularly concerning the joints between track sections and support beams.

The tower is currently about 217 feet (66 meters) tall, but it has hardly reached the half-way mark! The tower will be twice as tall as it is now!

Note the workers on the crane, then compare it to the hugeness of the coaster’s. Europe’s tallest and fastest coaster will be visible from kilometers away!

A large structure appeared next to the main tower, which appears to be its 5th story. It has so far been erected on the floor and will be placed on the top of the tower in the next few days. It seems significantly easier to construct part of the tower on the ground, before simply lifting it up and placing it on top fully assembled!

The structure has, this weekend, not actually increased in height at all. Instead, track has been added on the opposite side of the tower (as you may have seen in previous pictures), so that now both the first incline, and the pullout from the drop have been constructed. Both sides going entirely vertical.

The construction workers have been working  fast all week, and the track has been added very quickly (when the weather permits). Here are some construction workers checking the structure/tightening it up before the next part of the tower will be added.

This is a view from the road behind the coaster. It will most certainly intimidate all who pass by it later this year. The huge coaster, and the rest of Ferrari Land will open in Spring 2017.

And here is a view from the side where we can take a better look at the construction. If you look closely, you can see the structure of the 5th story we spotted before, as well as the track from the launch which leads into to the 90 degrees vertical incline on the tower, as well as the drop on the side closest to us.

Here’s a closer look. Note that the track has a double-spine in the lower part of the curves, though the vertical parts only use Intamin’s new single-spine track. This is because there will be far more stress on these areas as the coaster is launched up them at over 109 mph (175km/h). Let’s finish with this awesome look at soon-to-be Europe’s tallest and fastest coaster!

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