California TOP 50 – 2015 – Part THREE (30-21)

TOP 50 TNail001 YESCalifornia Coaster Kings rated many coasters, and although we’re usually not fans of listing/ranking rides or parks, we do create an annual California TOP 50! You might, and likely will, disagree, that’s totally fine! That’s what this TOP 50 is all about! Of the many rides in the state, we selected the 50 we think are best! Here are places 30-21 in the 2015 California TOP 50! 

We would like for you to understand that all rides in our TOP 50 went through our own rating/ranking system that created a TOP 50, the way we think the rides are ranked best! By the time the entire TOP 50 has been published, our minds may have changed, because with this much variety and top quality rides in CA, it’s insanely hard to get to a ranking. You might as well say that these 50 are the best rides in CA, no matter which ride will take first place! Other than that; here’s our TOP 50 Part THREE: 

  • 30 – Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – Another very famous attraction is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and once again, it’s fame is justified. Who else but Disney could build an entire landscape this immersive and and put a well thought out and lengthy coaster. The fantastic theming and landscape along with a good family layout with some nice floater airtime creates for an experience just about anyone can enjoy thoroughly. Plus the goat that chews dynamite is pretty sweet.20140603_093420 (Large)
  • 29 – Splash Mountain – Splash Mountain is perhaps the most famous water ride in the state, and for good reason. The combination of realistic, yet playful, animatronics and multiple drops including it’s unforgettable finale plunge. With a good length to back it up, this is exactly what a log flume is all about, thus it’s at the 29th spot on our list.20140603_135449 (Large)
  • 28 – California Screamin’ – Of course the longest coaster with an inversion in the world earns a spot on our list.  On top of this record, Screamin’ is the second longest steel coaster in the Americas, and features a fun launch of 0-55 mph in 4 seconds, as well as beautiful scenery of a well themed boardwalk area, this ride is definitely deserving of a spot on our list.20150503_100855 (Large)
  • 27 – V2: Vertical Velocity – This Intamin Impulse launch coaster is a modified version, making it the only one to feature an inversion! Due to the park’s local height restrictions, the original model was altered to feature a 45′ degree angled inversion.20140620_115242 (Large)
  • 26 – Ninja – With, arguably, the widest age-range of riders, this large suspended swinging Arrow coaster is very unique on the West Coast! Definitely deserves to be in the TOP 30 part, because of it’s great use of terrain, and maximum speed of 55 MPH, making it the fastest Suspended Swinging Coaster on earth.20140804_181425 (Large)
  • 25 – Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride – Revenge of the Mummy is the only roller coaster at Universal Studios Hollywood, but it is a good one. The dark ride section on the front end of the ride is quite good, the launch is surprisingly powerful, and the backwards and forwards sections both provide some decent float and jerks of laterals. Mummy Edit001 (Large)
  • 24 – Radiator Springs Racers – Disney was back at it again when adding Cars Land to California Adventure Park, and its crown jewel Radiator Springs Racers.  This ride contains both a dark ride part, as well as a thrilling race at the end between you and another car.  Next time you are at the Disneyland Resort, make sure not to miss Radiator Springs Racers.20140125_151253 (Large)
  • 23 – Manta – California’s newest family launch coaster is a huge success! Special effects, breathtaking music, great theming, and multiple launches! Mack launch coasters seem to be popular recently, and no wonders why, this great coaster combines a bunch of different elements and forces! Lots of variety in one ride that is very re-ridable and a guest favorite!DSCN0382 (1) (Large)
  • 22 – Giant Dipper – The Giant Dipper is a perfect of example of a well aged ride. Like a fine wine, it just seems to get better as it matures. The combination of well calibrated airtime and violent laterals make the physical thrill a great one, and the beautiful beach setting gives this coaster an aura like no other. Despite its age it still rivals many modern roller coasters in thrill, and surpasses them all in nostalgia.DSC_0249.JPG (Large)
  • 21 – Superman: Escape from Krypton – Now blasting riders BACKWARDS, this crazy launch ride will be shot out of the station reaching speeds of maximum 104 MPH, then shooting 400+ feet in the air. Face down, riders will experience 6.5 seconds of weightlessness, after which they’ll plummet back to earth.20150307_134416 (Large)

Thanks for checking out the third part of the 2015 California TOP 50! The next 20 spots will be published in the next two weeks! For spots 50-41, click here! For spots 40-31, click here.

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