Legacy of Arrow Documentary – Review

day-six-of-arrow (1)On Saturday January 23rd, several ACE Members/ Film makers premiered their newest work, a wonderful documentary telling the story of one of the most influential theme-park ride and rollercoaster manufacturers the world has ever seen, Arrow. On January 30th, a week later, the crew came down south to Six Flags Magic Mountain to show coaster-fans their work. I was there and must say it was wonderful!

The Legacy of Arrow documentary does a great job connecting a lot of pieces together. We all know Arrow, but we hardly know the whole story, until we see the documentary. There’s a lot of information that shows the enormous impact Arrow has had on the industry, which further helps explaining their legacy. Something I found particularly awesome to see was the individual ideas and concepts Arrow had, that either failed, or were never realized. It just showed how incredibly revolutionary they have always been.

Besides this, the interviews in the documentary give so many insights into the company, how it started, who was involved, what necessary changes had to be made, etc. It’s fantastic! Noticeably interesting is how Arrow’s work is now used by other manufacturers and how the current Arrow rides are maintained without the actual company being around. 11393229_10152909350352286_6828950559076100720_n

From the first tubular steel roller-coaster and a theme-park mastermind demanding nothing but the perfection that Arrow could deliver, to the first successfully inverting coaster at Knott’s Berry Farm, to the legendary X that still remains to freak-out every rider today as X2.

Thank you to Kris Rowberry, Robert Ingle, Nicholas Laschkewitsch, and Kimberly Mix for their dedicated work to show us all the things we never knew by creating a masterful documentary every single theme-park and coaster lover should watch.

For an informative, passionate, and quality documentary of a company that has marked the theme-park industry like no other, watch the The Legacy of Arrow. Soon to be found online or at a screening near you! More info regarding the documentary can be found here.VIPERedit002 (Large)

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